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Pro Wholesaler Membership & Program Review by Abel Thomsen | Wholesaling Houses

Abel Thomsen is a Real Estate Professional, Investor & Wholesaler who joined the Pro Wholesaler Membership & Program. 

Abel Thomsen goes into his thoughts & review of the Pro Wholesaler Program & covers:

  • What he thinks about the Pro Wholesaler Community
  • How the Pro Wholesaler Program System has taught him to be on the “Offense” in real estate investing & wholesaling rather than the “Defense”
  • How the Pro Wholesaler Membership & Community has changed his outlook on wholesale real estate investing
  • What the Pro Wholesaler System & Membership offers for anyone who joins
  • What resonated with him the most from the most from the Pro Wholesaler Program

Here is what Abel Thomsen has to say:

My name is Abel Thompson and being part of the Pro Wholesaler Membership & Community really has changed my life in many more ways than one. This is the first system that I've learned and been a part of that's actually taught me how to be offensive. What I mean when I say that is, I've actually been in a couple other wholesaling courses and they always teach you about the next step. What I mean when I say that is, the next step meaning, where do I put bandit signs, how much of a budget do I have, where do I sign my mail in campaign, who do I target? For me, that was a defensive system. That was a system where I had to wait.

Being a part of the Pro Wholesaler Membership & Community, it's really changed my outlook on how offensive I can be in wholesale real estate investing. It's really changed certain things in how I look versus other programs that just didn't offer a clear-cut way. The Pro Wholesaler system really did offer that clear-cut way.

A saying that did stick with me that I want to remember forever, that really did resonate with me and if you decide to become a part of this wholesaling course, you need to let it resonate with you as well because this has literally changed my life. There's one line in the contract that Alex had sent me, and upon reading it I didn't think much, but it's actually a saying that I think to myself every single day. That saying in that contract right there is, "I understand that for every 'no' I get, I am closer to a 'yes.'" If you're going to be a part of this system, you need to remember that day in and day out. If you're going to remember that saying, you need to just let it resonate with you, because being a part of this Pro Wholesaler system, every single "no" is only going to get you closer to a "yes." I couldn't thank Alex more than enough for providing me with that thought.

The future for the Pro Wholesaler System and me, it's a lot. I'm getting my real estate license, it's really moved me on the path of being an offensive real estate investor, and that's what I want to be. I want to be offensive. I don't want to be on the defense like these other programs. I can't thank Alex enough for that. This system, it will change your life, if you give it a shot. You miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take. Alex taught me that. Thank you.

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