What Annette Has To Say About The Pro Wholesaler VIP Program!

pro wholesaler student success video wholesaling Mar 23, 2021

Meet Annette - she's a member of the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program from Rocky Mount, North Carolina!

Annette had been wanting to become a real estate investor for the last 10-15 years but never had the support or guidance she needed to take the next steps.

Once Annette found out about the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program, she finally received the training & coaching needed to complete her first wholesale real estate deal!

Click the play button above to hear what Annette has to say about her experience with the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program!

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Here's Annette sharing her first wholesale profit check in our exclusive Pro Wholesaler VIP Community! 

Way to go, Annette! Many more deals to come!

-- Video Transcription --

Annette (00:02):

Hi, my name is Annette Walker and I am from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I'm here to talk to you a little bit about the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program.

Before I became a part of the program, I wanted to be a real estate investor, probably for 10 or 15 years now, and have just never had the support or the motivation to push forward. I had so many questions that I didn't have answers to, and I had no idea what questions I needed to ask.

And so before the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program, I was just walking around with a desire. But once I found out about the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program, I became so excited and enthused about what they were offering and I've been pleased.

Annette (00:58):

Before I found them, I was pretty much a loner. I was a one-man show trying to figure out the next steps and what to do. But once I found out about this great program, it has just been amazing.

The excitement, the enthusiasm from the family. Yes, you feel like a family once you join the group, but the support, the resources, the leadership, the guidance, the weekly meetings, have all helped me during this process.

So not only have I learned so much from the modules that I continue to review and the notes that I've taken, but just from the calls, the weekly calls, hearing from colleagues from afar and near, understanding that everyone's learning and going through the process and at different places, but yet the Pro Wholesaler VIP family is there to support you. And so I have been so pleased and have felt just so ready to tackle the world.

Annette (02:05):

I remember in an early module where we did the affirmations, "I am a real estate investor and I will succeed." And I say that to myself, not just in this venture as I look for buyers and partners, but I say this in my daily walk and to my family and I have my daughter saying it in her life, just speak life to your situations.

And so I was so excited when I closed my first deal. Oh my goodness, the feeling of accomplishment, of satisfaction of, "Oh yes, I can do this."

And I don't think... I know I would never have taken these steps had it not being for the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program. And so I really am excited about what's to come!

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