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How Cecilia Locked In $30k of Wholesale Profits Using the MLS Offer System | Pro Wholesaler VIP Interview & Review


Meet Cecilia - A student of the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program & Real Estate Investor located in Franklin, Tennessee!

Cecilia implemented our MLS Offer System in her home state of Tennessee and she's been able to get $30k worth of wholesale profits locked up in the last 90 days!

The best part is: she didn't spend $1 in marketing to get any of these deals!

Come hear how Cecilia has made each of these deals happen from the MLS & her honest take of the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program's huge impact on her business.

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--- Video Transcription of Cecilia's Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Interview & Review ---

Ryan Zomorodi (00:09):

All right, everyone. I'm here with Cecilia. She's a member of our Pro Wholesaler VIP Program. She's based in Franklin Tennessee next to Nashville, which is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.

I'm sure many of you know, she's also a mother, she's a licensed realtor and a multiple business owner, so she's certainly a very busy girl and I'm very grateful and excited to have you on today to share a little bit about your journey and experience here in the Pro Wholesale program. How you doing Cecilia?

Cecilia (00:44):

I'm good Ryan, how are you?

Ryan Zomorodi (00:46):

I'm doing great, doing great. Thanks for coming on today. So just excited to hear more about your story. So to start, if you could just tell us kind of where you're at before joining the program, what your experience was, and I believe you had your real estate license before coming in and we're looking to utilize it in different ways. So where were you at before?

Cecilia (01:15):

I actually, I come from a real estate family. My father's a massive, was, he just passed away a year ago, but he was a massive real estate investor and developer in Iran and then America, he moved to Texas in 1980 and became a really big investor and developer. He builds neighborhoods and shopping centers and stuff. And so I didn't know much about it. I just answered the phone and did some stuff like that.

But it's been in my family for a long time and my mother was a realtor. And so I've always been around real estate and I've moved a lot and I really, I just love real estate. I literally watch HGTV rehab shows all the time because I love them and I also, look at houses just for fun, all the time.

Cecilia (02:09):

And so as a business owner, I had etched out some of my other businesses where I really only had to work two full days a week and I thought, oh, you know what, I really would like to get my real estate license. And so I signed up for the class two years ago, in November, right around Thanksgiving.

Right around this time, I was in my first real estate class. And then the pandemic hit sort of right at the end of the class. And so I had three months to study for the exam or something three or four months to study. And I took the exam, I think in May of 2020 and I passed. And so I joined a real estate company and the more I learned and the more I was kind of poking around, what do I want to do with my license?

Cecilia (03:16):

The more wholesaling, really just pulls me in that direction. And so I became a realtor and then I was doing a lot of rentals through my company, just getting my feet wet and learning how to negotiate and a little bit about the real estate world. And then I came across your program and I just went, it just felt right.

I felt like this is the one that I need to go with. And I spent the money and I was so afraid to do that, but I did. And then I got your course and the material in there took me to a completely other level from realtor too, I can actually purchase and make offers on my own terms and I do it under my LLC, but I can also buy it in my name if I want to, you gave me the tools to be able to do that.

Cecilia (04:17):

And then the support meetings really gave me the ability to manage deals and the paperwork and all of these tools that you've given us have given me the ability to make sound offers on properties that are taken seriously. And so I began am to do that. And at first, it was really scary, I was like, oh my God, what am I doing? How's this going to work out?

But the more I do it, the easier it is. And now I just, I make offers all the time. I mean, I'm constantly, my goal is one to three offers a day, or almost every day now I'm working on some wholesale project or at least one. And so I tried and tried and tried, and I don't know, just like you all say is that sometimes you have to stay focused.

Cecilia (05:17):

Sometimes I could get distracted, like, I'm going to run over here to commercial, or I'm going to run over, try all these different avenues, but I keep coming back to the tools and the first distraction was getting off the MLS, right.

Trying to do all these other things. Even though I'd been a program I was afraid to just give it all, give it my all because we try so many different things, but I kept coming back to the program.

I kept coming back to the Tuesday and Thursday group, and it just kept focusing on it and then closed my first deal. And it was so easy. It was an estate sale, which means that somebody had passed away.

Cecilia (06:15):

And one of the relatives had it and they put it up. And because I'm a realtor, my little shtick is I would lower my commission a little bit to try to help with the budget. And I did that and I got the deal and I put it out in front of my buyers and someone got it and they closed in 30 days and it was easy peasy. And I went and picked up my check and got it. I used that check cause it was in my LLC to get a business account.

So now whenever I get a check, it goes into my business account and I just put properties out there. Right now I'm learning a lot about short sales, cause I put an offer on a short sale and it got accepted, but it's short sales are a long process and can be complicated.

Cecilia (07:09):

So that has been an adventure. But hopefully, on the other side of that, it'll close and that'll happen. And I just assigned another contract yesterday, for a 10 K profit and-

Ryan Zomorodi (07:22):


Cecilia (07:23):

Yeah, a few weeks ago, you all had suggested to me that I don't act as my own realtor. I act just like you tell me, our teachers is why don't you ask them to represent you? Then they make a little extra money, on commission, they can get maybe four or 5%. And so I was like, I'm going to try this, right.

So I would look up distress properties on the MLS. I would call them and ask them if they would represent me, they would say, yes. I said, this is the offer I'd like to make because we have the paperwork you give us, I can check off and make a good offer.

Cecilia (08:03):

I have my financial proof and all this stuff that I give them. And they worked with me and then I got accepted and they're insisting on paying all the closing costs cause normally the buyer for wholesale just pays all the closing costs, but they're insisting on paying, so I was promoting that to my buyers.

And as a result of that one, I got a message yesterday from somebody saying, "Hey, we see consistently sending out these properties." And I'm fair, I don't gouge, I ask for a fair wholesale fee.

I try to get a good deal on the property, a fair deal where the sellers of the property can make some money. And also my financial partners can also make a paycheck and feed their family. And then I get to make a paycheck as well. And so people notice that and it's because of you all, it's given me the ground and the professionalism to be able to work in this environment. And, it's just amazing. I love it.

Ryan Zomorodi (09:24):

Yeah. Thank you and wow, I'm so excited to hear that, closing a $10,000 assignment just yesterday, so absolutely continuing to crush it.

So that's so exciting and just wanted to unpack a few things you said, as a licensed realtor, going through the education, even though it's months and months of training, it doesn't prepare you to actually go out and invest in properties. Most realtors don't actually buy what they sell and so through our program, we help supplement that education and actually, help people become that investor.

So even as an agent, even if you're not an agent, you can still look at an opportunity and know what number works for an investor, depending if you're going to fix and flip it, you're going to buy it as a rental and especially if you're going to wholesale it.

Ryan Zomorodi (10:13):

So it's really cool to hear you having gone through the process of getting your license, but then the program took you to that next level of being able to actually operate in the industry in such a different way.

And I don't know we've talked about this before, but compared to some of the commissions, you were earning or have the potential to earn as a real estate agent, versus on the wholesale fees you're making.

I mean, kind of what's the difference that you've been able to see and some of the wholesale checks that you've seen, versus potential commissions, how do you weigh those to you?

Cecilia (10:50):

Wholesaling is a completely different ballgame than being a realtor. For me in my experience, being a realtor is a lot about marketing myself, selling myself, trying to win people, influence people. Wholesaling is very numbers-oriented.

It's very to the point there's, I don't have to sell a thing. All I have to do is look at distressed properties to get in touch with the listing agent, analyze the property, make an offer, and back my offer up with financial power that you teach us and hopefully, it goes through.

So for me, I helped a friend sell a house, but he had cancer and he didn't get a lot for his house and it was out in the country.

Cecilia (11:50):

And I didn't even take a commission from that, but just because I didn't feel right about it. But wholesaling gives me a paycheck. I mean, I became a realtor in May of 2020 and I joined your program, I think August or September. People know I'm a realtor and I do help people sometimes, but wholesaling is where I want to be.

I love wholesaling. And I know, and that being a realtor gives me a little more confidence, but honestly, my mother lives in Florida. And so, because I did this deal in Tennessee, literally in Nashville, another suburb of Nashville and Ashland city, and I used a realtor to do it.

I didn't even do it. Cause you suggested you're like, "Hey, you should just try to use a realtor instead of doing it all yourself."

Cecilia (12:49):

And I was like, I'm going to take this suggestion and they loved the idea. And now I just got $10,000 from that. And we close 10 to 30, I say in my special stipulations, I'll ask for 10 to 30-day closing.

I say I'm flexible to work with my financial partners, cause some of them like to close really quickly, some need the full 30 days. And so they like that too. And so that's just how that works.

That's what I do. But now that I'm working on using another realtor now I'm sort of looking where my mother lives in Florida. And now I have more of the lingo, you teach us how to build relationships with other realtors.

Cecilia (13:39):

And now I get to just be literally a straight wholesaler where having a license is nice and it's good. And it can offer some credibility sometimes, but it's not necessary honestly. I think I'll always keep my license. I love being a realtor. And I think at some point most of us become realtors, but it's not necessary.

Your program gives us the tools to go out, to analyze properties, to distress properties, to figure out basically what it needs. And if we have any questions, all we have to do is go to the group or go on the Tuesday or Thursday call.

And you guys are so generous with your time and you are so patient and you listen to all of us, learn, and grow. And it's amazing. I'm so glad to be a part of you all. Thank you.

Ryan Zomorodi (14:44):

Yeah, that means a lot. We definitely love hearing about your successes and working with you every step of the way. It's my passion and Alex as well, we just love working with you and overcoming obstacles.

We're professional problem solvers at the end of the day. So when we're helping sellers, when we're working with realtors, especially long-distance there's always things that come up. So part of that community feel is that you can go attend these coaching calls.

You can post in our community and get that support and not feel you're going to be judged or you have anything to hold back. It's a safe zone. As we like to say, where you can come with any question and get a respectable response in a timely manner.

Ryan Zomorodi (15:30):

So kudos to you for leveraging it, cause not everybody does. And you have been showing up to a lot of the Q and A calls and asking questions and coming with your deals to be reviewed. I always love looking at properties with you and checking out things in your market because there's so much going on out there.

And so kind of just on that thread, how has it been, being part of the community and the coaching calls, how have you been able to leverage those to see success in your business?

Cecilia (16:02):

I like watching other people as well because I learn from them, sometimes I get on the call and I just want to listen and watch and observe and see what other people are struggling with or have questions or helping to analyze deals and things like that.

So those calls really give me an opportunity to once again focus, on what is my purpose, my purpose is to find distressed properties on the MLS, analyze the property, see if it's a good fit for my financial buyers, and then proceed with making an offer. And those calls help me because there are properties where you're like, I don't know, you just like, sometimes on the MLS, they really gave a fair number.

Cecilia (17:00):

They really did put an allowance in there for the rehab and a little bit on the other side and you think to yourself, I really almost could do a full price offer, but I wouldn't know that if I didn't have the sheets and learn how to do an ARV, which is an after repair value and learn how to figure out the percentage of what my financial buyers want to make and as a result of the professional atmosphere of your school, right.

Then I now have financial buyers messaging me, telling me, "Hey, we see you constantly putting decent deals out. We're looking for this. This is what we'd like, these are the areas we want." I had a lady call me yesterday, told me that.

Cecilia (17:51):

And I was like, okay. And I just write it all down and hopefully I can find something for her. I don't know. I hope I can. But if there's so much property available even on slow days. When I'm on every single day, today I was following up with properties where they were a little resistant to sell, but it's been on the market in another four weeks.

So I've circled back around and our properties I've made offers on. And just to check on them and see if they're ready yet, cause it is a lot of timing involved with that. Because when somebody owns a home, it's an emotional thing, and to sell a home is an emotional thing.

Cecilia (18:44):

And then to ask for a price on that home is emotional. And then to get a realistic price on that home can be a little hard for them. The sellers sometimes to understand. And even though their agent had to list that property, they have to follow the lawful instructions of the seller.

And sometimes those aren't realistic. And so timing is really important. Building those relationships with realtors is really important following up and circling back around and seeing if they're ready yet, are they ready yet? Are they listening?

Like you teach us, listen to the feedback of the market. If you shop something out and no one will touch it, it's too high, and you have to learn from that. And so that's just what I do. Thanks to you all.

Ryan Zomorodi (19:36):

Yeah and that's incredible. And it's really showing in your local marketplace, when you have buyers reaching out to you, they notice what you're doing. They notice that you have great deals and now they want a piece of the action.

And so they're reaching out directly to you and saying, "Hey, Cecilia, send me some deals." As they see what you're doing and the noise you're making and people they can respect that and they want to partner with you on deals.

So I think it might be helpful maybe if you could tell us a little bit about one of your deals, just something that maybe you can kind of explain how it went, from maybe like the timeline and kind of any challenges that you faced and then eventually the profit that you earned on it.

Cecilia (20:24):

The estate sale I just assigned my third contract. The estate sale was my easiest. They're my favorite now because they're just, to me, they're the easiest. And so I put it in an offer. I did fill out the sheet, I filled out the whole sheet.

I came up with a number, presented the offer and they accepted and I was like, oh my God, they accepted my offer. Now what? And so now I have to, write like you have the formal letters where you send out and the templates and all these things where I have a professional template to use to shop out to my financial partners.

Now I have a product ready for my buyers. And so I have to set that part of it up and then I send it out.

Cecilia (21:28):

And then I wait, and the market will talk because I've put out one to three offers almost every day. I try not to work on weekends. I try to be a pro that way too. And then the market will tell me, just like you say, the market will tell you if it's a good deal or not.

And that one was great. I had multiple people contacting me back, and people wanted to go out and inspect the property, which was fine.

But one guy as they say time is of the essence, and the guy was like, just forget it, I'll take it. And so I filled out the assignment contract and I sent it over to him and he signed it and brought it.

Cecilia (22:16):

And yeah. And I'm also flexible on the title company, now I use the one they usually use around here, but I'm always flexible with that kind of stuff. They can close with whoever they want to, that doesn't matter to me.

I want them to be happy and so we just moved that around and it wasn't a problem and it closed, within 30 days. And I picked up my check and I actually couldn't, it took me I think a week and a half to get my whole business account set up.

Cause I just do stuff with my LLC and do all this stuff. So, and then I deposited it and the short sale was soon thereafter that short sale got accepted in August, but short sales can be a little bit complicated.

Cecilia (23:07):

There's a lot of banks and people and it's really technical and I'm still learning. So that one, actually, because it was a short sale I actually changed the contract because I wanted to assign that contract. But sometimes the banks, they don't really like all that fussiness inside of that.

Ryan Zomorodi (23:33):


Cecilia (23:33):

So we all agreed. I spoke to the listing agent and everybody, and we all agreed that we would make my assignee the purchaser. So we changed the contract but kept my assignment letter. So he still has to pay me on or before closing, just like it says my assignment fee.

So that's just a matter of time when it closes. So I just have to wait for that process to happen. And then this one this sale, in Ashland city, I took your suggestion and I let the realtor, the listing agent handle it for me as my-

Ryan Zomorodi (24:16):


Cecilia (24:16):

As my agent. And I was like, this is so easy. They just send you forms and you just sign it. I don't have to fill out anything. All it to do is get the financial letter and that's it, I was like, I can do this all day long. I'm going to try this in Florida.

I'm going to see if I can do this in other cities. So I had been exploring other cities, to try to learn their market, but it's funny because I keep going into Florida to just try the market. But I feel safer in the Nashville area now, cause I've made some deals here, right.

Once I start making deals in other cities I'll feel comfortable there too, but just like you say, start in your city, right. So-

Ryan Zomorodi (25:00):


Cecilia (25:01):

That's yeah.

Ryan Zomorodi (25:02):

Yeah, you have the advantage of knowing the area. You have some relationships there, you're obviously licensed there. So there's a lot, you have a lot going for you in your local market. So it's great that you've been able to get the ball rolling.

You have had some success now, now you have a track record. And so when you do decide to shift to another market, you can essentially replicate that same system. And now you have experience with working with other agents, really acting more as the principle buyer, the buyer on the contract, and now leveraging other real estate professionals, other agents, and then you can build your team that way.

So you can run the whole process and you're still going to do very well. Even when you're, letting the agent have their commissions, it's a great strategy cause there's plenty of agents out there and they're looking for clients to work with and that's who we are essentially we're acting as one of their best clients.

Ryan Zomorodi (25:58):

Because we're not making decisions based on emotion. We're looking at just the numbers. And so we make quick decisions. We have no hassle offers we're offering cash, for the most part.

And so you can absolutely replicate this in another market across state lines as myself and a lot of our other members are doing. And so I'm definitely excited to hear you going into your next market and how that evolves as well. So with these three deals, overall what's your combined, profit looking like?

Cecilia (26:36):

This one will be 10K the last one was I think 8,500. And then the short sale will be, I think a seven, four to $7,000 assignment fee, but I also get 3% on three, $400,000 house, something like that. So, it's pretty good deal. I'm happy, I'm very happy.

Ryan Zomorodi (27:10):

Excellent, when you get creative with that short sale deal too, there's different ways you can structure wholesaling and that's really a lot of what we talk about is that wholesaling can mean different things to different people.

And so there's different strategies on how to be a wholesaler and how to actually execute on these deals and on these projects. And so the way that you structured that is a little bit different than what most people would think a wholesale transaction is.

So it just shows that yes, there are creative ways to structure these deals still get compensated, percentage of sale, there's assignment fee as well. So that combination sounds like you're doing well around 25,000, in couple months. So that's awesome.

Cecilia (27:56):

In a few months. Yeah, I've paid for my class and then some, and not only that, I mean, this is a skill I have for the rest of my life and I can almost live anywhere and just use this skill to earn income. And just it's invaluable to me.

I'm so grateful to you all for this, for being on the level. And another thing about structuring deals is I've heard you all in the classes, help think people come up with creative, structural ideas. So you guys teach us that you, you guys offer these suggestions to us and that's so nice of you. Thank you. I appreciate you all.

Ryan Zomorodi (28:39):

Yeah, we appreciate you too, as well. And your success is our success, as we like to say. So my dream about real estate, we talk about it all day long. And so it's just a passion that we have.

And so it's just cool to enable, people like yourself to be able to have that freedom, have that flexibility and that certainty that you have this way of generating income, through your laptop through your cell phone, and really just through leveraging technology, you're able to complete real estate deals and really be your own boss in your own business.

I know you have multiple businesses, but this is just another avenue that can supplement if your other businesses, kind of having a slow time or something like COVID happens, then we can work in this industry, which is an essential industry, we're providing housing, we're improving housing.

Ryan Zomorodi (29:34):

We're part of the whole value chain and acquiring, distressed opportunities. So we're able to plug and play, like you said, from anywhere in the country, from the comfort of our homes, and still make these deals happen and earn a very respectable income.

And yeah, it's really cool cause I know you started having this traction, you kind of came back with a lot of energy and you had a little bit of downtime, you're busy with your other business and with life, and then you came back and started showing up on the Q and A calls and then all these deals happen within a pretty short amount of time.

I think that's also very exciting. Just shows, hey, like you said earlier if you stay focused if you have a plan, you wake up every day with intention and you set your KPIs, your key performance indicators, "Hey, I'm going to send, one offer a day, I'm going to send three offers a day and it's not a complete day without it.

Ryan Zomorodi (30:32):

Obviously, you need a little bit of flexibility there, but that's ultimately what's going to lead to those results that you're seeing, so.

Cecilia (30:39):

Yeah, in my office in the other room, I actually printed a ton of stuff that you from 3.0, I have the picture of the Neanderthal and then the ape and then the man. And I have the simple steps I think I have to show you.

Ryan Zomorodi (31:00):

No, let's see it.

Cecilia (31:01):

I literally taped it to my office wall because to remind me when I'm sitting here working, hold on, let me see. If I could switch my camera. Here's my contract. Here's the only five things that matter. Here's my transformation. Here's my why.

Ryan Zomorodi (31:23):

I love it. That's so cool.

Cecilia (31:25):

Yeah, I literally have it to keep me focused and to give me that inspiration to don't give up, right. What do you call it getting stuck in the land of disappointment or something? So the valley of disappointment, I don't know what it was, but it really listening to your, to the whole program.

It's like I'm in it and you understand all the ups and downs all the, in the beginning, how daunting it can feel at first and you have to make that first phone call and you have to write that first offer and analyze the deal. I remember how overwhelming that felt and now I just do it all the time.

Ryan Zomorodi (32:14):


Cecilia (32:15):

But you're there with us the whole time and it's amazing. And as a result of this, I mean, I'm new to this, but at some point, just like you say, because I'm offering fair prices, I ask a fair fee and I leave something on the other side for my financial partners to have a paycheck.

Eventually, real estate agents will call me and be like, "Hey, I have this property." Because I'm square, I'm doing this right. And so that makes me somebody of value, to be able to perform, in this real estate world. And I'm so happy to be that person here in Nashville.

Ryan Zomorodi (33:06):

Yeah, totally. Absolutely and you're really taking all the resources to heart you're doing great business and you're building reputation. And when you treat people fairly and ethical and you do the right thing, you make sure everyone walks away from a deal, a winner, then that's how you get that repeat business.

And as we do focus on the MLS since, nine out of 10 properties in the US are brokered on the MLS on market. But as we like to say on market leads to off-market.

So when you're networking with these agents, they're the ones who are doing lots of marketing every single day. They're talking to sellers, they're sending out all sorts of direct marketing to property owners. And when you're top of mind as the investor in your market, that can make a deal that can submit a no-nonsense offer that you can perform on.

Ryan Zomorodi (33:56):

They're going to think of you when they come across a seller that doesn't want to take their property to market. Maybe they don't have money to spend in repairs or staging, or they just don't want a bunch of random people going through their house.

They just want to get it done. And maybe they have a short timeline, and you're the one who they're going to call Cecilia, cause you've performed. You've you build that reputation. You do what you say you're going to do. And you're professional, it's pro wholesaler, you're a professional wholesaler.

So you distinguish yourself from a lot of the others who are out there who are just going on YouTube and doing all these, watching all these videos, and getting all these conflicting messages. And so it's just if you stick to the plan, you stick to the program, you're able to see those results. So one of the things that-

Cecilia (34:43):

I tried those.

Ryan Zomorodi (34:44):


Cecilia (34:44):

I've tried those I've done all that, yeah.

Ryan Zomorodi (34:49):

Absolutely, so one of the things that you did show was the evolution of a pro wholesaler evolution of a real estate investor, that chart that kind of ascends. As you mentioned the cave and turning into the professional.

Cecilia (35:03):


Ryan Zomorodi (35:03):

So and we like to say, that's the path that investors follow, you start with wholesaling, you move to fix and flipping, and then you get in a longer buy and hold rentals. So on that note, what's next for Cecilia.

Cecilia (35:17):

Okay. So I am saving some money up and there are some deals where I say, I know I could do this. I know I could flip this myself. I know that I've analyzed the deal. I know basically what it needs. I could make good money all I need and I have hard money lenders also.

So I have now people in my life that I'm building relationships with hard money lenders that you only need a certain amount down and that's the whole other thing. But I'm building that relationship. And so that's a good thing there.

Cecilia (35:54):

And then that or and then my dream past that is I want to buy a condo or a little cabin in Gatlinburg to be able to, Tennessee, to be able to rent out. And my daughter loves Gatlinburg and I thought, man, if I could just buy a little something in Gatlinburg that we could rent out most of the time.

Then I could take my daughter and she could enjoy that for Thanksgiving or Christmas or something, wouldn't that be great. And now I'm in a position to head in that direction. So, I've already looked at distressed properties in Gatlinburg too, thinking about.

Ryan Zomorodi (36:32):

Yeah, that's an in-demand market. I hear you offer short-term rentals and just for, second homes, vacation homes. So that's incredible. I think that's the beautiful thing about real estate. It's something that we can actually use and enjoy and increase the quality of our lives.

So that's one of the reasons I got into this business, not just as an investment, somewhere to grow my wealth and park my cash, but also to work in and something that you can actually, use on a regular day-to-day basis.

Everyone needs a roof over their head, and that's why this business isn't going out of style. So, it's just more and more housing is going to be needed. More and more people want to have their own home.

Ryan Zomorodi (37:16):

So it's something that is just always going to be in demand. And so there's a little bit of safety net when you're really putting all this energy, investing your time and effort and resources into, building your real estate business.

So that's very respectable that's really cool. And no doubt you can use these processes. You can use everything that you've been learning and the things that able to close these deals with, to acquire a home for yourself or second home or something you can list on Airbnb and short-term rent out as well and use with your daughter, for those vacations.

Ryan Zomorodi (37:51):

So it's really a beautiful thing. So thank you for sharing that. So yeah, just kind of closing out and respect your time and this has really been such an awesome interview.

For those out there, maybe looking to get started in real estate and who might be on the fence about, joining the Pro Wholesaler VIP program, any parting words for them. Any words of wisdom from your experience.

Cecilia (38:18):

Trust the people in this program, Ryan and Alex know what they're doing. They're honest people, they really do walk with you from beginning until whenever, right?

We're still here a year later and just know that if you are looking for a way to get more money and chunks of money and wherever you want to go with that, build it or just use that for forever.

It is an invaluable skill. And this, I just got a message for someone who wants to buy duplexes or something, I don't even know how to check it.

Ryan Zomorodi (39:03):

You're in demand.

Cecilia (39:04):

I don't even know who it is.

Ryan Zomorodi (39:04):

That's awesome.

Cecilia (39:11):

These people are the real deal. This is not like a hokey know product that you're going to buy and they just drop you. I've bought products before and it just doesn't work for me, but this one works and these people are here.

They're committed to you. They're here every Tuesday and Thursday, and they stay on for the whole call. I've been here, whereas I've looked at my watch. I'm like, it's three o'clock, they're still here, it's four o'clock, they're still here. It's incredible.

They're very patient. They give you all the tools you need and it's well worth your time, money, and investment to work with these people. So that's what I have to say.

Ryan Zomorodi (39:58):

Yeah, thank you for saying that Cecilia. We appreciate you and really excited for the next chapter for you and just to continue to work with you and see you blossom into the real estate investor that you're becoming.

Cecilia (40:11):

Thank you.

Ryan Zomorodi (40:11):

So it's been a pleasure, to chat with you today and just be a part of your journey, through and through. And so, as we like to say, this is really just the beginning it's day zero and everything that you've learned up until today is going to prepare you for what's to come.

So I do look forward to continuing to work together and really appreciate your time today. It was a blast.

Cecilia (40:34):

Thanks, Ryan.

Ryan Zomorodi (40:35):

Thanks so much, Cecilia.

Cecilia (40:36):

Okay. Take care.

Ryan Zomorodi (40:39):

All right, chat soon.


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