best mortgage lead generation companies

10 Best Mortgage Lead Generation Companies

real estate software Mar 29, 2024

There are numerous ways for lenders to generate mortgage leads. However, a mortgage lead generation company is the best option for those seeking a balance between cost, time efficiency, and exceptional outcomes.

Mortgage lead gen companies use a blend of strategies, including digital marketing, to generate leads on behalf of lenders. Some even take on marketing responsibilities, further streamlining lead generation for lenders.

But of the many lead generation companies in existence today, which one should you opt for?

Take a look at the top ten mortgage lead generation companies in 2024 and what they have to offer to identify the best fit for your enterprise.

1. Bankrate

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Bankrate, established in 1976, is one of the longest-running financial advice companies in the U.S. Initially a publisher for the banking industry known as Bank Rate Monitor, Bankrate is today a leading finance hub connecting people with financial services. The company publishes content, reports, and educational resources covering nearly every facet of finance, from personal finance and auto loans to credit cards and new banks.

For mortgage lenders seeking lead gen services, Bankrate has an opportunity to be featured on the mortgage rate comparison table. This interactive table caters to individuals in search of mortgages. Typically, Bankrate uses an 8-10-step questionnaire to understand the mortgage shopper’s needs and generates personalized mortgage offers and quotes from participating lenders. Being part of Bankrate’s lender network ensures your presence on the rate comparison table when a mortgage shopper seeking terms aligned with your offerings and areas of operation searches for lenders.

So, how does Bankrate attract shoppers? The company provides mortgage calculators for regular, refinance, and payment calculations. These calculators, paired with high-quality organic content, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and Google Ads, allow Bankrate to drive organic traffic to the mortgage rate comparison table and turn it into a credible resource for personal finance.

Consequently, leads who check out the table are usually high-quality, motivated leads likely to convert once they choose a lender from the mortgage rate comparison table. The 8-10 step questionnaire further enhances the quality of leads generated via the table by weeding out unserious users and ensuring leads are paired with the most suitable lender.

So, what’s the cost of participating in Bankrate’s rate comparison table? Our research shows it costs between $150 and $250 per lead depending on factors like quality and location. Ultimately, the standard monthly investment for participation is $30,000, with an expected increase in ad spending to $50,000 after four months. 

While this might seem expensive, Bankrate, as noted, offers the highest number of converting mortgage leads.

Mortgage providers seeking to participate must be licensed and operational in ten or more states and offer purchase and refinance mortgage services. 

Are there any downsides? Bankrate generally has a good reputation, but some customers have reported being paired with low-quality lenders. Additionally, the company has affiliations with some mortgage lenders, which could lead to recommendation bias.

2. Lending Tree

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Are you looking for a lead generation company with a proven track record in generating prequalified leads? Bankrate is an excellent option, but Lending Tree also fits the description.

Founded in 1996, LendingTree is a North Carolina-based marketplace that connects lenders with borrowers. Like Bankrate, this company provides a rate comparison tool that allows shoppers to compare home loans providers in minutes.

LendingTree typically uses a lead workflow questionnaire to qualify leads, ensuring the lender only receives highly motivated leads. The cost per lead ranges between $30 and $100, influenced by various factors, including location, lead quality, timeframe, and competition from other lenders.

Unfortunately, Lending Tree’s leads are sold to multiple lenders. The key to successfully converting them depends on how quickly you reach out. However, they’re more affordable and have a reputation for delivering high-quality leads, meaning if you can promptly reach out, you’ll enjoy healthy lead conversion rates.

3. REB Leads

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Do you prefer buying mortgage leads? REB, in full, Real Estate Bees should be among your best mortgage lead gen websites.

REB is a free platform dedicated to empowering all real estate industry professionals, from real estate agents and realtors to investors and mortgage lenders, with information on cutting-edge technology, innovative marketing strategies, and invaluable insider knowledge.

REB offers the Lead Real Estate Marketplace for lenders and loan officers looking to generate the highest converting mortgage leads quickly. It’s the only marketplace exclusively focused on buying and selling real estate investing leads. Whether you need listing leads, motivated sellers, or good mortgage leads, REB’s lead marketplace has all types of leads to fill your sales funnel. 

It boasts lead targeting capabilities that allow users to fine-tune their searches and discover leads that fit their investment model perfectly. For instance, you can browse the myriads of leads featured on the platform using location, urgency, and budget filters.

To purchase leads, a lender must sign up to the Real Estate Bees platform (for free), set their acquisition criteria, choose fitting leads, and in order to get access to the information they need to contact the leads they selected. REB leads can be shared or exclusive, depending on your budget.

Wondering where REB gets its leads? As noted, their marketplace is the only lead marketplace in the real estate industry that supports buying and selling leads. Consequently, they primarily source their leads from professionals on the platform, meaning if you’ve leads you need to dispose of, you can sell to them too.  Additionally, Real Estate Bees also partners with a range of reputable third-party lead providers in the industry to ensure a consistent supply of ready leads.  

Besides the lead marketplace, the Real Estate Bees website has a real estate directory where average users can find professionals ranging from mortgage lenders and brokers to photographers. Signing up for the directory offers further lead generation opportunities because it means you’ll be featured in the mortgage brokers directory, which makes it easier for users to find you when shopping for mortgage quotes in their location.  

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4. ProspectNow By Buildout

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If you prefer to control your lead generation efforts or have a limited marketing budget, you should prioritize ProspectNow in your list of top mortgage lead generation companies.

ProspectNow, now part of Buildout, a leading CRE deal-making platform, is a property intelligence software that uses predictive analytics to identify property owners intending to sell or refinance within the next year.

Access to such data greatly fuels lead generation by empowering lenders to target their marketing and outreach efforts to refinance leads actively considering a transaction instead of the general population. This not only increases the likelihood of conversions but also reduces marketing costs, as lenders will essentially be concentrating their efforts on individuals with a higher probability of responding. It also allows lenders to build early connections with prospects, thus giving them a competitive edge.

Beyond the data, ProspectNow  software, is one of the lead generation websites that offers sales comps and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data on commercial and residential properties alongside property owners. This allows mortgage lenders to liaise with property sellers and real estate realtors with active listings to generate mortgage leads. Furthermore, browsing through this data is effortless, thanks to the platform’s customizable search filters.

Unfortunately, ProspectNow lacks lead nurturing tools. On the bright side, it's part of Buildout, meaning users can leverage the latter’s CRM, prospecting, and managing tools for the other phases of lead generation.

5. LoanBright

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Loanbright, established in 1999 by a duo of loan officers, is one of the best mortgage lead generation companies around. They team up with hundreds of lead vendors and other service providers to generate real-time internet leads for mortgage lenders. These leads are sent to lenders via email and sometimes even live calls.

To further enhance lead generation experiences, Loanbright offers a subscription program called the Season Pass. Participating lenders get access to an unlimited pool of leads ready for calls from mortgage lenders (in other words, qualified leads).

Loanbright also runs a Hometown Lending Program, which connects lenders with leads specifically seeking a local mortgage lender. If you get a bad lead, customer reviews suggest the company will replace it with a good one. However, some reviews also paint a picture of unresponsive customer support.

6. LeadPops

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LeadPops is another excellent option for lenders and loan officers seeking control over lead generation processes. It’s essentially a software with multiple tools that you can tap into to generate leads. These tools include landing pages, lead capture forms, and website templates designed for the mortgage industry. These tools are usually already optimized but are customizable, allowing lenders to brand them for effective marketing.

LeadPops also offers lead funnels integrated with marketing automation tools such as email and SMS campaigns, and target market ads. These simplify outreach and follow-up and facilitate timely lead engagement, facilitating conversion. At the same time, they get the hard work out of lead generation for the user.

On top of all that,  LeadPops offers mortgage companies various services that further enhance outreach and lead generation, such as pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, SEO, and content creation.

7. Kaleidico

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Kaleidico is an excellent mortgage lead company for lenders seeking to ensure they only pay for what they get. Established in 2005, this company caters to mortgage lenders, law firms,  and senior living companies. It employs a pay-per-performance model whereby its clients only pay for the lead generation results they’ve enjoyed, creating a win-win or value exchange situation for both parties.

So, how does Kaleidico generate leads for lenders? The company primarily designs unique consumer-direct websites for lenders seeking organic leads. It customizes these websites with each lender’s branding and presentation, multiple branch and loan officer pages, product landing pages, GEO-targeted PPC companies, strategic lead paths, call-to-action, mortgage calculators, and even custom search engine content. This consequently increases a website’s visibility on SERPs, generating leads and fueling conversions.

Kaleidico further organizes outreach email marketing services to help engage and nurture leads that don’t convert immediately. Additionally, their website has a mortgage marketing section where the company offers insider tips, tricks, and strategies it has amassed in its 15+ years of existence in the mortgage industry to help lenders enhance lead generation success.

8. Good Vibe Squad

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If you have a high-performing Facebook page or prefer to use it to find potential customers, consider Good Vibe Squad while comparing the best mortgage lead generation companies. This company solely uses Facebook ads to generate leads for mortgage lenders and individual loan officers.

When you sign up, the Good Vibe Squad offers you access to a CRM that comes in handy when managing the captured leads. The cool part is they don’t just send any leads to this CRM—only the really good ones. How? The company uses ads specific to a lender’s ideal customer profile regarding income, savings, credit lines, and down payment.

To further ensure only the right home loans leads get to your CRM, they employ automated messaging to prequalify leads who respond to ads. If a lead qualifies, their automated sales system automatically syncs the lender’s calendar and the client’s booking, so they never have to do it themselves. To ensure the lead doesn’t slip away due to a lack of communication, their sales system automatically sends customized text messages, emails, and voicemails to keep them engaged. Good Vibe Squad’s automated sales system further streamlines lead generation by guiding leads through mortgage applications, pre-approvals, and credit pulls.

Additionally, their provided CRM generates advanced analytics and insights into campaign performances, allowing lenders and loan officers to stay on top of lead generation efforts and improve where necessary. The most impressive bit is that thanks to their lead generation process, Good Vibe Squad generates exclusive mortgage leads. They even provide courses to help mortgage lenders and loan officers stay on top of their lead generation game through step-by-step training.

9. Top Of Mind Networks

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Top of Mind Networks, now part of Black Knight, a software and analytics provider in the mortgage industry, is a Georgia-based real estate company offering tools to simplify lead generation for mortgage lenders.

Their stand-out tool, Surefire CRM, is specifically designed for the mortgage industry. It features pre-built workflows to automate customer relationship management. These workflows are also customizable, allowing mortgage lenders to readjust them to their processes for effortless lead nurturing. Surefire CRM allows users to create and seamlessly track personalized marketing campaigns based on industry-related data points like mortgage loan types and credit scores.

To ensure no converted leads slip through the cracks, the CRM features the Client for Life Campaign, a nurturing tool that automates and auto-pilots marketing to old leads, handling everything from closing gifts to multimedia outreach.

Consequently, lenders using this tool never have to lift a finger as far as marketing to already converted leads is concerned.

Surefire CRM also features an integrated power call dialer. It allows users to set up automatic lead list dialing, schedule marketing calls, and drop pre-recorded voicemails for unavailable leads. As if not impressive enough, Top of Mind Surefire CRM also supports SMS and video marketing, on-demand print services and includes pre-built landing pages and lead capture forms. These tools allow mortgage lenders to efficiently generate and capture leads from various marketing platforms, including social media and Google ads.

Furthermore, the Top of Mind content marketing team assists mortgage lenders in creating engaging content pieces, such as blogs and email content, for effective lead generation. Upon sign-up, lenders gain access to Top of Mind’s award-winning content library featuring 1000+ pieces covering how to maximize the tools it offers for lead generation and related topics.

Simply put, they’re one of the best mortgage lead companies around.

10. Mortgage Growth System

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Mortgage Growth System is among the best lead mortgage websites for commercial and residential mortgage lenders, brokers, and individual loan officers seeking an end-to-end lead generation system.

They employ a direct-to-consumer marketing approach strictly based on META platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. They help lenders create and place marketing ads on these platforms to attract quality mortgage leads.

Upon enrollment in the program, Mortgage Growth System provides lenders with landing pages and a CRM system to streamline lead generation. When a lead clicks on an ad, they’re directed to the landing page, which is not only customized with the lender’s branding but also features a detailed questionnaire, typically comprising 10-15 questions. This questionnaire is customizable, allowing lenders to set up parameters for their ideal lead, such as minimum credit score or down payment, consequently ensuring that only leads meeting their requirements proceed to the next stage.

If a lead doesn’t meet the specified parameters, they’re redirected to a page informing them of their ineligibility or requesting them to send in more details about their situation via email.

On the other hand, leads who qualify get the option to book a call and are automatically integrated into the company-provided CRM along with all their questionnaire information for efficient lead management.

In the CRM, lenders can segment and track them based on status and use the over 80 pre-built marketing campaigns to market and follow up on qualified leads. This mortgage CRM also features customizable automation for text, email, ringless voicemail, and even direct mail campaigns that further streamline outreach and follow-up. It even has a built-in phone system that they can use to make direct calls to lenders.

Also note, Mortgage Growth System offers two lead generation models—a Done for You(DFY) program where the in-house team manages the entire process, ideal for medium-large scale mortgage lenders, and a Done-With-You model where clients are involved every step of the way.  The latter is great for small-scale lenders and loan officers looking to amplify lead generation while managing costs.

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What Are Mortgage Lead Generation Companies?

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Mortgage lead generation companies are exactly what their title implies: companies that specialize in helping mortgage lenders, loan officers, and other professionals in the mortgage industry generate qualified leads. From content marketing and social media ad strategies to SEO, these companies use proven techniques to generate leads on behalf of the lender. Others even go a step further by providing tools like landing pages, lead capture forms, and CRMs to streamline nurturing, ultimately simplifying the entire lead generation process for lenders and LOs.

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How Mortgage Lead Generation Companies Work

Mortgage lead generation companies typically work hand in hand with lenders and LOs to craft effective lead generation strategies. Companies such as Good Vibe Squad, Kaleidico, and Mortgage Growth System analyze your target audience, develop data-informed marketing strategies, and market lenders on different platforms to generate exclusive leads.

Some, like ProspectNow, LeadPops, and Top of Mind Networks, provide lenders with the tools they need to generate leads independently yet effectively. 

In contrast, others, like Bankrate, LendingTree REBs, and LoanBright, directly connect lenders with the leads they need, leaving them to handle the rest of the nurturing process how they deem fit. In essence, mortgage lead generation companies help their clients find clients.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Mortgage Lead Generation Companies

Mortgage lead generation companies get the hard work out of lead generation by providing the means to connect with the clients you need. However, they employ different approaches, from providing direct, ready-for-nurturing leads and offering marketing tools like websites, landing pages, and CRM to help you streamline lead generation. 

Some companies even create customized lead generation strategies from scratch to generate exclusive leads.  

We shortlisted a mix of these companies, selecting only the best to help you find the best to help you identify the best mortgage leads company for your needs.

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