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How To Find Wholesale Properties: 13 Ways To Find Real Estate Deals

The popularity of real estate wholesaling is a tribute to its viability and potential profitability as a real estate investment strategy. While it is essential to understand how to complete a wholesale real estate deal, your knowledge of this investment is incomplete until you know how to find wholesale properties.

Distressed, outdated, or damaged properties are becoming more accessible, and the time has never been riper for investors to capitalize on them. But how does one pivot from ideas to action?

Wholesaling isn't just about transactions, It's the finesse of locating undervalued properties, the diamonds in the rough, that can be wholesaled. While traditional avenues like the MLS offer the best pathways, the true art is leveraging unconventional methods to identify those elusive wholesale deals.

In this guide, you'll learn exactly what wholesale properties are and how to find wholesale properties - whether you're a retail buyer, seasoned investor, or new wholesaler....

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10 Best Skip Tracing Tools & Services For Real Estate Professionals

Do you feel like finding great real estate deals is a daunting task? You probably haven’t given skip tracing a try.

While it requires a little extra work compared to strategies like MLS marketing, skip tracing boasts better-deal-finding potential because it takes you where most investors rarely go—off-market. Read on to discover what is skip tracing and our recommendations for the best skip tracing service.

So, what exactly is skip tracing in real estate? It’s harnessing databases for the contact information of homeowners whose properties you wish to invest in. We shortlisted the ten best skip tracing services for real estate to ensure you settle on a service that best fits your needs. Now, sit back, relax, and review our list of the best skip-tracing software:

  1. PropStream
  2. REISimpli
  3. Deal Machine
  4. Skip Genie
  5. Property Radar
  6. InvestorLift
  7. LexisNexis
  8. Batch Skip Tracing
  9. Mojo Skip Tracer
  10. TLoxp


10 Best Skip Tracing Software for Real...

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The BEST Wholesale Real Estate Email Template (With Examples)

Despite the continuous emergence of new digital marketing strategies such as social media, email communication remains one of the most powerful marketing tools a real estate professional can have in their arsenal. Email marketing campaigns reportedly can generate up to $42 for each $1 spent.

But while powerful, email marketing is no walk in the park. It’s a hassle to craft messages that capture the attention and captivate a lead into the opening, leave alone reading a marketing email.

And for wholesalers or real estate investors who need to simultaneously send marketing emails to an entire list of property owners with different interests, the task is harder, not to mention time-consuming. Here's how having a wholesale real estate email template can be a total game-changer for real estate marketing.

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Wholesale Real Estate Salary: How Much Can You Make Wholesaling?

Maybe you’re facing a pivotal point in your professional life where you’re asking, “Is this all there is?”

If you’ve ever considered the possibility of making a career move into wholesale real estate, you’ve undoubtedly wondered about the potential of your wholesale real estate salary.

We’re here to make sure you start wholesaling real estate the right way. This entails having realistic expectations about how much money you can earn on your real estate investment journey.

Whether you’re in New York or New Braunfels, given the state of the world today, there’s never been a better time to consider the possibilities of wholesale real estate.

As beginners in your quest to discover if this is the right fit for you, we’ll help you understand:

  • What are the secrets to making the most money through wholesaling real estate
  • How you can maximize your wholesale real estate salary
  • Why this is a great time to...
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Do You Need An LLC To Wholesale Real Estate? [2024 UPDATE]

Real estate wholesaling is an investment strategy that offers beginners an opportunity to enter the real estate realm with minimal investment capital requirements. The art of wholesaling resembles its sister strategy known as flipping houses. Each investment strategy requires similar due diligence, with wholesaling offering a faster and easier path to closing.

A real estate wholesaler targets properties that are typically priced below market value, usually because highly motivated sellers need to move distressed properties quickly. If done correctly, real estate investors can wholesale real estate without a real estate license, real estate broker, or real estate agent.

Wholesale deals can be done with an owner-occupied or rental property, a multi-family property, or distressed properties, like a foreclosure.

Wholesalers enter a real estate contract with a seller, receiving equitable interest through the Principle of Equitable Conversion. But before closing on the initial...

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Virtual Wholesaling: How To Flip Houses From Home (2023)

In the past decade, technology has completely transformed the real estate industry. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 52% of home buyers in 2019 found the home that they purchased through the Internet. It's also no surprise that more and more people are working from home now than ever before.

What if we told you about an emerging group of real estate investors doing deals remotely all over the country in places they’ve never been before, buying properties they've never laid eyes on, yet are making incredible sums of money to the tune of $10,000, $20,000, $50,0000, and even $200,000 per deal?

In this Real Estate Skills exclusive article, we’re going to pull back the curtain and reveal the techniques these long-distance real estate investors would rather keep a secret – we’re talking about a real estate strategy called virtual wholesaling.

I have personally used this virtual wholesaling process to complete...

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Wholesale Real Estate Jobs: 8 Essential Positions For Your Wholesaling Business

Real estate wholesaling is often regarded as an ideal entry point for aspiring investors, offering a relatively low barrier to entry. If for nothing else, wholesaling real estate doesn’t require years of experience or even a great deal of funding. Despite its straightforward nature, however, the act of wholesaling is comprised of several roles, not the least of which require meticulous attention to detail and due diligence.

In this article, we will explore all of the individual wholesale real estate jobs required to complete a single deal, shedding light on the key positions that contribute to the success of a real estate wholesaling business. Whether you're just starting in real estate or looking to diversify your investment portfolio, understanding these roles is crucial for effectively navigating the complexities of wholesaling. To get the ball rolling on real estate wholesaling jobs, let’s go over the fundamentals, including:

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10 Remote Real Estate Jobs: Work From Home Full-Time & Part-Time

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped how we work, ushering in an era of remote employment across industries, and the real estate sector is no exception to this transformative trend. With work-from-home real estate jobs expanding exponentially, individuals seeking to pivot their careers or enhance their income opportunities can dive into real estate headfirst, all from the comfort of their own homes.

In this article, we'll explore ten remote real estate jobs that offer the flexibility of full-time or part-time work from home. Whether you're looking for a fresh start or an additional income stream, this guide will introduce you to some of the most promising roles in the real estate industry that can be accomplished remotely, allowing you to start on a path toward a more flexible and rewarding professional career.

Now, let's dive into these exciting remote opportunities and discover how you can make your mark in the world of real estate without leaving your home office:

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How To Find Distressed Properties: 10 Best Strategies For Real Estate Investors

For newcomers stepping into real estate investing, pinpointing the right property to kick-start their journey often proves challenging. Veterans and novices alike are on a relentless quest for the best deal, whether they're hunting for their inaugural house or their hundredth.

One strategy that remains timeless in this pursuit is targeting distressed properties.

The core idea for many investors is to procure property in need, refurbish it, and then either rent it out or flip it for a substantial return on investment (ROI).

The latest data from ATTOM's first-quarter 2023 U.S. Home Flipping Report provides illuminating insights into the flipping landscape.

The report highlighted that 72,960 single-family homes and condominiums were flipped just in the first quarter of 2023.

This figure, though marginally lower than the 9.4% of 2022's first quarter, outpaces the 8% recorded in the last quarter of 2022, marking the second-highest level in this century.

Despite the rising flipping...

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What Is A Proof Of Funds Letter In Real Estate & When Do You Need One?

When diving into the world of real estate investing, securing your dream home often means providing assurance to sellers that you're both serious and capable. You might already be familiar with a mortgage preapproval letter, which signals a lender's confidence in your ability to repay a loan.

However, there's another essential document, especially for cash offers, known as a proof of funds (PoF) letter in real estate. This critical document gives you an edge, showcasing that you have the financial backing to follow through on your purchase.

Beyond just qualifying for loans, a PoF letter attests to your readiness and financial strength, ensuring sellers that you're not just window shopping.

Let's dive into real estate proof of funds letters to help you better understand their nuances, their significance in the real estate market, and how they differentiate from other financial attestations:

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