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Follow Up Boss Review (2023 Edition)

A proper follow-up process is a key to success in real estate. A well-thought-out process increases the likelihood of closing a deal and motivates prospects to offer referrals.

Not long ago, follow-up in real estate was mainly a physical process. We now have tools like Follow Up Boss specifically designed to automate the process. Find out more about Follow Up Boss CRM and how it can transform your follow-up process in this Follow-Up Boss Review


What Is Follow Up Boss?

Follow Up Boss is a customer relationship management platform for real estate agents, brokerages, and teams. It has pricing plans for individuals to teams of up to 100 people and is designed to automate the entire sale process, from lead generation and follow-up to lead management. 

Besides CRM, Follow Up Boss has marketing and reporting tools and boasts integrations with over 30 platforms, including contact management platforms like Zapier, automation platforms such as API Nation, and task management tools like Google Calendar. 

Check out this quick video demo below that talks about how Follow Up Boss works!


Follow Up Boss Software Features & Benefits 

Follow Up Boss has a feature stack with tools to automate lead generation and lead management, prospect nurturing, and reporting tools for users to track marketing success. Here’s a breakdown of its CRM, marketing, and reporting features:

Follow Up Boss CRM 

Follow Up Boss Review CRM

Follow Up Boss boasts incredibly intuitive customer relationship management features. It has minimal fields, so it’s easy even for non-tech savvy users to navigate the system.

Besides a user-friendly interface, the CRM has a comprehensive set of tools, making lead management a breeze. These include:

Calling & Follow Up Boss Dialer 

Strategic inbound and outbound call management leads to better client experiences, conversely encouraging conversion. And Follow Up Boss packs features that help ensure each caller’s seamless experience.

Users get a dedicated business phone line to separate their communication from the business. They can change the number from the real estate CRM and set up inbound calls to ring on both desktop and smartphone, so they never miss a call from a real estate lead. Alternatively, they can set up the number to ring on the PC first and then forward it to the relevant number. 

Investors with teams can route calls directly to one assigned agent or multiple agents in a team inbox, so clients are always guaranteed a response. If there’s a missed call, it’s automatically added to the Follow Up Boss voicemail feature. 

Users can make phone calls directly from the CRM and even create notes about the real estate lead while making the call. If calling a long list of leads, the dialer has a calling list feature that automatically dials everyone on the list, so you don’t have to do it manually. Besides calls, the dialer also has a text function for users to send one or group texts quickly. 

Follow Up Boss’s dialer also features call recording, which comes in handy for future reference. It has a call reporting function where users can view all inbound and outbound calls made and important calling data such as total talk time. The best part about the dialer is that all call or text-related lead information remains centralized for seamless access on either desktop or the mobile app. 

Lead Distribution 

Follow Up Boss users can import leads from over 200 sources including popular MLS options like Zillow and Trulia. This makes it perfect for established agents or teams with multiple lead generation sources. Real estate businesses with agents in different locations can set up filters to automatically distribute leads by Zipcode, ensuring clients' excellent experience in specified areas.

Lead routing on Follow Up Boss can also be on a first-come, first-serve basis where prospects are assigned to available agents or on a round-robin basis to ensure every agent gets equal opportunities. Inactive leads aren’t left out either, as team leaders can create lead ponds where every team member is free to follow up.

Other Follow Up Boss CRM Functions:

  • Video texting
  • Enhanced email functions for real estate such as email templates, and batch email support 
  • Mobile app for Android and iPhone users


Here are some of the real estate marketing features Follow Up Boss users get from the platform: 

Action Plans 

Consistently following up on leads puts you on top of their mind long before they decide to sell or buy. As a result, your enterprise becomes their number one choice when they’re finally ready to give it a go. But following up on multiple leads isn’t just time-consuming; it’s also difficult to track who and when a prospect was contacted when you have an entire list of leads.

Follow Up Boss action plans simplify and automate follow-up by telling agents who to follow up on, when to do it, and most importantly, the right action to take based on the lead’s position in the sales pipeline. Users can set up autoresponders for new leads, trigger drip email campaigns, and set up necessary follow-up steps for new leads based on factors like zip code and price. 

Follow Up Boss action plans have an “always-on” feature, meaning users can create follow-up plans to run endlessly, so the lead is always reminded of your existence. Even better, these action plans feature active and engaged columns for users to identify contacts in an action plan and track engagement to determine the success of their follow-up strategy. Users can pause an action plan, add or remove contact collaborators, or even change the contact’s position in the sales pipeline. 

With Follow Up Boss action plans, team leaders can assign follow-up tasks to particular agents and track their progress. This promotes team accountability and enables admins to build stronger teams since they can identify and help agents struggling to achieve their goals. 

Smart Lists 

The key to closing more deals in real estate is connecting with the right leads at the right time. has smart lists for that purpose. Smart lists are quick reference lists or filters that let users automatically organize leads for seamless retrieval.

Users can segment leads into smart lists based on details such as first name, address, email, phone, stage, or even lead sources such as IDX websites. They can also organize smart lists based on the assigned agent, lead, or collaborator, the last email sent, or even the first call received from a lead. 

The platform offers prebuilt smart lists, but users can always create custom options. As a result, they can contact the right leads at the right time since they can create custom lists to separate individuals who need immediate follow-up from those who need nurturing. 

Clicking on a contact profile on a smart list reveals essential information such as their phone number and email, previous conversations, stage, source, or even what they were looking for on your website. The best part? Users can create as many smart lists as they need to segment and prioritize their lead database. 


Follow Up Boss action plans typically run for 21 days. Once the initial action plan runs its course, the real estate CRM offers automation that enables users to create a new plan based on key lead events or factors. For instance, if a lead is ready to close but lacks financing, a Follow Up Boss user can create an action plan connecting them to their preferred lender to speed up the transaction.

If, after 21 days of follow-up, the lead isn’t ready to close, Follow Up Boss users can create a lead nurture campaign to keep them engaged until they’re ready to buy or sell their property. With Follow Up Boss automations, users can create as many action plans as needed to achieve the goal. Additional marketing features available on the platform include:

  • Calendar
  • Company number 
  • Tracking pixel for old and new leads


Follow Up Boss Review Reporting

As shown below, Follow Up Boss has tools to track not just marketing campaign success but also individual agent progress:

Deal Report Pipeline 

Follow Up Boss has a user-friendly drag and drop deal report pipeline that lets users filter deals by either buyer or seller, the lead source, or the assigned agent/ team. As a result, it’s easy to evaluate the value of each deal at every stage regardless of one’s accounting skills.

The feature also provides important insights such as deals closed year to date, commissions and splits, the average value of deals at each stage, and even a forecast of pending deals. 

Agent Accountability 

Follow Up Boss has a leaderboard where agents can log their activity to promote team accountability and productivity.

The information is then displayed in shareable dashboards, making it easy for team leaders to evaluate how frequently agents reach out to prospects, response rate, and overall team performance.

Lead Providers 

Follow Up Boss Review Lead Providers

Follow Up Boss has over 200 sources to import leads from, including reputable real estate platforms like:


Follow Up Boss integrates with more than 30 platforms allowing users a holistic view of their lead database and overall organizational health. It integrates with contact management tools like Google Calendar, automation software like API Nation, and many others like:

  • G-Suite
  • Office 365
  • Zapier 
  • LeadSync 
  • Call Action 
  • Smart Alto 
  • Callingly 
  • Mailchimp 

Follow Up Boss App 

The Follow Up Boss Mobile App allows real estate agents and investors to generate and manage leads on the fly. Users can make, receive and track prospect calls and texts from the app, access important lead data while on the go, and even remotely collaborate with their teams.

They can also set push notifications for new leads, route leads to available agents and generally follow up on leads regardless of location. 

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How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

Follow Up Boss Review Competitors

If you're looking for a CRM similar to Follow Up Boss, here's how Follow Up Boss performs against the competition:

Follow Up Boss vs LionDesk 

Follow Up Boss and Lion Desk offer relatively similar features. They both have a dialer with robust tools such as call recording, call lists, and voicemail. They also support email marketing, and Facebook integration, making them ideal for agents and real estate businesses that use the platform for lead generation.

Both Follow Up Boss and LionDesk boast robust follow-up automation features and an impressive reporting and analytics feature stack. Both are equally powerful platforms with differences in pricing and whether to opt for either depends on a user’s exact needs. 

Follow Up Boss vs Contactually 

Contactually was a real estate CRM with a great set of features. Users could access and schedule emails, set up to-do lists, and group contacts based on factors like new leads and sphere of influence.

This software was designed to work best for real estate brokers, agents, and anyone who manages a database of contacts. The platform was, however, shut down in early 2022

Follow Up Boss vs Wise Agent 

Wise Agent features time, transaction, and contact management tools, lead automation, and marketing features such as email automation and lead nurturing drip campaigns.

It generally offers great user value and stands out from Follow Up Boss by allowing users to create unlimited landing pages. However, if you’re looking to automate and improve your follow-up process, Follow Up Boss is the way to go.

Follow Up Boss vs Top Producer

Top Producer is a real estate CRM with impressive features such as the built-in market snapshot. It allows agents and investors access to real-time market updates. It also has a social insight feature users can maximize to source lead information from social media.

But while great, the CRM is geared toward REI professionals looking to access quality market information, while Follow Up Boss is ideal for agents looking to improve their follow-up processes. 

Follow Up Boss vs kvCORE

kvCORE is renowned for its all-in-one cloud-based CRM and is very popular among brokerages, real estate agents, and investors. It is a fast-growing company that provides innovative tech real estate solutions with a flexible infrastructure that fits the real estate enterprise.

Although with the great number of features it has available unlike Follow Up Boss, kvCORE does not provide you with leads directly but instead gives you different options to generate them from marketing to creating landing pages aimed at specific audiences that might be interested.

kvCORE also puts their subscription plans at a minimum of $299 a month for a single user up to $1800 a month for 51 -100 users. So if you are looking to start with something much cheaper with the ability to generate and import leads Follow Up Boss might be the road to take with subscription plans starting at $69 per user a month up to $1000 for 30 users per month. 

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Follow Up Boss Software FAQ 

How Much Does Follow Up Boss Cost?

Follow Up Boss Review Cost

Follow Up Boss pricing plans include Grow, Pro and Platform. Grow is designed for solo agents and small real estate teams. It costs $69 and includes core CRM features, drip & batch emailing, automatic lead follow up, unlimited leads & contacts, daily phone and email support, a company number with 2-way texting, and an optional dialer at $39.

For Pro users, Follow Up Boss pricing starts at $499 for ten users and an extra $49 for every additional user. The plan is designed for ambitious real estate teams looking to achieve massive growth. It includes everything in the Grow subscription plan plus a phone number and dialer for every user at no extra cost, call reporting & recording, enhanced support and user training, personalized onboarding, and a team leaderboard. 

Platform costs $1000 for 30 users and an extra $20 for every additional user. It’s an enterprise-class CRM for large real estate teams and brokerages. It includes everything in the former plans plus white-glove onboarding & CRM migration, priority support, teams within teams, and a dedicated success manager. All follow-up pricing plans come with a 2-month free trial for annual subscriptions. 

Does Follow Up Boss Integrate With Zillow?

Follow Up Boss does integrate with Zillow but not directly. One has to use a proprietary API connection known as Zillow Tech Connect. Once integrated, users can rapidly import leads to and from Zillow and automate lead distribution through custom filters such as zip code, round-robin, or even price point. 

Does Follow Up Boss Integrate With MLS?

Yes, but again not directly but through RealtyNA, a platform offering WordPress-based website products geared for the real estate industry. Realtyna has an organic MLS integration feature that lets users seamlessly integrate listings from multiple listing service platforms. 

How To Get A Follow-Up Boss Discount Code?

Follow Up offers a free trial for all its pricing plans and plenty of discount coupons you can find online. Find a reliable promo code website, find and copy the coupon code you prefer, and then paste it under the promo code box on the checkout page on Follow Up Boss to get a discount.

We came across plenty of websites offering coupons during our Follow up Boss review, but this one here appeared the most reliable from

How Do I Cancel My Follow Up Boss?

Canceling a Follow Up Boss subscription is pretty straightforward. Go to Admin and then Billing Page, and click the cancel subscription plan at the bottom of the page. Enter your reason to leave the platform on the page that pops up, and click leave follow up boss.

Your subscription will be automatically canceled, and your card no longer charged, but you’re free to continue using the platform until the end of your billing cycle. Before you opt-out, ensure you export your contacts first and archive and ignore lead sources to prevent future notifications.

Links to Instructions on how to do this is available in their Follow Up Boss help center. Users can also delete their accounts altogether, as illustrated on this Follow Up Boss support page.


Is Follow Up Boss Worth It? 

Follow Up Boss Review Is It Worth It

Although it’s designed to improve follow-up, boasts a comprehensive set of automation tools that streamline not just follow-up but every step of lead management, from lead generation to closing.

It also has a set of marketing tools such as action plans and makes tracking the success of marketing campaigns and agent performance a breeze thanks to features like a leaderboard, deals, and collaboration. Users also get integrations with popular apps like G-Suite, and they can import leads from over 200 sources, including Zillow and Ylopo.

While it looks like a great follow-up and CRM tool it definitely does not work as a magic pill to close all your deals for you. One must have the proper guidance and training to get those deals across in any real estate market.

We also do recommend that the best tool to have where you can definitely get your money's worth is utilizing the actual multiple listing service (MLS). Definitely check out our brand new free training on how to wholesale, flip, and acquire deals from the MLS without spending a dollar in marketing. See you there!

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