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How Jeff Wholesales A Few Houses From The MLS Every Month! - Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review


Meet Jeff from Austin, Texas!  He's a Pro Wholesaler who's been wholesaling a few deals a month from the MLS ever since he implemented our MLS Offer System inside of the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program!

And if you've been seeing my emails for awhile, then you've seen several posts from Jeff showing off his wholesale checks from all the deals he's been wholesaling!

But I wanted to share this quick vid so you can hear from Jeff on how he's been wholesaling few deals a month consistently (without any marketing) & his honest review of the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program!

The MLS truly can be your #1 deal source whether you want to wholesale, fix & flip, or buy cash flowing rental property each month - just like it is for us & our students!

We love using the MLS as our main acquisition source because every single day there are new leads uploaded, which allows you to close multiple deals every single month - just like Jeff's doing!

Hope you enjoy Jeff's Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review!


-- Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review Video Transcription --

"Hey guys, this is Jeff G. here from Austin, Texas."

"Before joining the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program, I was actually doing a very similar program, something I developed myself."

"I ran into Alex Martinez and saw that it was a more refined and systematic version of what I was doing, so I jumped on board."

"My experience with the program has been exactly what I expected."

"It is a very systematized way of doing exactly what I want to be doing, and that's placing a bunch of offers on MLS deals daily."

"Results are good! Getting a few wholesale deals a month."

"It really comes down to the numbers, and you can reverse engineer how many deals you want to be doing."

"So, your numbers are your numbers, and you figure them out."

"And you do as much work as you want to, to hit the numbers you want to hit."

"If you're on the fence about the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program, if you love analyzing deals, if you love negotiating deals, if you like placing offers, then there's no reason to wait."

"Jump on in, join now, it's a lot of fun and the system works! I guess that's it!"

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