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Top Real Estate Jobs (2023) | The Ultimate Guide

According to the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, there will be around 472,000 real estate broker and sales agent jobs in 2020 with a projected growth rate of 7% between 2018 and 2028. That means an additional 3,240 new real estate jobs are expected to be added every year this decade!

Have you ever wondered what real estate jobs are out there besides being a real estate agent? Not sure if you need any experience, education, or even a license?

Have you ever thought about pursuing a career in the real estate industry, but you're worried that you'd have to leave your full time job in order to do so?

The beauty of real estate is that you have a variety of opportunities, whether you work for a real estate business or start your own enterprise.

Lucky for you we have our Ultimate Guide on the top full-time and part-time real estate jobs available in 2022.

Read on and enjoy Top Real Estate Jobs (2022) | The Ultimate Guide! Use this jump menu to skip to the section of your choice:


What Are Real Estate Jobs?

Real estate jobs include all the businesses, employees, and vendors that help people buy, sell, develop, and rent real property, such as appraisers, brokers, photographers, and general contractors.

Many jobs in real estate provide you with the freedom to work at your own pace with a flexible schedule. 

Real estate jobs often allow you to earn an uncapped income based on the goals you set for yourself and of course, the achievement of those goals. If you want to be successful in real estate you must be goal-oriented, self-motivated, persevering, people-oriented, and ambitious. 


What Are The Best Entry-Level Real Estate Jobs?

If you're still learning about the real estate career industry, you must know that this industry is HUGE! There are plenty of entry-level job opportunities besides real estate sales or working for a real estate firm. There are many potential real estate jobs that you might like to pursue.

Check out this informative video explaining 12 different entry-level real estate jobs:  

Some of these entry-level real estate jobs require a high school or college diploma and a real estate license. On the other hand, some require little to no formal education such as:


What Are The Best Part-Time Real Estate Jobs?

Do you feel like you have an interest in real estate, but are afraid to drop your full time job? In this section, we will provide some of the best part-time real estate jobs to consider!

Real Estate Agent

The business of real estate agents is to help customers by selling or renting property such as a home, office building, land, or other types of real estate

The minimum you have to do is commit a few hours a week to learn about the industry and the tasks you have to get done. Work with a mentor who can coach and guide you and your business. Also, learn from other service providers such as attorneys, loan officers, and insurance companies that have closed many transactions.

Your first several months as a real estate agent might be tough, but don't give up! You might work weekends, but it can be a very worthwhile career. The following image lists some of the primary activities real estate agents perform. 

real estate agent jobs

Real Estate Mentor

Do you have a wealth of experience in real estate and would like to make extra money? Become a mentor! 

Take the information and experience you have learned throughout the years and coach someone who is new in the industry. Listen to your mentee, allow them to shadow you, and provide compliments when they have shown improvement. 

Whether you're an experienced real estate agent, broker, investor, business owner, salesperson, or personal development rockstar - there's usually something you can teach others to improve upon. 

Real Estate Agent Assistant

Don’t have a real estate license? Not sure if you want to go all-in on real estate yet? Don’t worry! You can still gain knowledge about what it’s like to work as a real estate agent by becoming their assistant. 

The tasks for a real estate assistant include administrative work such as helping with showings, paperwork, greeting and answering the phone for customers, as well as scheduling appointments. You'll be expected to use critical thinking, problem-solving, as well as organization skills. 

Transaction Coordinator

You might wonder who deals with all the excessive paperwork that must get done in every real estate transaction. When real estate agents aren't handling it themselves, they hire specialists who are called transaction coordinators.

Transaction coordinators are a great support system! Referred to as 'TCs' for short, they are hired by real estate sales agents to help with the closing process. A TC is summoned whenever there is a new transaction opened that the agent needs help with. 

Transaction coordinators handle all the contract paperwork, disclosures, obtain signatures, and pay attention to critical deadlines. They are also trained to help manage nearly any step of the house selling or buying process. TCs help by making the process go smoother when there are questions regarding paperwork by either side of the transaction. 

Real Estate Attorney

The job of a real estate attorney is to help a homeowner learn about all the legal matters that are related to a property. They perform title work and prepare the paperwork that is needed at the closing process, however not all states require a real estate attorney. 

Although extensive formal education is required to become a real estate attorney, the dollar per hour rate of earnings is higher than most other real estate jobs!

Property Manager

You can also become a property manager. Going that route, you have a few options. 

You can work part time for an established company that may provide a set schedule of hours per week. Another option is to start up your own property management business. Simply bring on as many clients as you can handle and grow the business as big as you want! 

Check your state's laws, as some states require a broker's license to manage property for others. Here's a short video explaining more about a career in property management:

Real Estate Investor

Did you know you can become a part-time real estate investor and create a lucrative side-hustle? Some of our favorite part-time real estate jobs include house flipping, owning rental property, and wholesaling.  


What Are The Most Popular Real Estate Jobs In 2023?

When you think of popular real estate jobs in 2022, you might be thinking of agents, open houses and for sale signs, selling and buying homes. There are so many more things to real estate than just that. Here are a few of the popular real estate jobs you might not know about:  

  1. Real Estate Buyer's Agent with a specialization is a smart move in a competitive industry! Here are a few creative strategies that will help you stand out:
    • Short Sales:  properties that are sold at a purchase price lower than what the owner actually owes to the lender are called short sales. 
      • This is usually done by motivated sellers who cannot afford to continue paying their mortgage. Instead of filing for bankruptcy or foreclosure, the seller can walk away from the home. This benefits the home owner as well as the bank, who agrees to sell it at a discount. 
    • Probate Sales: When someone dies and doesn’t pass over the property to someone else beforehand, the state automatically takes over that property. A real estate agent with this knowledge can help with the process of selling this property. It might take longer to sell this property since the agent has to make sure they follow the court's regulations. 
    • Full-Service Realtor: Full-service realtors do everything including listing homes for the perfect price, marketing, arranging photograph and home staging, scheduling open houses, negotiating the sale, as well as finding clients a new dream home!  
    • Foreclosure Specialist: These people help homeowners find a way out who are struggling to make their mortgage payments. They will help to make sure the owner knows all of the options - they could be eligible for a loan to save their home!
  2. Real Estate Investing: This might be one of the most lucrative and popular real estate jobs. Here we'll discuss three ways in which you can become employed investing in real estate:
    • Investment Property: When an investor purchases a property, rents it out, and collects passive income. It's all about the cash flow!
    • Fix and Flip: This is a short term investment strategy. An investor purchases a property for a discount, makes improvements, gives it a makeover, then sells it to someone else for a profit! This has been made popular by house flipping shows
    • Buy and Hold: This one's a longer-term strategy. An investor finds a property that has the potential to appreciate over time. Once the market value becomes high enough, the investor will then sell or refinance the property for a profit - with or without having made any improvements or income along the way!
  3. Property Management is also a popular job, as mentioned previously. You can work for a company or start your own business. Some jobs or states require a real estate broker license while there are some that don’t.
  4. Real Estate Wholesaling: Wholesaling is the act of which an individual, called the “wholesaler” secures a purchase contract with an owner selling a property, then sells their right to buy that property to another investor who pays the wholesaler a fee to buy the property. There are 3 ways to wholesale real estate which include: 
    • Assignments: You do not need to pay any money out of pocket. Instead, you contract with a seller who is willing to sell their property, then you find an investor who is willing to purchase it for more than you have it under contract for. The difference between the two is called an assignment fee. 
    • Double Closing: Also called "simultaneous closing" or "back to back closings," an investor purchases a property from the seller, who then immediately sells it to another investor for a higher price. The buyers and sellers get both closings done in one day!
    • Buy and Sell: You will buy the property and own it 100%. Later you can decide whether you want to sell the property or keep it until it appreciates.               


What Are Real Estate Assistant Jobs?

Real estate assistant jobs are plentiful because most successful real estate agents are extremely busy!

What Do Real Estate Assistants Do?

  • Lead Generation
  • Calendar Management (scheduling appointments)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Administrative Tasks (these vary depending on if you have a license or not)

Do I Need Experience For Real Estate Assistant Jobs?

Nope! You don't need experience for most real estate assistant jobs. That said, if you want top real estate companies to say 'Join Our Team!' understand that an ideal candidate should possess the following qualities: 

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Detail Oriented
  • Multitasking Abilities
  • Communication Skills

Where Can I Find Real Estate Assistant Jobs?

Check out online job boards and reach out to real estate brokerages in your area to see if they have any real estate assistant job openings. These resources include the following:

Real Estate Agent Assistant Jobs

Real estate assistant jobs require email, calendar scheduling, and verbal communication skills. 


What Are The Best Real Estate Development Jobs?

Real estate development professionals can either work for a company or for themselves. So, what is a real estate development job all about? Check out this short video to learn more about what it means to be a real estate developer:

 Here are a few of the best real estate development jobs: 

  1. Real Estate Sales Associate - Also referred to as agents or brokers, these people help developer clients to buy or sell a property. They promote completed properties through open houses and advertising. This can be very lucrative when buying or selling larger projects for a big developer. 
  2. Investment Analyst - Help customers or businesses with their financial investment decisions, such as running sales comps and deal underwriting. 
  3. Real Estate Manager - These people are in charge of many aspects of the different properties, whether they are residential, industrial, or commercial properties. They're mainly in charge of maintenance, leasing, and tenant relations. 
  4. Loan Administrator - Help lenders evaluate, authorize, and recommend the approval of loan applications for a real estate development or investment business. 
  5. Consultant - They can help with all things business, such as an organization’s efficiency on how to improve it. Consultants can help with project evaluation, business systems, sales, and even financial management. They may work with the property managers to help them increase the company’s profitability through reduced costs.
  6. Construction Manager - Handle large construction projects, including materials procurement, plan reviews, labor coordination, and inspections. 


What Are The Best Paying Real Estate Jobs?

When you take a closer look, the best paying real estate jobs result by starting up your own business and investing in real estate through wholesaling, house flipping, or owning property. You won’t make a lot of money overnight simply by starting a business, you have to put time and commitment in order to make it a success! 

If you prefer to work for someone else as an employee, here are some of the best paying jobs in real estate:  

  1. Appraisal Manager - An appraiser's job is to determine the value of property. They do this by researching its history and analyzing it to see what the value should be. The highest paid appraisal managers made about $103,000 in 2010.
  2. Real Estate Agents - Their pay is highly based on the commission that is earned by the sales and leases they close. This also varies on how good they are at producing sales and the markets they are working in. The highest paid real estate agents made an average of $95,000 in 2010, though top agents can make seven-figures annually. 
  3. Leasing Manager - These managers work for a company or for someone who invests large amounts of money into real estate but cannot find the time to manage it themselves. The highest-paid lease managers made an average of $113,000 in 2010.
  4. Real Estate Brokers - These people oversee the real estate agent’s transactions, as well as selling and buying property. The highest-paid brokers made about $93,000 in 2018.


What Are Some Real Estate Jobs With No Experience?

Many real estate jobs require a real estate license, some experience, a bachelor’s degree, and more. However, there are a few options and ways you can work in real estate without any experience. 

Real Estate Assistant

Talk to a broker or a real estate agent about becoming a real estate assistant. Brokers deal with scheduling many appointments, phone calls, organizing paperwork, etc. It makes their lives easier and more productive to have an assistant. 

Becoming an assistant requires more short-term training than years of experience in the field. Start by visiting different real estate offices and be prepared for an interview. If they ask why they should choose to have you as a part of their team, then you should have a good answer!

Apartment Locators

Help people find apartments and facilitate administrative work. Apartment locators help by interviewing potential renters, scheduling appointments for interviews and showing the units, and help with preparing leases.  


Another way you can get into real estate without real estate experience is by offering to be a handyman. These people are needed a lot of times when homes need to be remodeled, painted, cleaned, yard work, or repaired.

This would be a unique and amazing way to get into the industry. There are plenty of YouTube videos to show you how to make basic repairs such as painting, installing light fixtures, plumbing work, and more. 

Home Staging

Look into home staging. Home staging is when you have a property that you want to accessorize as much as possible and make it appealing to customers. Many home staging companies are willing to hire people as interns, or just hire you and train you from the bottom.

real estate home staging jobs

Want To Learn More About What Best Suits You?

If you are even more interested in real estate and just want to learn how to gain experience and the requirements needed, here's a suggestion. Go to a broker's office located near you and speak to a broker or real estate agent. Visit a real estate school where you can talk to staff and gain more information about entering the industry.

Read more of the Real Estate Skills blog to learn about more of the opportunities out there in the entrepreneurial real estate world. 

If you are not sure what best suits you or what will help you best pay your bills, you can always visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics website. This site can help you decide what best suits you and your personality as well as give you an average salary based on your career. 

Look On Professional Networking Websites

There are many websites like, LinkedIn, and Indeed where you can find jobs in real estate that require no experience. Some of those jobs vary from assistants to property managers, or even leasing agents. 

Try finding the best jobs that catch your attention and require no experience. Read through the job description and find out what specific skill sets are needed in order for you to succeed. Then apply to the ones that best suit you. 


What Are Real Estate Photography Jobs?

With the rise of image sharing on Instagram and listing platforms such as Zillow and Trulia, real estate photography is a desirable segment of the industry to find jobs. 

What Is Real Estate Photography?

Real estate photography consists of taking digital pictures of a property or building inside and out, captured using special lighting and camera settings. Other services that can be offered are videos and photos taken with a drone or architectural 3D renderings. 

Real Estate Photographers capture images of any property and use them mainly for marketing purposes. 

How To Get Started In Real Estate Photography:

  • Take photography classes that teach you how to capture a good image with the proper lighting, composition, exposure, etc. (optional)
  • Practicing taking pictures with different camera lenses
  • Focus your images on properties, buildings, and iconic views in your city
  • Get a membership with the Real Estate Photographers of America and International (REPAI)
  • Go to real estate agencies near you to show them your work and negotiate your first job with them if they like your work
  • Take photos of everything that will capture the property
  • Learn how to edit photos
  • Showcase before and after pictures in a real estate photography portfolio

Where To Get Photography Clients?

You can get real estate photography clients from networking with agents, connecting with brokerages in your area, and running ads online. You can post ads and try the following resources to get photography clients: Upwork, Indeed, Linkedin, Fiverr, Craigslist,,


What Is An Average Real Estate Job Salary?

Average salaries in real estate vary by the job, position, and time with the company. Here are the latest figures for average real estate job salaries: 

  • Residential Real Estate Appraiser: $44,000- $62,000
  • Commercial Real Estate Appraiser: $86,000- $114,000
  • Leasing Manager: $84,000-$156,000
  • Real Estate Agent: $40,000-$54,000
  • Commercial Real Estate Broker: $38,000- $196,000
  • Commercial Real Estate Loan Officer: $68,000- $91,000
  • Property Manager: $84,000- $112,000
  • Mortgage Loan Processing Manager: $78,000- $102,000

 To view more careers and their average salaries click here


How Do I Find Real Estate Jobs Near Me?

With today’s technology, you can find real estate jobs near you online. Many of these websites will allow you to deepen your job search as well as set up job alerts. Here are the few we recommend you use to look for jobs. 

Many of these websites will allow you to deepen your job search as well as set up job alerts. 

Networking is also a HUGE way to find a job near you. Surrounding yourself with people who have the same interests as you and building relationships with those people will help in the long run. Going to several real estate offices and asking around will be a huge way to source job opportunities. 

Another way you can network is by attending conferences and real estate events where you can engage with people who are successful in doing what you aspire to do. 

You can try to volunteer at different organizations that you'd like to work for someday. The willingness to work for free shows you are interested in a possible job with that organization.  

Final Thoughts

Real estate is one of the wealthiest, most abundant industries in the world. Some real estate jobs require many years of experience, whereas others require no experience whatsoever. 

Be careful not to venture into real estate with the mentality that since you chose the path with the highest salary, you are going to make that high salary. Realistically, expect not to make any serious money for at least three to six months.

Try making a list with the top 5 career paths you might be interested in. As you do your research, you will boil that list down based on different traits and skillsets to the one you will be the most satisfied with.   

One thing you do have to keep in mind is that while real estate in the United States is not easy, anyone who gives it enough time will ultimately become very successful. 

We hope Real Estate Jobs: The Ultimate Guide helps you decide on which career path in real estate you would like to take! What's your favorite real estate job? Leave us a note in the comments below!

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