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Colibri Real Estate Review (2023 Edition)

The first step for anyone wishing to embark on a real estate career is to get licensed. But to get licensed, candidates need to successfully complete the required education courses—online or in-person—from an education provider approved by their state licensing board.

But the education requirements don’t stop upon licensing. Real estate agents and brokers, like other licensed professionals, must complete continuing education requirements to keep their licenses in good standing.

Founded in 1996, Colibri Real Estate (formerly known as Real Estate Express) is a real estate education provider offering online, live stream, and in-person real estate pre-license and post-license courses across a nationally accredited platform.


What Is Colibri Real Estate?

colibri real estate review website

Colibri Real Estate is an established online real estate education provider. It is part of a stable online education website known as Colibri Group which also includes McKissock Learning, and Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

Colibri Real Estate has provided real estate education services to over 520,000 customers who sought out their services as they launched their real estate careers. It is recognized as an accredited online real estate education provider for aspiring licensees in 40 states plus Washington, D.C., and provides continuing education coursework through its sister company, McKissock Learning, in all 50 states.

In addition, Colibri Real Estate is an accredited real estate education provider for those upgrading to a broker license in nine states and offers required post-licensing coursework programs in 15 states.

Colibri Real Estate also provides real estate license exam prep services in all 50 states plus Washington D.C..

In partnership with Learn Mortgage, the company offers coursework for pre-licensing, as well as exam prep and continuing education for the mortgage industry.


Is Colibri Real Estate Legit?

Yes, Colibri Real Estate is a legitimate provider of real estate education services. The company is nationally accredited and offers real estate pre- and post-license courses online, live streaming, and in-person.

It is a part of Colibri Group, a recognized education brand focusing on helping professionals launch and advance their careers. Sister companies under the Colibri umbrella include McKissock and Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

The company secures its site,, with Cybersource for secure credit card processing.


How Credible Is Colibri Real Estate?

colibri real estate review credibility

Colibri Real Estate is credible. The company was established in 1996 and has served over 520,000 customers embarking on their real estate careers. It has earned a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Colibri Real Estate offers a money-back guarantee for its comprehensive Exam Prep Program powered by CompuCram. The guarantee applies whether the student purchases the program as a standalone purchase or as part of a larger course package. If a student completes all the requirements of the comprehensive Exam Prep Program but does not pass their state’s licensing exam, they are eligible for a full refund.

In addition to accredited courses, Colibri Real Estate offers real estate agents free guidance through its career hub.


Is Colibri Real Estate Accredited?

Yes, Colibri Real Estate is a nationally accredited provider of real estate education. It claims to be a trailblazer and leader in real estate license online coursework and training. Colibri Real Estate is accredited by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) and the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC).

ARELLO is an international membership-based and member-managed organization that regulates real estate practice and enforces real estate law. ARELLO certifies distance education course design and delivery.

IDECC is an internationally recognized certification program that validates the design and delivery of distance education courses, including online courses. The program is endorsed or required by more than 40 U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions for courses in professional licensing education.


What Are The Benefits Of Colibri Real Estate?

Benefits Of Colibri Real Estate Review

If you’re planning to start a career in real estate, you will first need to successfully complete the required pre-licensing coursework for your state. Once you’ve completed your pre-licensing courses, you’ll use your official transcript or certificate of completion from your real estate education provider in making your application for a real estate license.

Real estate pre-license coursework can be completed either via in-person classroom learning, live stream, online at your own pace or in some cases a hybrid of both in-person and online. While classroom learning offers the benefits of easy access to the instructor and interactive discussion with other students, taking your coursework online provides the convenience of completing the education requirement according to your own schedule.

This is especially important if you are currently working at another job or have other obligations that could interfere with your required classroom attendance.

Colibri Real Estate offers online courses at your own pace, as well as live stream courses, approved by 40 states plus Washington, D.C., as an online provider of pre-licensure courses. It offers the benefit of being an established, accredited online real estate education provider that enjoys good reviews from its students. In addition, it is very competitively priced compared with other online real estate education providers. The school’s final course exam is proctored.

If you already have your license, you’ll find Colibri Real Estate beneficial in providing the coursework necessary to meet your continuing education requirement. In partnership with its sister company, McKissock Learning, Colibri Real Estate offers approved continuing education courses in all 50 states.

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Colibri Real Estate FAQ

Colibri Real Estate offers accredited real estate pre-license and continuing education courses online that are approved for meeting the real estate pre-license education requirements in 40 states and Washington, D.C.

But there are many choices when it comes to real estate education. The following questions and answers can help you make an informed decision about Colibri Real Estate.

What Is The Cost To Take Colibri Real Estate?

The cost of Colibri Real Estate varies from state to state, just as the number of hours of education required also varies. In some areas, Colibri Real Estate offers both an online self-paced package as well as an online live-streaming package.

The basic package for those seeking to apply for their real estate license includes three real estate e-books meant to be used in conjunction with the class and in preparation for taking the state licensure exam. These e-books include Principles of Real Estate Practice, The Real Estate Math Handbook, and the Quick-Start Guide.

The basic package also includes coursework to cover the number of hours required by any given state as well as state-approved instructor support.

The price of the pre-licensure basic package varies widely, with prices ranging from $77.40 to $479.

In addition to pre-licensure coursework, Colibri Real Estate offers continuing education through its partner, McKissock Learning.

Does Colibri Real Estate Have An App?

Colibri Real Estate coursework is designed to be viewed on a browser. An app would not allow the same experience as a browser. However, courses may be accessed by any device with an internet connection and a browser.

Colibri Real Estate recommends that final exams and any quizzes be taken on a computer. If you must use an iPad, smartphone, or tablet, be sure you’ve downloaded the most recent version of Google Chrome. iPads should be running 11.0 or higher.

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How Long Does Colibri Real Estate Take?

One of the biggest advantages of choosing an online school is that you can complete the coursework at your own pace. That means the length of time it takes you to qualify to move forward in getting your real estate license depends on the pace you set for yourself in learning the required material.

But your pace of learning is not the only factor entering into the equation. The number of credit hours of pre-licensing education varies from state to state.

While you will still be working at your own pace, you can expect it to take longer if your state requires a greater number of credit hours than average. State requirements range from 40 to over 200 credit hours, but most fall right about the 100-credit mark or slightly below that.

How To Extend My Colibri Real Estate Course?

If you are nearing the original time limit for your course and do not have time to finish—or, even if your course just expired—Colibri Real Estate has some options for you in most cases.

You need to log into your account from the Colibri Real Estate dashboard. Then, locate the course you need to extend. Then, click on “view options,” and choose whether you want to start the course all over again or extend the course. The latter may allow you to choose among seven days, 30 days, or 60-day options. Once you return back to the dashboard, your course expiration date will be updated.

Keep in mind, however, that not every state will allow you to extend your course time. In those cases, you will need to retake the course, which—not surprisingly—means paying again for the course.

Does Colibri Real Estate Have A Promo Code?

Yes, Colibri Real Estate does make use of limited-time promo codes periodically. The promotions can equate to considerable savings. For example, they ran a spring promo that took 40 percent off the cost of a course. These are advertised on the Colibri Real Estate platform.

The discount code will appear on the payment information screen. Simply enter the code and hit apply. This will allow the discounted amount to be reflected in your shopping cart Make sure the price discount is applied prior to entering your credit card information.

How Is The Colibri Real Estate Customer Service?

Most reviews of Colibri Real Estate note that the customer service is courteous and easily accessible. Colibri Real Estate claims to have a 4.4 out of 5-star rating online. Unfavorable reviews are among the minority and mention issues like not feeling prepared for the quizzes and tests, but did not cite any issues with customer service.

The Colibri Real Estate website has three customer service numbers, depending on why you are contacting them. Enrollment specialists are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST) on Saturday.

The customer service line is available from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (CST) and from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (CST) on Saturday. The third number can be used to send a text to customer service.


Which Colibri Real Estate Package Is Best?

For many of the states it serves, Colibri Real Estate offers both an online self-paced option and an online live stream option. However, online courses are among the most popular.

If you choose to go with the online self-paced package, you will then be able to choose from among four packages: The Basics, Exam Preparation, Exam Preparation Plus, and Ultimate Learning. Each of the packages contains the course providing the required number of hours for your state, state-approved instructor support, and three real estate e-books.

Colibri Real Estate Review packages

The exam preparation package also includes an extra exam simulator and a money-back guarantee that you receive a refund if you don’t pass the final exam. The exam preparation plus builds on this with the addition of a 48-hour post-license course, a real estate dictionary, the opportunity for a live Q&A with the instructor, and a live exam crammer series.

The ultimate learning program includes all of the features of the previous package as well as a printed course textbook and a one-year professional development membership. It does not include any additional live sessions or exam preparation beyond those already offered in the lower-cost packages. 

Colibri Real Estate recommends the basic package for disciplined self-starters, especially those with some real estate experience. Those who feel they will need some extra exam prep and want to take advantage of the money-back guarantee can consider either the exam preparation or exam preparation plus. Colibri Real Estate characterizes the ultimate learning package as being for those who really want to embark on a life-changing career.

Of course, that’s likely to be the goal of many who embark on a new career in real estate. It’s also unclear how a printed textbook and one-year professional development

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How Does The Money-Back Guarantee Work?

Also known as a pass guarantee, students looking to explore their comprehensive exam prep program, powered by CompuCram, or above, will receive a money-back guarantee to help ensure they pass their state’s licensing exam.

Those that do not pass on the first try are offered a refund which can be used to repeat the course. 


Colibri Real Estate Competitors

Colibri Real Estate Review competitors

AceableAgent vs Colibri Real Estate

AceableAgent is a real estate school that offers both online and correspondence learning. Unlike Colibri Real Estate, AceableAgent is approved only in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

Another difference between AceableAgent and Colibri Real Estate is that AceableAgent doesn’t offer an online course in every state where it’s approved. In Colorado and California, it offers a correspondence course instead. Like Colibri Real Estate, AceableAgent offers multiple-tier packages.

Prices appear to be higher at AceableAgent. As an example, in Pennsylvania, a basic package from Colibri Real Estate costs $209. The basic package at AceableAgenct costs $240. Just as with Colibri Real Estate, the price of courses will vary from state to state.

Allied Real Estate School vs Colibri Real Estate

Allied Real Estate School is also under the Colibri Real Estate umbrella. It offers online and live streaming packages for California and Texas. Interestingly, the pricing is not always aligned with Colibri Real Estate. For example, the Allied Real Estate School's basic pre-licensing package is $115.50, while Colibri Real Estate can get the ball rolling for just $77.40.

Similar to Colibri Real Estate, Allied Real Estate offers pre-licensing, continuing education, broker licensing, and mortgage licensing. Because it is a part of the same real estate education company, you can expect many of the courses and the online education offered to be similar to Colibri Real Estate.

The CE Shop vs Colibri Real Estate

The CE Shop also offers mortgage as well as real estate education. This company appears to be approved to provide prelicensing courses in about 41 states plus Washington D.C. Pricing for required coursework in California starts at $96.75. With Colibri Real Estate, the cost of the basic package with $77.40.

The CE Shop offers customer service hours seven days a week, including a live chat. The company has an excellent reputation within the industry among real estate professionals and enjoys a great many favorable customer reviews as well as testimonials.

It is prized for its large variety of continuing education courses, student learning experience, and competitive pricing.


Is Colibri Real Estate Worth It?

Colibri Real Estate is an accredited school offering online real estate courses along with the options for live streaming or in-person learning. The school has been around for several decades and enjoys an excellent rating among online reviews

The drawback of Real Estate Express is that it is not yet recognized as an approved real estate education provider in all 50 states. While it is unfortunate if your state does not yet consider Real Estate Express an approved provider for either licensing or continued education, this is not a reflection on the value of the coursework offered by Real Estate Express.

If your state is among a majority of states that recognizes Real Estate Express as an approved real estate education provider, you are likely to find its tuition to be at or near the price point of other online real estate schools.

Because it had to meet certain requirements to be approved as a real estate education provider in your state, you can be assured the content of the coursework will match that of any other approved school for your state.

One of the main drawbacks of Colibri Real Estate is that you won't find classes to teach you how to become a real estate investor or a business owner. Fortunately, Real Estate Skills offers educational training on the investing side of the business.

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