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Tyler's First Wholesale Deal - How He Did It in 3 Weeks!

Meet Tyler. Tyler started working with me when he had already spent a year and a half of time, $30,000 in real estate courses, and $12,000+ on marketing trying to get his first wholesale deal. Unfortunately, Tyler was not able to get his first wholesale deal alone in those 18 months.

He attended workshops just like you did and was very skeptical. Tyler knew that if he didn’t make a change in his life that nothing was going to change and he decided to trust me and the process and jump right in.

After a year and a half of spinning his wheels, he started working with me and completed his first wholesale deal WITHIN 3 WEEKS!

Tyler did an amazing job on this wholesale deal and has now completed multiple other wholesale deals, as well!

This video is perfect for you if you’ve ever wondered, “How am I going to get my first wholesale deal?”


In this video you’ll see:

  • How Tyler got his first wholesale deal within 3 weeks time
  • Where Tyler got his first wholesale deal from
  • How getting his first wholesale deal felt like “scoring a touchdown”
  • His mindset of “I’m going to make this happen, no matter what”
  • How the resources in the Pro Wholesaler program helped him with his first wholesale deal
  • How the onboarding process was for him
  • What Tyler would tell himself if he could go back in time 18 months to when he first started trying to wholesale & flip housesHow we bust the myth of “you can’t get deals off of the MLS” ( the Multiple Listing Service )
  • His advice for someone who is on the fence about wholesaling

Tyler is a student & client of the Pro Wholesaler Program by Real Estate Skills.

Want to learn how Tyler did it?


 Here's a transcription just in case you like to read:

Alex Martinez: Hey, guys. I'm here with my client and student, Tyler. He's doing phenomenal, and was it within 30 days you got this deal under contract, working together?

Tyler: Yeah, third week.

Alex Martinez: Third week.

Tyler: Yeah.

Alex Martinez: All right, and I think, you know, for 18 months you were hustling before, trying to get a deal on your own, and you just couldn't make it happen?

Tyler: Yeah.

Alex Martinez: Yeah. But 30 days of working together, got this deal in Spring Valley, and it's a great wholesale deal, already lined up with a buyer, did his due diligence beforehand, got the buyer already lined up so he knew exactly what he wanted. But I wanted to bring Tyler here to talk about his experience, talk about this deal, and just see what he thought about working together and how he looks forward to working together in the future.

Tyler: Yeah, yeah, it's been a long road, 18 months of trying to do it on my own. And I was just spinning my wheels. I had spent thousands in programs, education, all that stuff, and then finally I hooked up with you, and it just made me realize the importance of working with somebody because, you know, when I was working on my own, it was like I would come up to an obstacle and I would just get stuck there. It was like trying to climb over a fence, I'd just get halfway up, fall down, and I just kept spinning my wheels. It was just frustrating, discouraging.

Tyler: And now I work with you, it's like I run into something, and I just hit you up on email or we get on a call and it's like, "What do I do?" and you're like, "Do this," and I'm like, "Okay, just crushed that obstacle." You know, that's probably been the biggest thing that's helped me, honestly, going forward with this.

Tyler: With this deal, I literally did exactly what you said. I was just the first one to call, [inaudible 00:01:35] the MOS, and I just stayed on top of it. And, you know, I just built rapport with the agent, and they wanted to work with me. And you know the seller was in a distressed condition so she wanted to sell it quick, and it just ... kind of everything quick. You know, the price is right, she liked me, the investor wanted it, and that was a ... it was pretty easy, to be honest. It was easier than I thought it'd go.

Alex Martinez: Yeah, awesome man. This question is, you know, what did it feel like after it all clicked and you made it happen, you you were able to see the deal from the initial discovery call to getting it under contract and assigning it to the buyer? So what was that feel like once you went all the way through and made it happen?

Tyler: It was amazing. It was like scoring a touchdown or something. I was ... like I said, 18 months of trying to get the first deal, and trying and failing. I just pretty much told myself that like it's not over until I win. I think that that's like a Les Brown quote or something. And I just had that in my mindset, that like I'm going to win. It might take me five years, it might take me ten years, but like I believe in this stuff, like I see people doing 15, 20 deals a month, and so I just believed in it, and I'm like, you know what? I'm just going to keep doing it until, like, I get my deal.

Tyler: And so when I first got, like, this deal, it was just, you know, it was amazing. 'Cause I believed in it, I'd gotten close before but, you know, it just ... for that long of a period of trying something and just failing, you know, to finally get something out of it, it was just like, good Lord, it's possible, you know, this actually works.

Tyler: You know, you'd always preached to me like, "This stuff works, and this is how I did it and this is how other people are doing it." And I'd talk to people at the REIA events, and they're just like, "We're getting 10 deals a month." And so I just, I believed in it, you know? So when I locked this one down, it was just kind of like all that coming together and just being like, okay, all the money you spent into it all the hard work, everything was worth it. So, [crosstalk 00:03:27]

Alex Martinez: Proud of you, dude.

Tyler: In terms of resources, you know regarding what I've got working with you versus working with some of the other programs that I've been invested in, is I would say, you know, probably the biggest one is just the templates, like the email templates, and the scripts. The like that. It makes it so simple, you know, I have the same conversation with the agents every single time. I ask the same questions, which means I build repetition with that and I just get better and better at it so I feel more comfortable talking with them, and it's a professional conversation, so every time I talk with them, you know, I'm saying something professionally, I'm saying I the right way, and instead of trying top figure out what to say on my own, you know, I did that and i ended up doing it ... it was like our first [inaudible 00:04:11], but I realized I was saying things the wrong way, and that was kind of turning the agent off working with me before I even had a chance to, you know, build rapport with them.

Tyler: So I'd say the scripts definitely. You know, the email templates are great. It's just click of the button, you know. I'm going to look at another property today. I've already got the template up in my email and alls I gotta do is type in the price and hit click and, you know, it's gonna go right to the agent. So it's just super efficient, every step of the way.

Tyler: And then probably one of the biggest things, also, is the deal calculators, which I've had issues with in the past. You know, I've gotten other calculators from other companies, and programs, thing like that, and this one, it's just so simple. Like I've worked with other ones that are like five pages long, and I'm like trying to go back tabs on spreadsheets and trying to figure out what is what now. I don't understand it, you know, and this one is just so simple. It's just you type in a few numbers and it just calculates it for you. And you know, you can work with your financing partners to get some of those numbers, and ...

Tyler: So that's just been super helpful, because if you don't have confidence submitting your numbers to an agent, like that's gonna come out in your voice, that's gonna come out in your approach and your posture, and every time I submit something I'm like, I believe in this number, you know, and I've submitted offers I felt good about, I'm submitting this one I feel good about, and I can close on this and the agent can feel that.

Tyler: Yeah, for the on boarding process, it was super smooth, you know, we just got in the call right away. Alex was super excited to get started, so was I. It was just very simple, you know, it doesn't need to be shiny, it doesn't need to be crazy or complicated or anything like that. It was just we got on the phone, he figured out, you know, where I was at, what my experience was in real estate so far and kind of what my goals were. And he talked about what was important to me and we kind of just got to know each other.

Tyler: And then, you know, we just hit the ground running. He was very adamant about getting started quickly, getting that first deal as soon as possible because, you know he understands that we all need to make money, we all have expenses, and we need to, you know, continue living obviously. So he wanted to see me succeed quickly, which, you know, luckily I was able to do that. And so yeah, it was super, you know, we met just actually online. Through Facebook, I think it was. And it was ... you always wonder when you meet someone like that online, like what's your credible level? And so I did my research and, you know, I checked out his website, and obviously the social media out there kind of explains everything about a person.

Tyler: And so I did my homework and then we scheduled a free call just to chat, and you know, he just seemed like an authentic dude, and he was easy to talk to, and I felt like we kind of had the same mindset about real estate. So yeah, it was just a very smooth process. You know, I was very excited just to get going with it, because I had decided to leave my company that I was working for previously, so I was like, "Oh man." And so it was kind of a scary moment for me, but that's what I believed in, and I could tell just in Alex's voice that he believed in me and he believed in the systems, and he sees it work every day.

Tyler: And it was the first time, really, that I was able to work with someone that, you know, specifically looked at what I was doing at that exact moment, and was like, "Okay, you're right here. You want to get right here. This is the path to get there." Versus someone just throwing books at you or videos at you online and then saying like, "Okay, good luck." You know, this is more of a hands on approach and it started from the very beginning.

Tyler: You know, I don't think the 18 months of real estate experience necessarily helped me. If anything, it might have hurt me. You know, i learned the basics about real estate. You know, I learned what ARV meant and what a comp was and thing like that. You know, the very basics, terminology, and kind of how to analyze deals, but it was almost a disservice to me because it's, you know, after working for so long, you kind of build this negative mindset about your ability to be successful in real estate and things like that.

Tyler: And you know, if I could go back and do it again, I mean, no regrets or anything, but I would've spent a lot less money if I would've just worked with Alex in the beginning, and I know I would've gotten a deal much much sooner and it would've been an easier process, but I think it's easy for people to get started. You know, as long as you can put in the work, Alex, he tells you exactly what to do. There's no mystery. It's literally like, "Do A, B, and C, and you get this." So that's what I did, and in three weeks I got my first deal. And so it's pretty easy to get started in my opinion. Wherever you're at, Alex is gonna, you know, analyze where you're at, and he's gonna create an approach for you that's specific to get to where you need to go.

Tyler: So to handle the misconception of not being able to get deals on the MLS, you know this is something that you hear at any REA event that you go to or any of the meetings, or any investor, really. You see it online everywhere. There's this scarcity mindset that oh my gosh, there's no deals on MLS because there's so many investors and it's so saturated, and I believed that. And I tried to MLS before, when I was through the 18 month period of me trying to get a deal. I would submit three offers and then not get a deal, and I'd say, "Oh, it doesn't work." You know, I would just give up. There's a lot of people doing that, and they just don't have a system to work the MLS. And so that's why it's not working for them.

Tyler: And you know, working with you, within the first three weeks, I got my first deal. There are deals, I see them every day, on the MLS. Just to handle that objection right now. Like i see them all the time. I saw one this morning that I'm going to look at this afternoon, and you know it's just a matter of which one you get. You know, I make offers on all these, and we got, what is it, 10 offers, 10, 20 offers, and that should get you a deal I you're submitting good offers. And so, you know, they're there. There's other investors out there, too, that are making offers on these, you know, so you don't get every one, but there are great opportunities where the listing agent lists the price properly and the comps are great in the area, and it's just a simple process.

Tyler: So I've done the defensive strategies of all the marketing, direct mail, bandit signs, all that stuff, and I mean I'm a big believer now that MLS is my strongest resource for deals 'cause it's just gonna stay the same. If anything it's gonna get better because of the market. So that's kind of been my experience so far with MLS.

Tyler: I mean the congruency, you know, you're congruent from every step of the way, you know, from the first time that we met online and then us having our first conversation, and then us deciding to work with each other ... you know, it was all congruent. You were on top of your stuff, like with every step of it. You're always on time with the calls. And it's just been, you know, like I said before with the [hitting the 00:11:24] obstacles, like you have to have a mentor, in any industry, it doesn't matter what you're doing. You have to have a mentor that's gonna help you get through things. Otherwise it takes a lot longer to get the success, and you're gonna spend a lot more money with mistakes. I mean, I spent probably about $12000 in marketing, just trying to figure it out on my own, you know? And it's like, man if I would've spent that on mentors ... I'd have money saved.

Alex Martinez: I got a quick question.

Tyler: Yeah?

Alex Martinez: How much have you spent on marketing so far working together?

Tyler: Zero.

Alex Martinez: Zero.

Tyler: Or a hundred bucks in business cards if you call that marketing, but not really.

Tyler: What would I tell myself 18 months ago? Yeah, I mean, it's pretty simple. I would tell myself to work with Alex, just because I would say that you're gonna save a lot of money and it's gonna be a lot more enjoyable. But you know, to me it's just simple now that I'm on the other side.

Tyler: You know, I know I can identify with the people who are still, they still haven't gotten their first deal or they're still trying to get into real estate, or maybe they're just curious about it and they just kind of want to dip their toes in. And to me it's like you can't, that's not how you be successful at anything. Like if you're gonna, you know, try out for the NBA, you're gonna have to put in the work 100 percent. And it's not like you spend half your time playing basketball, you spend all your time in it.

Tyler: And that's kind of the same thing with real estate, is that, you know, to me it was like, "Should I work with Alex? Should I not work with Alex?" And I was like, "Well, I've made it this far. I've tried everything. I've spent money on everything you can." And I did my homework and I was like, "You know, this guys actually seems like the real deal." After all those other fake people that I talked to and people who weren't fake and meant well but they just were not able to help me and get me where I wanted to go, you know, it was very refreshing to work with someone and just make the decision to act on it and move forward, you know.

Tyler: Because really everyone's responsible for their life, everyone has control over their destiny, and you can either act and go after it, or you can not act and keep getting the results that you want. And so that's what I would tell myself, I would say, "Get going, sooner than later, because you know, the sooner you get started, the sooner you're gonna get results."

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