REISift Review

REISift Review (2023 Edition)

real estate software Mar 05, 2022

The real estate industry is evolving at a surprisingly fast pace. The ease of access to advanced lead generation and marketing tools like REISift, coupled with the increasing number of tech-savvy home buyers and sellers, is ushering a new era in real estate, where agents and investors no longer need to burn the leather sole to generate leads.

Have you heard of REISift? Here's a comprehensive guide covering what it is and how the features it packs are a boon to every real estate investor and agent looking to get ahead of their game. Let's dive into our REISift Review


What Is REISift?

REISift software dashboard

REISift is a data management system designed for real estate investors, agents, wholesalers, and other REI professionals looking to close more deals and scale their businesses. It's a privately held firm established in 2019 and is currently based in Fort Walton. REISift has about ten marketing ninjas and is managed by Tyler Austin with their business operation specialist, Christina Towers.


REISift Software Features & Benefits

REISift packs a fantastic selection of features geared towards real estate investing. These include:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Even though REISift packs plenty of features, it's a real estate CRM and data management software at its core. The software's CRM is known as "Tasks" and is designed to help real estate professionals automate daily processes and streamline customer communication and marketing efforts.

Tasks let investors assign and schedule daily responsibilities, track progress, and even keep up with their to-do lists and calendars from within the same dashboard.

REISift users can also create workflows for administrative, marketing, and even acquisition tasks, conversely automating and ensuring essential tasks such as lead follow-up are prioritized while eliminating unnecessary tasks and their related costs.

With REISift’s CRM, even individual team users, such as employees in a real estate practice, can view and track their progress.

This not only streamlines processes but also fosters a culture of accountability and promotes healthier communication among teams, leading to cohesion and success. Users also gain insightful data to improve lead generation and customer experiences.

Direct Mail

Targeted marketing is the key to successful lead generation, and with REISift’s direct mail feature known as SiftMail, investors can achieve this level of marketing.

With SiftMail, REI professionals can upload, clean, and even list stack their direct mail data to obtain targeted lists. This, in turn, leads to successful direct mail marketing campaigns since all marketing mail is sent to motivated sellers and cash buyers instead of general leads.

Even better is that you don’t have to send these mailers individually as you can create and send your direct mail marketing templates to targeted lists of up to 5,000 mailers right from REISift’s dashboard. Once you roll out your campaigns, REISift automatically tracks prospects you’ve sent marketing mail to in the past, how many times, and even when you sent it.

This helps users weed out bad leads and avoid spamming homeowners with marketing mail.

Vacancy Check

REISift has a vacancy check feature that automatically cross-references a user’s records against multiple databases, including the United States Postal Service (USPS), giving back results of each listing marked as either vacant or occupied. This is a handy feature, especially for real estate investors and wholesalers targeting vacant properties.

It allows them to channel their marketing efforts towards homeowners who are likely to sell instead of wasting time and resources reaching out to everyone. Even better, these records are automatically updated each time there are changes.

For instance, if a property record you uploaded is marked as occupied in the USPS and then later changed to vacant, REISift automatically pulls and updates your records with this piece of information.

Instant Insights

REISift delivers highly accurate, detailed, and instant insights for each property record that users upload. For instance, users can upload and search their listings with tags such as absentee owner or vacant and then get detailed insights on each property.

Such insights come in handy since users can tailor their marketing campaigns to target a specific category.

List Stacking

REISift smart upload feature

List stacking is one REISift’s most innovative features. Users can upload and search their lists using multiple tags for the best results. For instance, you can upload a list of up to 2,000 property records, with tags such as absentee, vacant, code violations, probate, foreclosure, and tax liens for a targeted list of leads.

This promotes successful lead generation since the more lists a homeowner is on, the more motivated they’ll be to sell. For instance, if a property appears on vacant or foreclosure listings, the homeowner is more likely motivated to sell since the property is troublesome, and they’re willing to take any offer to get it off their hands.

Since the results are highly targeted, users can customize their marketing content to create templates that perfectly fit the audience.


With REISift’s click-to-call functionality, real estate agents, investors, and their teams can reach out to leads directly from the REISift dashboard.

This simplifies things, and means motivated leads are contacted immediately, conversely enabling REI professionals to close more deals.

Smart Filter

REISift filter function lets you narrow your property and even homeowner searches based on general metrics like vacant and absentee. It also includes various other filters, including foreclosure, tax liens, code violations, probate, and RST.

This Fort Walton company offers unlimited filters for its premium package, meaning you can even customize your search based on tags you find appropriate.

Integration List

REISift software integrations

On top of all the amazing features it boasts, REISift also has integrations with several highly reputable real estate software, further enhancing its functionality. These include:

  • Aircall
  • Calltools
  • ReadyMode
  • Zapier
  • REIRail
  • Email
  • Outbound

REISift is software designed to create sales and marketing ninjas in real estate. Unlike most software that keeps on giving you new records, this Tyler Austin platform is designed to help you make the most of your existing lists and data.

It runs your lists through multiple databases, including the USPS, and automatically eliminates incomplete or duplicate data, giving you back highly accurate property records you can use in marketing. The platform also allows list stacking with intelligent filters such as RTS, absentee, tax liens, and other special filters for highly targeted results.

It also packs many other unique features such as SiftMail and click-to-call capabilities. It's certainly worth checking out if you're ready to commit many hours to landing off-market deals.


How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

REISift competitors

Here’s how REISift performs against its competition:

REISift vs KvCore

KvCore is a cloud-based marketing platform targeting the real estate industry. Like REISift, it also boasts a powerful relationship management feature and has excellent business analytics. It, however, stands out from the former thanks to its marketing autopilot feature, a lead engine web, and IDX transactions.

However, unlike REISift, which is more geared towards lead generation through listings and list stacking, KvCore drives generation through SEO and allows its users to create and run multiple customizable content pages to drive traffic and leads.

That said, both software is powerful in their respect, and it comes down to how you prefer to find leads.

REISift vs BoomTown

Both REISift and BoomTown are SaaS platforms targeting the real estate industry. Like REISift, BoomTown offers lead management and an intelligent customer relationship management system.

It does however stand out for its IDX websites. Even so, REISift still comes out on top for its affordable subscription plans, smart filters, and incredibly straightforward list stacking processes.

REISift vs IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM

Ixact Contact is a real estate software with CRM functionalities and marketing features such as email marketing, automated social media content posting features, and a website builder.

It’s more of a CRM and market automation platform, while REISift is an-all-round software, meaning it features not just a CRM and market automation but also additional lead generation features such as list stacking and click to call.


REISift Software FAQ

How Much Does REISift Cost?

REISift software subscription

REISift offers three annual subscription plans: essentials, professionals, and business. Essentials is a plan more suited for beginners, and it goes for $470. It supports single account users, includes three custom filter presets, and has a single integration with Zapier.

It also includes unlimited list names, unlimited data sifting, unlimited property, and owner stacking, an advance skip trace tracker, and data export.

This package includes features such as property owner status filtering, USPS vacancy check, multiple layers of motivation filter, and owner profile filters for advanced filtering and campaign building. Users also get a two-month free trial.

The Professional subscription plan goes for $950 and includes all features available in the essentials plan, supports three users and eight presets, and has two integrations; Outbound and Zapier. It is more suited for individual real estate agents and can even be shared.

For the Business subscription plan, users have to part with $2,870, billed annually. However, it is worth the investment since it includes all features available on Essentials and professionals, accommodates up to five users, has unlimited presets, additional integrations and features phone support, and a dedicated support ninja plus marketing strategy reviews.

It is better suited for real estate professionals with teams.

Does REISift Have Skip Tracing?

Yes. REISift uses an advanced skip tracing tracker and algorithm to run your data through multiple databases for highly accurate results.

And to minimize spending on skip traces, REISift automatically tracks and stores the results, so you never have to skip race the records twice.

How Accurate Is The Data From REISift?

REISift runs your lists through reputable public databases such as the USPS, ensuring highly accurate data results. And to enhance data quality further, REISift revisits and updates all the data obtained from your previous searches with relevant information for improved marketing.

For instance, if a property previously listed on the USPS as vacant becomes occupied, REISift updates your records with this information, so you never have to market to leads who aren’t interested.

How Do You Use REISift?

REISift has a pretty intuitive interface meaning users need not be tech-savvy to use it. For instance, to find specific information about properties or their owners, you upload your list, apply relevant tags, and do your search.

For more details on using their solution, REISoft offers a detailed resource page with guides on using its various functionalities such as the dashboard, lists, and tags.

REISift 101, for instance, is part of a quick start guide covering everything you need to know about using the software.

How Do I Cancel My REISift Subscription?

You can cancel or terminate your term for any or no reason at all by following the appropriate termination procedures set forth on the billing page of REISift services, no other method will not be valid or recognized. 

But if you cancel before your subscription is over, you will not receive a refund covering the remaining term. You may also not sign up with the intent to cancel during the free trial period.

If the company’s management determines you did so, you might be required to pay the applicable monthly fee or estimated damages.


Is REISift Worth It?

REISift is it worth it

REISift packs a fantastic array of features that make it worth your while. Instead of spamming you with new lists of leads, this data management tool lets you maximize the data you already have by running it through USPS records to remove incomplete and duplicate records.

It also features smart filters ranging from vacant code violations to tax liens, making list stacking incredibly seamless. What's more, it supports bulk direct mail marketing campaigns, has multiple integrations, click-to-call functionality, and superb CRM features.

In a nutshell, it streamlines lead generation, data, and even project management, allowing users to keep marketing costs down and becoming the marketing sales ninjas that Tyler Austin intended when he rolled out this software.

Although there is no guarantee that having another software can instantly turn you into a real estate rockstar. You must have the proper mindset and have the right real estate strategy to be successful in the industry.

We also recommend that one of the most important software to have as a real estate investor is the Multiple Listing Service also known as the "MLS". Check out our brand new free training to see how you can scale your business and dominate your market using the MLS!

See you there!


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by REISift or on its respective website. REISift is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using REISift and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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