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Smarter Contact Review (2023 Edition) | Real Estate Skills

Real estate has come a pretty long way technologically. From the days when finding leads meant manually browsing through piles of listings to being an industry full of digital innovations that make buying, selling, and general property management a breeze.

These innovations range from smartphones, websites to virtual real estate investing and marketing software like Smarter Contact. Just recently heard of it?

Here's a detailed guide covering what Smarter Contact is, the features and benefits it brings forth, and how it makes real estate investing easier.


What Is Smarter Contact?

Smarter Contact software platform

Smarter Contact is an innovative omnichannel marketing tool for real estate investing professionals. The platform was established by Adam Nasir and allows users to send fully automated and personalized bulk messages directly to prospects.

Besides streamlining text message marketing campaigns, has a range of other innovative features that make finding and managing leads a tad effortless such as skip-tracing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and ringless voicemail.

On top of these fantastic features, Smarter Contact has a highly intuitive user interface, making it easy even for the non-tech-savvy user to grasp how it works.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of its features and benefits below.


Smarter Contact Software Features & Benefits

Smarter Contact software features

Here are some of the main features of Smarter Contact for Real Estate Investor professionals:

Accurate Data

Smarter Contact uses advanced geo-location technology to scour and gather lead data from real estate listings, public records, and other databases, including major credit bureaus. As a result, users are assured of highly accurate data to evaluate potential projects better and optimize client interactions beforehand, ensuring positive client experiences.

What's more, the data is often divided between mobile and landline client information, making it easy for real estate professionals to retrieve the data they need.

Mobile Data Skip Tracing

Skip tracing in real estate is the process of tracking and finding potential lead contact information. As noted, uses advanced geo-location data gathering techniques to search public databases for accurate lead and prospect information.

The skip trace results are often up to date and include essential contact information such as the lead's mobile number and email address. This makes reaching out to potential property buyers and sellers a tad easier.

Mobile data skip tracing with Smart Contact also offers agents and investors a more extensive database of prospects than multiple listing services. This improves the probability of closing, as many skip traced property owners are often willing to sell but don’t want to deal with the hectic process. Meaning, if someone were to reach out to the right seller at the right time, they may consider the right offer.

Also, since their properties are not yet listed publicly, these prospects often have no other offer on the table, enabling the agent or investor to strike an excellent real estate deal.

SMS Marketing Tool

Even though there are countless ways to reach prospects, SMS marketing is one of the most effective. This is because people constantly use their phones and are less likely to miss a marketing text than when you send them a marketing email or social media message. Also, since texts are concise, prospects find them easy to process than long marketing emails.

The SMS marketing tool makes text message marketing easy for real estate agents and investors in multiple ways. First, the tool has an array of prebuilt SMS templates, so all agents need to do whenever they want to start an SMS marketing campaign is customize the templates and hit send.

The tool also has an auto-reply feature users can tailor with automatic responses, ensuring prospects always get an answer even if the agent is out of the office or away from their phone.

Smarter Contact’s SMS marketing tool also boasts powerful automation features that allow users to design and schedule text message marketing campaigns. This significantly saves time and enables agents to organize their text campaigns when prospects are more likely to be responsive, conversely increasing chances of conversion.

The tool even features built-in tracking for real estate agents and investors to keep up with text interactions with leads seamlessly.


Smarter Contact comes with its own built-in CRM. As a result, users can seamlessly store prospect and customer data obtained from skip tracing and SMS marketing, track customer interactions, and even monitor their campaigns.

All data stored in the CRM can be edited and is downloadable and exportable, so it's easy for agents and real estate investors to share important prospect information.

What’s even better, the platform features API, meaning seamless full integrations with collaboration software such as Podio or industry-leading Zapier-integrated platforms.


As noted, the contact smarter omnichannel platform has an array of prebuilt SMS and auto-response options REI agents and investors can edit for their SMS marketing campaigns.


Smarter Contact has a range of automation features that make finding and managing real estate leads and prospects effortless, even for the novice professional. Its automated SMS marketing campaign tool is one such feature.

As mentioned, it enables REI professionals to design and schedule text marketing campaigns to go live automatically. There’s an auto-responders option to send customized automated responses via text whenever a prospect reaches out.

Smarter Contact leads follow up

This Adam Nasir solution also has a built-in CRM with advanced tracking, reporting, and analytics tools agents can use to automatically track and manage customer interactions and analyze marketing campaigns performance. It also allows integrations via Zapier, meaning real estate investors can always add to the platform’s automation capabilities through their preferred software.


Contact Smarter has one of the most user-friendly interfaces around, meaning anyone can quickly learn how to use it.

On top of that, their website has a blog that new users can maximize to understand how it works.

Ringless Voicemail (RVM)

This platform allows REI professionals to reach prospects through text and ringless voicemail.

Their RVM system is fully compliant with necessary regulations and facilitates positive responses since prospects get to hear your marketing message when convenient for them.


How Does It Compare Against Competitors?

Smarter Contact competitors

There are almost countless Real Estate Investors software solutions in the market today. Here is how contact smarter stacks against some of its most popular competitors:

Smarter Contact vs Batch Leads

Batch Leads is an all-in-one software solution geared towards real estate investing. The platform carries almost similar features to Smart Contact, including skip tracing, an SMS marketing tool, and lead management.

Batch Leads also enables users to generate highly accurate lead data because it's directly connected to the USPS servers. Regarding pricing, Batch Leads offers a basic three subscription options, with its basic and pro plans being cheaper than those on Smarter Contact.

In a nutshell, Smarter Contact and Batch Leads offer highly similar features, with the main differences being in pricing.

Smarter Contact vs Lead Sherpa

Lead Sherpa is an SMS marketing software designed specifically for real estate professions. It has tools to manage SMS and direct mail campaigns and allows users to send thousands of messages daily.

Lead Sherpa also features a skip tracing function for users to find potential buyers and motivated sellers quickly. However, Lead Sherpa mainly offers SMS marketing and skip tracing features, while Smarter Contact provides a long list of features.

Also, Lead Sherpa has no free trial, and its basic plan starts at $400, making it significantly more expensive.  

Smarter Contact vs Textellent

As the name implies, Textellent is marketing software for businesses to create, launch and manage their text message marketing campaigns. It is cloud-based and boasts a bulk SMS system with contact management, message personalization, and scheduled messaging for easier campaigns.

Like Contact Smarter, it also has excellent reporting and analytics tools, a range of customizable templates, a rich media library for easy branding of marketing texts, and auto-improving lead lists.

In terms of SMS marketing features, Textellent does better than Smarter Contact. It is, however, designed mainly as an SMS marketing tool and has no features like skip tracing, which are available on the latter. It also targets all businesses, making Smarter Contact the better option since it's designed explicitly for real estate investors.


Smarter Contact Software FAQ

How Much Does Smarter Contact Cost?

Smarter Contact subscriptions offers three monthly-based subscriptions; starter, pro, and elite. The Starter subscription costs $99 and has a cap of 3,000 messages monthly. Besides texts, it includes features like advanced data merge, premium skip tracing, call forwarding, duplicate filter, and calendar follow-up system and daily response.

Smarter Contact’s Pro package goes for $199 and has a message cap of up to 7,500 text messages a month. It offers similar features as the Starter package and includes ringless voicemail campaigns, text suppressions, campaign throttling, and scheduling.

The Elite subscription costs $299 and offers unlimited messaging, all starter and pro packages features, and other excellent perks such as a dedicated account manager, mobile text alerts, and CRM integration. There’s a 7-day trial with limited features for each plan.

Is SMS Marketing Different From Direct Mail?

Yes. SMS marketing involves sending permission-based promotional messages directly to the prospect’s inbox, while direct mail marketing involves sending promotional mail to a customer either directly to their mailbox or via email.

While both strategies have their perks, SMS marketing is more effective as texts often have a significantly high open rate. 

How Do You Use Smarter Contact?

Contact Smarter is relatively easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

For instance, when skip tracing, all you need to do is upload your list, search, and you'll get back the latest mobile phone data on your prospects divided into mobile and landline info. For text message marketing, everything is easily controllable via the built-in CRM.

How Do I Cancel My Smarter Contact Subscription?

Users can opt-out of Smarter Contact at any time by reaching out to the platform's support team for help.


Is Smarter Contact Worth it?

Smarter Contact is it worth it

Based on our review, it's clear is a powerful real estate investing software. The platform has a highly functional SMS marketing tool with features that make text message marketing easy for any REI professional such as prebuilt text campaigns and an auto-reply function.

Thanks to its advanced geo-location skip tracing feature, it also allows real estate investors and agents to expand their prospect portfolios. Smarter Contact even allows integrations with Zapier related software and robust solutions like Podio and standard business tools like Gmail and Outlook.

Having this can definitely be helpful, but you don't necessarily need this software to be a successful real estate investor. The primary software we strongly recommend for all beginners and seasoned real estate investors to obtain would be the local Multiple Listing Service (the "MLS").

Take a few minutes to watch our brand new free training to see how you can properly utilize the MLS to acquire properties and scale your business! See you there!

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