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Ryan Got His First Wholesale Deal Within 3 Weeks Of Becoming A Pro Wholesaler Member!

Ryan got his first wholesale deal within 3 weeks of joining & becoming a Pro Wholesaler Member! This is a feat that multiple members of the Pro Wholesaler Membership & Course have been able to do! Kudos to Ryan for crushing it.

Here's a special link to the training that got Ryan started: 

Here's what Ryan covers in his testimonial video:

  • How he came into the Pro Wholesaler Program knowing little to nothing about wholesaling real estate
  • What he likes most about the Pro Wholesaler Membership & Program
  • The type of people Ryan thinks are a great fit for Pro Wholesaler
  • How we use an Offensive Strategy versus a Defensive Strategy for wholesaling houses
  • What he thinks of the Pro Wholesaler Community & Support

Here's what Ryan has to say:

My name is Ryan Warden and I am a Pro Wholesaler. I came into the Pro Wholesaler system knowing little to nothing about wholesaling, and within the first three weeks I actually had my first property under contract.

The thing I like most about the Pro Wholesaler system is it gives you direct, actionable steps to take on a clear path, and if you follow that path, you will get your first deal. The Pro Wholesaler system is great, not only for beginners because it takes you from that entry ground level up to your first deal, it's also good for people who have been around wholesaling for a little bit because it teaches you how to attack the market differently. We're on an offensive strategy, going out, getting leads, getting deals, when a lot of people are on a defensive strategy, letting the deals come to them.

I highly recommend the Pro Wholesaler system. The community's fantastic. The support you get from Alex is fantastic. Best of luck. Go out there and get those deals.


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