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Real Estate Investor Business Cards: The Ultimate Guide

business cards real estate business real estate investor Feb 18, 2020

Business cards speak a lot about who you are as a professional, the kind of services you offer, and how serious you are about marketing your real estate business.

Without a doubt, your real estate investor business cards give people a first impression, and the critical thing about first impressions is that you only get one.

It helps your prospects and members of the industry develop a perception about you, that you are an expert who can solve their diverse problems.

Whether you're just starting out in real estate or an industry veteran rebranding your marketing materials, this article will help you create the ideal business card.

Read on and enjoy Real Estate Investor Business Cards: The Ultimate Guide! Use this menu to jump to your section of choice:

• 1. What Are Real Estate Investor Business Cards?
• 2. Do You Need Real Estate Investor Business Cards If You're Brand New?
• 3. Why Do You Want Real Estate Investor Business Cards?
• 4. How To Design Real Estate Investor Business Cards
• 5. What To Put On A Real Estate Investor Business Card?
• 6. What’s The Standard Size For Real Estate Investor Business Cards?
• 7. What Should New Real Estate Investors Put On Their Business Cards?
• 8. What Should A Real Estate Wholesaler Put On A Business Card?
• 9. What Should A Wholesaler Put On Their Business Card As Their Title?
• 10. What To Put On House Flipper Business Cards?
• 11. Real Estate Investor Business Card Template
• 12. Best Real Estate Investor Business Card Examples
• 13. Are Real Estate Investor Business Cards A Good Investment?
• 14. What Is The Proper Real Estate Investor Business Card Etiquette?
• 15. How To Hand Out Real Estate Investor Business Cards
• 16. Best Places To Buy Real Estate Investor Business Cards Online




What Are Real Estate Investor Business Cards?

A real estate investor business card is a small, handy, affordable, high-impact, and effortlessly replicable form of marketing. It's one of the most common marketing tools that is utilized by nearly everyone in the real estate industry. 

Business cards essentially contain contact information for the advertised business.

More often than not, they are given to potential clients, such as property owners or buyers, as well as distributed at real estate networking events and open houses.

Handing out business cards is the most basic type of marketing; thus, you should be prepared to do it wherever you go. 



Do You Need Real Estate Investor Business Cards If You're Brand New?

real estate investor business card

You don’t need to have real estate investor business cards if you are brand new. You can certainly get by without them when you're first starting out. 

Nonetheless, there is one famous rule in real estate – Always Business Cards.

This simply means that even though business cards for your company is not a must, having them could be the difference between making valuable new connections and missing out on opportunities.

Remember, real estate is largely a face-to-face business. When you start attending Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) meetings and talking to buyers and sellers, you'll want to exchange contact information and stay top of mind with the people you meet. 

Therefore, your business card is not just a convenient way to display your contact information. It is also a convenient way to help your clients remember you. Whenever they want to sell or buy property, you want to be the first investor who will dominate their minds.

There are a wide range of benefits that you can gain from using real estate investor business cards, such as:

  • They are a super affordable form of marketing. While using them, you will not only market your business effectively, but you may also save a significant amount of money from your campaign.
  • By letting your prospective clients learn who you are and what you do, you will create stronger first impressions for your business. This will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • By having a business card, you will appear more legit, even if you just opened up shop.
  • A business card will allow you to display all your contact information, therefore making it easier for you to network. Ultimately, you will get new and repeat business.
  • Business cards are an opportunity to display a catchy real estate slogan if you have one.

With the above benefits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t design an attractive business card for your real estate business as soon as now!



Why Do You Want Real Estate Investor Business Cards?

Ask yourself why you want to make real estate investor business cards before deciding on what to put on them. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • What's the purpose of making business cards?
  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • Why am I networking and marketing?
  • What does success look like to me?

Generally, real estate investor business cards don't bear a lot of information. All you really need to create one is to establish your company name, title, logo, contact numbers, a functional email address, and your website.

The main goal of a business card should be to let your prospects know how they can reach you in case they need to sell or buy property.

Ensure that you structure the content of your business cards in a way that is convenient and easy for your clients. You don't have to fill the entire card with contact details. Two or three pieces of contact information can be enough.

If you need to have a lot of information that will contribute to brand identity, you can design both sides of the card.

By having a business card, you want your clients and prospects to remember you. Since there are hundreds of businesses in your locality investing in property, you want them to think of you when they have any real estate needs.

You want them to believe that you have the best solutions to their problems. This way, you will gain an edge over your competition.

Also, you want your business card to help you network so that you can continuously grow your clientele base.

To achieve this, you need to invest in quality. Look – a business card which has no real business name, no legal entity, no company website, and only has a random Gmail address makes you look rookie in the eyes of your target market. Therefore, think outside the box and create a card that people will remember and take seriously

Real Estate Skills Tip: If you need to make a fast, affordable, and professional-looking real estate investor website, we recommend using Carrot.

Apart from including functional content and having an impressive design, use rounded corners, textured finish, and embossed text. Then print your cards on plastic or metal materials. By being quality-oriented, people will certainly be impressed by your business marketing, which will eventually result in more leads, conversions, and sales!

Think of your real estate investor business cards as a mini-brochure that can get in front of people in the market. Describe your services and ways potential clients can contact you, and you can rest assured that business success will come your way before you know it.



How To Design Real Estate Investor Business Cards

When designing a real estate business card,  you'll need a look that is simple, yet highly professional. The card should look clean and have the right amount of text.

To accomplish this, the first thing you need to do is to establish the essential content you want to include in the design.

This includes your business name, business logo, phone number (local area code and easy to remember number is preferred), website name, and email address.

Also, decide on your business color scheme. Before you print out your business card, take the time that is necessary to develop the substance that you'll be working with for a while. 

Getting your head around designing a simple business card with all this information can seem challenging. Luckily, there are hundreds of templates available on major business card printing websites that you can use to complete this task in no time.

In case you are unable to develop something adequate even with the best templates, consider investing a few bucks and hiring a graphic designer on outsourcing marketplaces such as Fivver and Upwork.

Well, if you can design, but you don't have the right ideas on what you really need, consider networking and collecting business cards from other successful real estate professionals that you meet. This way, you'll get ideas that you can replicate to stick out from the noise. 

For even more tips on how to design a real estate investor business card, watch this clip on the 6 Golden Rules For Business Card Design:




What To Put On A Real Estate Investor Business Card?

There is one simple rule which you should keep in mind when designing business cards – less is more. Therefore, filling up all the space with colors, images, and text won’t appeal to your audience at all. A busy card will not impress the networks you want to market to.

That said, your card should look pleasant to the eyes. Below is some of the essential information you need to include:

  • Your full name, title, phone number, and email address
  • A website, logo, alternative phone number (e.g., fax, office, or home number), your business color scheme, and a call to action (for instance, call me or visit my website!)
  • All the primary services you provide, such as real estate agent, investor, or private money lender.
  • The type of property you specialize in, such as residential, commercial, multifamily, office, retail, or any other niche you specialize in. Even though you could be a jack of all trades, you will achieve more success if you designate a specialty.
  • Professional certifications or accreditations
  • Physical or mailing address
  • If you still have space, you can include a QR code, professional picture, and real estate slogan. Having these are optional.

As mentioned earlier, you need to keep your business card simple. Therefore, if you don't have space for all the information mentioned above, focus more on your name, position, and contact information. Also, don't forget to include a logo, a business website, and an attractive color scheme.



What’s The Standard Size For Real Estate Investor Business Cards?

One of the first and most important decisions you need to make when designing a real estate investor business card is the size. Today, there are many card sizes you can use including:

  • 2” X 3.5” -- This is the standard size commonly used by real estate investors because it gives them plenty of space to include as much critical information as they need. This size is highly recommended by graphic designers and real estate experts.
  • 5" X 4 -- If you have a lot of information that you want to include in your business card, this is the ideal size for you. It is then folded to 2" X 3.5”. This is another highly recommended business card size for real estate investors.
  • 2” X 2” -- Much smaller and less common size for real estate investor business cards.



What Should New Real Estate Investors Put On Their Business Cards?

The question of what to put on new real investor business cards is one of the most common questions we get from new students that we work with in our real estate investing courses.

These brand new investors may feel inadequate because they have zero deals under their belt. Additionally, because they have zero experience, they feel like they are not even "in the business," so what could they possibly put on a business card?

If you are a novice real estate investor, this is certainly a fair question to ask. It should cause one to think about the business you'll be in and focus on for the foreseeable future.

To answer this question effectively, you need to contemplate the following questions:

  • What is your business model?
  • How do you want the world to see you and your business?
  • What do you want your business card to represent?
  • How do you want people to know you?

The answers to these questions will help you know what to include in your business card.

Essentially, ensure that it has your full name, phone number, and email address.

Another essential aspect to include in your business card as a new real estate investor is a title that suggests what you do. Relevant titles that we suggest new investors write include: 

  • Real Estate Investor
  • Real Estate Entrepreneur
  • All Things Real Estate
  • Business Owner
  • Home Buyer
  • Acquisitions Specialist

In addition, including a logo on the card will help improve your credibility. Therefore, design one yourself on a site like Canva.com. If you'd rather hire a professional graphic designer, use platforms such as Fivver.com. They will cost you about $5-$10.

Finally, consider adding your business website URL. Remember, your prospects will not buy your services until they check your authenticity online. Having a professional website is, therefore, something that you cannot overlook!



What Should A Real Estate Wholesaler Put On A Business Card?

A real estate wholesaler business card should be kept simple and professional, just like other types of business cards in the industry. They should contain essential information such as name, phone number, fax, email address, title, logo, business color scheme, and business website.

Perhaps the most important aspect of real estate wholesaler business cards is that they should contain the core services offered. They are things like:

  • I Buy Houses For Cash
  • I Make Cash Offers On Houses In Any Condition And In Any Situation
  • Wholesale Investor Properties Available

What this means is that if you are a real estate wholesaler, your business cards should have different information that reflects your business and what you offer.



What Should A Wholesaler Put On Their Business Card As Their Title?

What wholesalers should put on their business cards is another a question we get all the time. There are different schools of thought on this topic, as you may not be best served by marketing yourself solely as a wholesaler.

Nonetheless, the easiest thing to put as the title is to say you are a real estate investor.

However, this title is broad, and may not accurately communicate what you do to your prospects. Remember, wholesalers are not actually real estate investors, they are assigning contracts for a quick profit.

Therefore, it's up to you whether you choose to represent yourself as a wholesaler. 

Below are some ideas for wholesaler titles you can use:

  • Acquisitions Specialist
  • Acquisitions Manager
  • Acquisitions Associate
  • Director of Acquisitions
  • CEO
  • Managing Member
  • Partner
  • Real Estate Entrepreneur
  • Distressed Home Buyer
  • President



What To Put On House Flipper Business Cards?

real estate investor business cards for house flippers

If you are a house flipper, your business card needs to include basic information such as your:

  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Company Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Fax Number
  • Logo
  • Business Color Scheme
  • Website

More specifically to house flippers, you also need to include the core services you provide, such as “We Buy Houses” or “Buy, Renovate, Sell, and Rent Residential Properties.”

Additionally, you need to include the type of properties you buy (e.g., commercial, residential, multifamily, etc.) and the location you are buying, such as 'National Home Buyer,' or 'Property Buyer in Los Angeles County'.

Finally, including a message that promises a prospective client something valuable, such as having a message that says “We Give Cash Rewards For Referrals” on your business cards will increase their chances of getting your phone ringing.



Real Estate Investor Business Card Template

Below is our real estate investor business card template that you may draw inspiration from:

real estate investor business cards example front

Here's the back side of our real estate investor business card template:

real estate investor business cards example back 


Best Real Estate Investor Business Card Examples

Below are three real estate investor business card examples that may inspire and help you design your own:

Turner Monroe, Real Estate Investor

This first investor business card example is simple and straight to the point. It contains contact information, including phone number, email address, and a visually appealing quote on the back from Winston Churchill

real estate investor business cards with inspirational quote


Ryan Lavergne Real Estate 

The Ryan Lavergne Real Estate business card has a bold design that features block typography. This makes the text visible and also converts the simple design into a picturesque masterpiece. What makes this card even more appealing is the tagline, "Onward, Upward, & Homeward."

real estate agent business cards example


Real Estate Investor Business Card Example #3

In this third investor business card example, the core services offered by the advertising real estate company are highlighted. It uses sharp, contrasting colors to give a professional look.

real estate investor business cards samples




Are Real Estate Investor Business Cards A Good Investment?

Absolutely! Spending money on real estate investor business cards can be one of the best investments you ever make. Remember, there are over 1.4 million Realtors in the United States, and a simple, professional business card can help you stand out and make the right connections. 

To help you understand how critical investing in professional real estate investor business cards is, here's something to consider.

Imagine making $10,000 or more from a card that costs you a dime. 

Doesn't that sound like a good investment?



What Is The Proper Real Estate Investor Business Card Etiquette?

As a real estate investor, you need to remember that you may only have 30 seconds to create a fantastic first impression of your business. Therefore, you cannot afford to make a negative impression that might hurt the credibility and reputation of the brand you have taken years to build.

Therefore, even if you have created the best business card in the real estate market, you will not make the best out of them if you don’t learn the ideal business card etiquette.

Below are real estate investor business card etiquette rules you should never forget:

Always Have Business Cards With You

Why design superb business cards and then leave them at home? By having these cards with you at all times, you will appear professional in the eyes of your prospects, and help them remember you whenever they need services.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." -Benjamin Franklin

Don’t Give Your Business Cards To Everyone You Meet

Never give your business cards randomly in the streets. Also, don't hand out cards to people who are having conversations with others since this could be taken as a rude gesture, which might hurt your business.

Simply identify your target market and only give business cards when appropriate.

Only Give Your Card To Those Who Ask For It

Ask for theirs in return – this is something that you probably didn’t know – don’t give a card to someone who hasn’t asked for it. By doing so, you will be targeting people who might not be interested in your services.

Once a person asks for your card, give it to them and ask for theirs in return. This will show that you are interested in what they have to offer, and this might help them develop an interest in your services too.

Ask For More

Once you give business cards to people who ask for them, ask them to give you their alternative contact information. This way, you will be showing them that you are interested in what they offer or what they have to say.

Eventually, they will remember you more whenever they need to buy or sell property.

Show Appreciation

When a person hands you their business cards, don’t put it in your pocket or wallet. Take some time and read it.

Show them that you appreciate their design, and the time they took to develop it. This way, you will create valuable networks.

Follow Up

Once you have collected business cards, don't just throw them in your file cabinet never to been seen again. 

Since you have the contact information to all your acquaintances, follow up with them through their phone, email, social media, or business website, find out how they are since you last saw them, and thank them for the time together.

Don't wait for the time you need to buy or sell property so that you can contact them. The sooner you get in touch, the faster you will build mutually beneficial relationships with them.



How To Hand Out Real Estate Investor Business Cards

Now you know a lot about real estate investor business cards and you've decided to design one for your real estate business. How will you distribute them once they're printed out?

Watch this short video training on how to appropriately hand out business cards:

Of course, you cannot give your card to everyone you meet because it might prove to be a pricey venture at the end of the day. On the flip side, if you never hand them out, no one will know about your business. 

To get the best out of this marketing strategy, make it a goal to hand out at least five cards to individuals every day.

Also, aim to leave about ten cards in places you frequently visit, such as coffee shops, restaurant counters, and bulletin boards.

You might also increase your chances of getting calls that actually convert from your business cards by creating two types of cards. One should be professional-looking and should be handed out to potential buyers and sellers. The other one should be brightly colored, and is the one you should leave in places.

For the business card you personally hand out, offer a cash reward at the back, so that whoever lays their hands on the card will be motivated to keep it and hunt for leads on your behalf!



Best Places To Buy Real Estate Investor Business Cards Online

Listed below are some of the most reliable places to buy real estate investor business cards on the web:


Final Thoughts On Real Estate Investor Business Cards

Your real estate investor business card is simply your calling card. It is a tool that is highly necessary for conducting your real estate business so that clients can easily access your services.

Therefore, make sure your card is made to the highest quality standards, has a visible font, features functional content, and most importantly, it has a simple layout with a professional look.

Do you have a real estate investor business card? Well, if you don't, then you are missing out on the benefits that ride along with this simple marketing method. Get one today, and sooner or later, you will rise in the ranks amongst the most successful real estate investors of all time.

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