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Rehab Valuator Review: App Features & Pricing (2024)

flipping houses real estate software Jan 05, 2024

Check out our Rehab Valuator review on how this tool can be a valuable asset in navigating real estate investments in 2024:

The 2023 housing market proved to be a tough cookie for home buyers and property investors. Mortgage rates hit unprecedented highs, and median property prices were pushed to the four figures, especially during the third quarter.

Looking into 2024, industry experts anticipate a somewhat softer market. Still, you must fortify your investment approach. Arming yourself with a tool like Rehab Valuator will help you avoid deals that would be bad for your portfolio.

Rehab Valuator is a specialized real estate investing software that, true to its name, streamlines deal valuation for wholesalers, house flippers, and other investors in real estate.

What Is Rehab Valuator?

Rehab Valuator helps all types of real estate investors to analyze potential deals, including rehab and flip, wholesale, rehab and hold, buy and hold, and even those looking to buy, rehab, rent, refinance and then repeat (BRRRR).

Rehab Valuator app

But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to analyzing deals and projecting costs and profits, users have options for using the software to assist in marketing the deals to buyers as well as other investors. The software also has a project management feature that allows users to keep track of their budgets, transactions, bids, and costs all in one place—and generate detailed reports.

Read on to learn more about Rehab Valuator’s key features as well as how it stacks up against the competition, so you can decide whether it’s a useful tool for your real estate investments.

Rehab Valuator Software Features & Benefits

Rehab Valuator’s features are robust, as this long list illustrates. Its free version--also known as Rehab Valuator Lite--includes all of its deal analysis tools, stopping short of the marketing component available to paid subscribers.

Even the free version of the software includes video tutorials, case studies, and full ongoing support. Here’s a closer look at some of the features Rehab Valuator can offer your business.

rehab valuator review

Deal Funding

Although plenty of lenders are ready to support real estate investors, the best ones offer favorable interest rates, a solid loan-to-value ratio, and repayment terms. Unfortunately, these cream-of-the-crop lenders are consistently bombarded by loan applications, and gaining their attention requires going beyond the basics in your presentations.

You must demonstrate you’re a credible borrower and worth the risk. While having a solid portfolio is a step in the right direction, other investors vying for funding from reputable lenders also boast solid portfolios.

So, how can you stand out from the noise? Craft a compelling deal proposal highlighting how your borrowing benefits you and the lender. The Rehab Valuator app has just the tool to help you with this task!

The platform has an analysis interface for users to generate MBA-level deal funding proposals. With this interface, you can model various loan or mortgage scenarios, develop loan return examples based on the lender’s terms, and produce professional funding proposals that resonate with your target lender, encouraging them to review your application and approve it.

Deal Marketing

Whether you’re into wholesaling properties, flipping them, or managing rental property, how you market your portfolio directly impacts your returns. Less marketing means more time on the market, potentially decreasing overall investment value, while proper marketing enhances an investment's visibility in the market, fueling demand and, ultimately, value.

What does this have to do with the Rehab Valuator? The app offers premium marketing tools that take the hard work out of deal marketing for real estate investors while elevating the quality of their marketing materials.

After you conduct a deal analysis, Rehab Valuator’s marketing software automatically extracts relevant numbers and generates an appealing marketing flyer that you only need to enhance with visuals.
The tool breaks down complex investment figures, such as possible returns, into easily digestible snapshots of your project that even an average Joe can understand.

This approach allows potential buyers to quickly comprehend the value of your investment, piquing their interest. But that’s not all.

Rehab Valuator simplifies sharing them, too. It has a convenient share button to effortlessly upload your flyers to social media or generate a shareable link for your email and SMS campaigns. Even more impressive is that you can do all this from your smartphone thanks to the Rehab Valuator mobile app version!


As part of its marketing function available through a premium subscription, Rehab Valuator's customer relationship management (CRM) tool allows you to build buyers lists and blast out detailed marketing materials in mere seconds via text, email, or social media.

Having your contacts in the same place where you have your deal analysis and marketing materials makes it easy and efficient to reach out to potential buyers.

Deal Analyzer

Rehab Valuator offers users its Max Offer Real Estate Investing Calculator, designed to help them quickly understand the numbers necessary to determine what they can pay for a deal. It promises in-depth real estate deal analysis on demand.

In addition, Rehab Valuator provides an analysis of an array of exit strategies, so you can identify what exit strategy makes the most sense for any particular property. But the deal analysis doesn’t end there. Users will also be able to use the Rehab Valuator software to get the full picture of financing options and partner profit splits.

There are three overriding goals of the deal analyzer feature: saving time, avoiding overpayment, and making wise money decisions.

Deal Marketing

Rehab Valuator Feature Deal Marketing

Rehab Valuator’s real estate marketing tools provide tailor-made marketing materials for an array of situations, whether looking for hard money investors or buyers.

They offer the advantage of providing hard numbers for use in marketing materials. In addition to enabling you to distribute custom marketing materials, the Rehab Valuator’s marketing software also provides the option of publishing any wholesale deals on its “find deals” site, enabling its users to reach thousands of potential buyers nationwide.

The marketing tools enable paid subscribers to build their cash buyers lists and operate their businesses from anywhere, completely from their phone or tablet.


The Rehab Valuator software’s marketing tools include customized marketing presentations that allow you to present the right information with your custom logo, targeted to meet your needs.

You can then share your tailor-made presentations to potential buyers via email or by posting on social media.

Project Management

Rehabbers in particular will enjoy managing their projects and new build projects all in one place. The Rehab Valuator tools allow users to follow their project from budget to bidding to completion.

The software is thorough in providing the opportunity to create detailed budgets, monitor cash flow, and estimate repairs. You’ll also have the ability to save and compare bids, track and share all repair costs, and accounting details. Investors will know they are over and under on all facets of their project in real-time and easily track their profit margin. 

After Repair Value (ARV)

After repair value or "ARV" is one of the components of Rehab Valuator’s real estate deal analysis tools.

It is just one of the figures used by wholesalers and house flippers to analyze a deal with realistic numbers before making an offer but is certainly one of the most important. Rehab Valuator offers detailed information on how to calculate ARV on its site.


All of the Rehab Valuator’s software’s cost analysis tools culminate in determining the maximum allowable offer, or MAO, that tells a potential investor the maximum purchase price they should pay on a specific property that will allow them to meet their profit goals, considering the necessary costs for renovation.

This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for novice house flippers in particular but is also an efficient and effective way for all investors to be sure their numbers make sense. 


With Rehab Valuator’s marketing tools, you can find comparable sales in any market. Use these comps to analyze a deal before making an offer.

Knowing how to find real estate comps is one of the most essential skills for success in this business.

Wholesale Real Estate

If the wholesale market is your focus, the Rehab Valuator marketing software makes wholesaling easier with the ability to post your wholesale real estate deals on the company’s “Find Deals” site. The site will make your deal visible to thousands of potential buyers nationwide.


One of the overriding characteristics of the Rehab Valuator software is that its robust list of features is useful for all investors, regardless of what investment model they are following.

That holds true for buy-rehab-rent-refinance-repeat (BRRRR) investors who can use the software’s tools to help build a scalable, profitable real estate investment portfolio. 

Rehab Valuator can help these investors input just a bit of information and easily evaluate potential deals.

Rehab Valuator Lite

In addition to the paid subscriptions, Rehab Valuator offers a free option, called Rehab Valuator Lite. Unlike other software that offers free trials, the Rehab Valuator Lite option is free forever.

This version of the software enables the user to have full access to the software’s deal analysis tools but does not provide access to any of the software’s marketing components.

However, the free option does provide access to video tutorials, case studies of real-life deals, and ongoing responsive support.

How Does Rehab Valuator Help House Flippers?

The Rehab Valuator app was designed by Daniil Kleyman, an experienced real estate investor, to ease the investing load for other investors. Check out the various ways it can help rehabbers and other investors engaged in similar real estate investing niches:

Financing Costs

Many house flippers rely on private money financing to acquire and flip properties. But while private money financing is beneficial, it’s not without costs. It includes costs like loan origination servicing fees and interest payments. These expenses eventually influence a flipper’s bottom line, making it critical for flipping investors to work out financing costs before committing to a loan.

Rehab Valuator offers a range of built-in tools that empower house flippers to work out financing costs quickly. These tools include a hard money loan program allowing house flippers to assess the potential outcomes of using financing from various lenders. They can input details like loan amount, interest rates, and repayment period and compare them with metrics like purchase price and ARV to project profits and ROI.

This Rehab Valuator functionality lets them compare financing options and identify a private lender offering the most favorable terms. This foresight also allows them to build more accurate rehab budget exit strategies, manage cash flow, and better plan the project’s timeline.

Repair Costs

Like financing costs, repair costs directly impact the after-repair value of a rehab property. Rehab Valuator house flipping software offers a dedicated program designed to simplify calculating rehab costs.

This program includes a list of renovation and repair tasks typically seen in house flipping and renovation projects. With a ready-made scope-of-work house flipping spreadsheet, all a rehabber needs to do is enter the dollar amount for the tasks they anticipate in their project, along with the time frame. The Rehab Valuator app will generate the expected rehab cost.

Access to such data before investing in a flip property allows house flippers to determine whether the investment is worth pursuing, saving them time, resources, and the heartache of investing in a bad flip.

Carrying Costs & Selling Costs

Successfully renovating a flip property is just one part of the equation; house flippers must also market it to potential buyers. During this marketing phase, commonly known as the holding period in real estate, they incur carrying costs, ranging from insurance and taxes to maintenance. There are selling costs to consider as well.

Similar to financing and repair costs, these costs eventually influence their bottom line. Thankfully, Rehab Valuator also offers house flippers a tool to determine carrying and selling costs. All they need to do is input expected holding costs, either monthly or as a lump sum, and the program will generate the carrying cost based on the anticipated holding period. The tool also generates selling expenses as a percentage of the expected sale price.


Rehab Valuator also caters to house flippers and wholesalers seeking to assess the profitability of potential investment projects. The app’s built-in deal analysis tool features fields where users can input crucial project metrics such as financing costs, repair expenses, anticipated budgets, and expected carrying costs. It even includes sections for house flippers collaborating with other investors to input anticipated profit splits.

In return, it calculates and generates profits and returns on investment, reducing the risk of committing to an unprofitable house-flipping project. The result? A house flipper only engages in projects aligned with their risk tolerance, allowing them to attain healthy profit margins and build better portfolios.

How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

Rehab Valuator is a full-featured, cloud-based software geared toward helping real estate investors of all stripes analyze deals, market their properties to buyers and investors, and track their rehab projects. So, how does it compare with its closest competitors?  Let's take a look:

Rehab Valuator vs Premier Construction Software

Like Rehab Valuator, Premier Construction Software is a completely cloud-based software. While it does include some job costs and budgeting tools, the two programs vary in that Premier Construction Software is designed specifically for the construction industry as opposed to being geared toward investors.

While some elements of the program may be useful for investors who are renovating properties, those same tools can be found with Rehab Valuator, along with a host of other tools they are likely to find useful. One criticism of Premier Construction Software is that its complexity makes it difficult to navigate.

The cost of Premier Construction Software is $199 a month or $2,268 annually. Premier Construction Software also offers a one-time implementation fee option, starting at $20,000.

For that fee, subscribers receive training for all staff, including group sessions as well as individualized training. The company promises these users a designated account manager as well as limitless document storage.

Rehab Valuator vs MarketSharp

MarketSharp markets itself as cloud-based, customer relationship management software designed for general contractors, remodelers, and home improvement professionals. While MarketSharp software has a lot to offer, real estate investors will find the features geared toward the home improvement and construction industries.

They are also limited to lead generation and customer relationship management tools. Investors may find it lacking in certain features available with Rehab Valuator, such as tools for marketing properties and finding buyers or private money investors.

Pricing is in three tiers. The standard price is $99 per month. Pro subscriber status is $199 per month and steps up the game with advanced point-of-sale and production features. The Ultimate status is $299 per month and ups the ante with an advanced CRM system.

Rehab Valuator vs EZ Property Preservation Software

EZ Property Preservation Software is a property restoration cloud-based program targeting professionals in insurance loss control, mortgage inspection, property preservation, bank-owned property management, and multi-family rental industries.

Its goal is to help these professionals to automate their field operations. It differs from Rehab Valuator both in its targeted audience as well as its features, where potential users are asked to contact the company’s support staff for a price quote.

Rehab Valuator Software FAQ

Rehab Valuator offers a lot of features fine-tuned to the needs of real estate investors. But there are a lot of choices when it comes to incorporating house-flipping software into your business operations.

The following questions and answers can help you make an informed decision when it comes to Rehab Valuator.

How Much Does Rehab Valuator Cost?

Rehab Valuator pricing plans offer free, premium, and pro options. The free option provides access to all the software’s deal analysis, but none of its marketing tools. The Rehab Valuator Premium option is $49 a month, while the Pro option is $99 a month.

The only difference between these two options is that the premium option allows only one user, while the pro option allows up to six. The website also offers a $1 “get started now” option that provides a free trial of all the software’s features.

How Do You Use Rehab Valuator?

The Rehab Valuator website provides dedicated video tutorials targeting specific investment routes, such as flips or rentals. The software enables all investors to calculate the maximum offer they should make on any property, evaluate the cost of rehab, and compare exit strategies.

You can also use the all-in-one platform to distribute your marketing materials and attract private money investors and buyers.

Does Rehab Valuator Get Updated?

The company states that it is continually updating and fine-tuning its software. It claims to have multiple releases with new features in the works. Existing subscribers will not have their rates affected even as the platform is upgraded over time.

How Do I Cancel My Rehab Valuator Subscription?

Users can cancel their month-to-month subscription by contacting customer service at [email protected] or 804-803-1110.

Final Thoughts: Is Rehab Valuator Worth It?

Following thorough Rehab Valuator reviews, we’d confidently endorse it as one of the most comprehensive project management software. From deal analysis to relationship management, the platform offers features that address nearly every aspect of real estate investing, allowing house flippers and other targeted users the data they need to make sound investment choices.

Its range of deal analysis tools allows house flippers to calculate the profitability of potential flips and expenses that, when overlooked, negatively influence ROI, such as financing and repair costs. This enables investors to find deals and avoid unprofitable investments, saving time, and resources, and avoiding disappointment.

In addition to deal analysis tools, Rehab Valuator offers a unique tool that allows investors to generate MBA-level deal funding proposals. This helps them stand out among other borrowers, potentially accelerating the loan approval process.

Furthermore, after completing a flipping or wholesaling project, Rehab Valuator software makes marketing a straightforward affair, even for the newbie investor, thanks to its premium deal marketing tools. These tools streamline marketing and are affordable, especially for startup house flippers or wholesalers with tight budgets.

Rehab Valuator also has a CRM system that, while simple, facilitates seamless lead management. Additionally, it offers tutorials, webinars, and a wealth of training tools to allow users to navigate the system quickly.

Remarkably, the Rehab Valuator price tag is quite affordable, plus the platform even offers some of its tools free on Rehab Valuator lite, making it a valuable resource for investors at various phases of their real estate journey.


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by Rehab Valuator or on its respective website. Rehab Valuator is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using Rehab Valuator and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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