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Privy Real Estate Software: Pricing, Features, & Review (2023)

real estate software Aug 31, 2023

Real estate investing is among the most thoughtful decisions ever, as the industry is incredibly lucrative. The average wholesaler salary can be between $21,000 and $100,000, while a similar house flipper bags from $15,000 to $200,000 per flip. Investors dealing with rental properties often earn an average of $20,000 and $150,000+ per year in passive income.

But note they don't earn these beautiful figures on a silver platter. The real estate industry is as lucrative as it's competitive, and to earn this kind of money, smart investors run the extra mile. While the run on this extra mile looks different from investor to investor, most employ digital resources to simplify deal finding and lead management. 

Privy real estate software is one such resource. It's a real estate software designed to help investors easily find and track real estate investment deals. Learn more about it below.

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What Is Privy?

Privy is a real estate investment software designed to make real estate investing easy for real estate agents, realtors, wholesalers, house flippers, and other real estate players. The platform features direct MLS data to enable agents to find qualified investment properties within and outside their target markets. Privy also automates the tedious, repetitive tasks involved in finding, analyzing, and tracking investment properties allowing users the freedom of time and the opportunity to follow up on more pressing matters.

Although it might sound new, Privy real estate software has been around for quite some time. Scott Fahl started it in 2012 to help real estate players close more deals in less time. Before creating it, Scott would spend hours trying to find ideal investment properties for the investors in his portfolio. He turned to hotlists, and while it eased the process a little, it wasn't enough, as each client has unique needs.

After a while, he turned to technology. With the help of his other partners, Benson Juarez, the managing partner, and Doug Hays created Privy, a software to automatically analyze investment property spreads and even retrieve comps data within predefined boundaries. Privy, the company is currently based in Denver, Colorado.

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How Does Privy Work?

Privy offers features designed to help realtors, wholesalers, rehabbers, and other real estate investment users find and analyze real estate deals. The platform offers access to direct MLS data for all major markets. This, combined with its powerful comping algorithm, puts agents on top of their game since they can quickly analyze and hunt new markets for profitable real estate investment properties.

Privy also features a patent-pending technology that lets users track the investment activity of successful real estate investors and agents nationwide. Users also access off-market leads and county record data on distressed properties, foreclosure, vacancies, and absentee owner properties. This not only eases deal-finding but also means exclusive access to investment properties with excellent profit potential.

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Privy Real Estate Features & Benefits

Privy is a real estate software that allows users to find, analyze, and track the activities of the most reputable real estate investors countrywide in real-time. It achieves the mentioned through the following features:

  • MLS Data
  • Deal Finder
  • Proprietary Algorithms & List Builder


MLS Data

Privy has many great features, but one of the most notable is direct MLS data. The platform provides users with direct MLS data in over 40 markets, with more to come. Each market listing includes all the information an investor might need, including property data such as square footage and applicable zoning laws, owner information, buyer information, legal status, and even before and after photos.

Because users can track and leverage investor activity, they can stay on top of their investing strategies. For example, having direct MLS market data allows wholesalers to assess the level of competition in an area they've been considering for wholesaling, allowing them to make an informed decision about whether to proceed. They can also wholesale remotely using MLS data from various local markets. More importantly, Privy's detailed direct MLS data allows wholesalers to identify who's actively buying properties in a particular area and the type of properties they're buying. Consequently, the wholesaler can build a buyer's list and reach out to these investors armed with the properties they need.

Privy's detailed data is also helpful for house flippers. They can, for example, review the before and after photos of rehab houses in their target area to get an idea of the preferred architectural designs. The result? They renovate their fix and flips based on these expectations, resulting in faster sales. They also get to see how long a property has been on the market, what it sold for, construction time, and even the ARV, thus making informed pricing decisions regarding the properties they invest in from the area.

Privy's direct MLS data is helpful for realtors and real estate agents because it allows them to seamlessly identify hot and upcoming markets, guiding their investors in the right direction. In addition to MLS data, Privy obtains detailed local and remote market data from public records and third-party listings.


Deal Finder

privy real estate investment software automated deal finder

In addition to comprehensive, direct MLS data, Privy has a deal finder button with detailed filters. Realtors, wholesalers, and other users can search the market based on the property type- single-family, attached condo, and multifamily. They can also browse the over 40 MLS markets on Privy based on property status, for example, active listings, pending, under contract, and sold. As if not impressive enough, Privy also lets users find deals based on the MLS deal status they are in.

For example, wholesalers and rehabbers can use the fix-n-flip, buy n' hold, and tear-down filters to find properties fit for investment. Wholesalers will particularly find the quick filters quite helpful. They include zombie properties, absentee owner properties, foreclosure properties, inter-family transfer homes, senior owners, tired landlords, and even a pre-foreclosure property filter. More importantly, users can set their property search timeline anywhere from the same day to the past 24 months when looking for deals.

The deal finder button on Privy also includes a button for setting the potential spread a wholesaler or user wants on a property, the discount, and even the timeline. Regarding timeline, users can find properties posted on the MLS on the same day to those over 24 months old.

But that's not all. Privy's deal finder button also includes the option to search for off-market properties. Users only have to turn off the active button, and all the resulting deals will be off-market. This function is convenient for wholesalers and investors looking to skip the competition.

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Proprietary Algorithms & List Builder

privy real estate investment software property algorithms

Privy uses a live comparative analytics (LiveCMA) algorithm to ensure that each search yields real-time market data and deals that perfectly match the search criteria. As a result, users no longer have to run comps or find deals manually, freeing up time for more critical tasks.

Additionally, Privy has a list builder for users to build and export lead lists directly to their inboxes. They may also set up alerts to have recently added MLS properties that match their investment criteria sent directly to their inbox. Note that Privy offers free weekly training to its users as well.


Privy Vs. PropStream

In today's digitally driven world of real estate, having the right software can be the dividing line between securing a lucrative deal and missing out. With many options available, two platforms, Privy and PropStream, have made a significant impact. 

Both Privy and PropStream aim to assist wholesalers, rehabbers, realtors, and various real estate investors. Each platform offers a rich set of features, making deal-finding and analysis easier than ever. Key elements they share include access to MLS data and deal-finding capabilities. However, their offerings differ in nuanced ways that can heavily influence user preference. 

Here's a comparative analysis to help you decide which might be best for your needs:


MLS Data & Deal Analysis

  • Privy: With direct access to MLS data across more than 40 markets, Privy provides invaluable real-time insights using its LiveCMA technology. This ensures investors receive current market trends, which is essential for making well-informed decisions. Additionally, Privy's deal finder, coupled with its powerful comping algorithm, lets users quickly analyze and hunt new markets for profitable properties. The platform also comes with a unique feature allowing users to track the investment activity of top-performing real estate investors and agents across the nation.
  • PropStream: This platform offers nationwide data on a whopping 153 million properties, ensuring users can source information regardless of their location. While it provides comprehensive MLS data, it might not be as real-time as Privy. However, PropStream offers an impressive array of features like real estate comps based on local MLSs and public records, making property pricing highly accurate.


Privy Vs. PropStream Features

PropStream shines with its array of distinct features, including:

  • Target Marketing: This built-in tool lets users focus on specific marketing lists, streamlining the communication process for realtors and investors.
  • Skip Tracing: A sought-after feature, skip tracing gives users rapid access to homeowner contacts, even if managed by property managers.
  • Rehab Estimator: For those buying properties to renovate, this tool provides insight into potential rehab cost estimates, critical for investment decisions.
  • Deal Analyzer: This function provides a detailed view of property data, ensuring users can determine the viability of a property investment.

While both platforms come heavily equipped to serve the modern real estate investor, the choice between Privy and PropStream might hinge on your specific needs. If real-time MLS data and tracking top investor activities are your priority, Privy has the edge. Conversely, if you value a range of unique features like skip tracing, target marketing, and an encompassing nationwide reach, PropStream proves to be a formidable option.

privy vs propstream real estate software

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Privy Vs. Other Real Estate Software

Privy is a fantastic real estate investment software, but alternatives are available if you are looking for specific features. Here's how the platform fares against:

  • The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • ReZamp
  • Batch Leads
  • Mashvisor


Privy Vs. Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

The MLS, or multiple listing service, is a database real estate brokers use to exchange information about available properties. Using the MLS increases listing visibility and makes real estate deals more accessible. While it's an excellent tool, Privy is the better choice for real estate investors looking to scale their businesses.

Privy uses advanced algorithms, ensuring it only highlights active MLS markets in real time rather than generalized market data. This increases the likelihood of the deal closing because one only gets results of highly qualified properties.

Privy also has an easy-to-use list-building function that allows users to quickly create and import buyer lists based on MLS data. More importantly, Privy offers users access to both on and off-market properties, allowing them more deal-finding options.

*Remember, you don't need also don't require a license to access MLS data! Let host and CEO of Real Estate Skills, Alex Martinez, guide you to finding consistent and quality real estate deals on the MLS without a license!

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Privy Vs. ReZamp

Privy and ReZamp are two distinct but nearly identical platforms. Both software allows users to search and retrieve real-time MLS market data, allowing them to find the most recent, potentially lucrative deals. They also employ advanced algorithms during these searches to ensure they yield quality deals and highly accurate comps. Both platforms also provide excellent customer service. ReZamp users, like Privy users, can also set up email alerts for newly uploaded MLS properties that match their investment profile.

However, investors should know that ReZamp has a property-sharing feature that allows them to flag and share properties with other wholesalers and real estate players. This is a fantastic networking feature. ReZamp also assigns a score to each listing based on how well it matches the search criteria.

This cuts down on deal-finding time because users only have to focus on listings with high scores. So, which is superior? Both platforms have impressive features, but ReZamp outperforms the competition thanks to its property sharing, investment calculator, and list-scoring functions.

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Privy Vs. Batch Leads

Batch Leads is software that helps real estate investors find motivated sellers and close more deals. It has features to help with this, such as skip tracing and map search. Similar to Privy, Batch Leads has lead generation filters. Batch Leads users can, for example, narrow their searches based on vacant properties and pre-foreclosures.

Unlike Privy, however, it also has inbound lead generation tools such as SMS texting and a direct mail function. While these features give it an advantage over Privy, the latter redeems itself through direct MLS data access and advanced comping algorithms that ensure users only track and generate real-time investment activity data from investors.

Furthermore, Batch Leads has features geared more toward lead generation and management. In contrast, Privy is more akin to deal finder software and ideal for anyone looking for profitable deals in real estate.


Privy Vs. Mashvisor

Mashvisor is an AI-powered analytics website for real estate agents, property owners, and other individuals in real estate looking for investment properties. The platform offers insights on where to purchase these properties and boasts a powerful predictive analytics forecast feature that provides results based on historical data.

Compared to Privy, MashVisor is better suited for investors looking to profit from rental properties over other real estate investments.

mashvisor vs privy real estate software

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Privy Real Estate Software FAQ

Diving into Privy as your real estate software solution? We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about Privy to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Let's tackle those burning queries!


Privy Pricing: How Much Does Privy Real Estate Software Cost?

Privy offers two subscription plans - one for Investors and the other for agents. Both packages include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • The Investor subscription package goes for $149/mo. It includes an auto deal finder, nationwide access, motivated seller leads, deal notifications, comps, investor activity data, Live CMAs, an off-market search and list builder, and bulk uploads.
  • The Agent's subscription package is billed annually at $1,428/yr and includes similar features, except it may have free feature upgrades.


Does A Privy Real Estate Free Trial Exist?

Privy does not currently have a free trial for its real estate software. However, they have a compelling 30-day money-back guarantee, so there's no risk in trying their service and getting a refund before the 30-day period is up.


What Is Privy's Real Estate Customer Service Number?

Users can call Privy's customer support team at 844-438-7748 or fill out their contact form for any inquiries or concerns.


Where Does Privy Get Their Comps?

Privy primarily sources comps data from the MLS. It also analyses other real estate databases to retrieve the most recent and accurate real estate investing data.


Is There A Privy Real Estate App?

We couldn't find any information on a Privy real estate app, so they don't have one. However, their website is very comprehensive, with an intuitive interface, so finding whatever information you need to invest smartly is straightforward.


How Do I Cancel My Privy Subscription?

Canceling a Privy subscription is a pretty straightforward affair.

  1. Go to Edit Profile > Billing and select Cancel
  2. Once you provide enough info, Privy will send a follow-up email or call you to confirm cancellation.
  3. Alternatively, you may send a written email request or give the customer support team a call to cancel your subscription.

Cancellation is only effective upon receipt of a customer support email confirming it. Additionally, one may cancel their subscription before the end of the applicable billing cycle.


Final Thoughts About Privy

Although it's not new, Privy real estate software completely changes the real estate investing game for wholesalers, rehabbers, agents, and other key real estate players. By employing advanced LiveCMA, Privy makes finding deals on the MLS quite seamless.

The long list of filters, coupled with the list builder further simplifies lead generation for REI players by allowing them to easily retrieve, and share prospect lists. While it’s not as feature-packed as Batch Leads and other lead generation software, it’s generally a must-have app for anyone looking to excel in real estate because, without good deals, there’s simply no success.

Check it out on the Privy website and learn more about it!


*Disclosure: Real Estate Skills is not responsible for the information provided by Privy or on its respective website. Privy is an independent company which provides real estate services to investors. Real Estate Skills trains on using Privy and the benefits of using the service but is not responsible for the content it provides.

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