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What Is a REIT? | All About Real Estate Investment Trusts

reit Oct 21, 2019

Income-generating, commercial real estate investments can boost your net worth significantly.

Unfortunately, commercial real estate investments are out of reach for most individuals.

Luckily, real estate investment trusts (REITs) make venturing into commercial real estate investments possible for all levels of investors.

They enable individuals with even just a small amount of capital to invest in, own, and share the benefits of large-scale real estate holdings.

In this article, you will learn exactly what a REIT is and everything else you’ve wanted to know about real estate investment trusts.


What Is a REIT?

A Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) is a corporation that owns, finances, and often operates, income-producing real estate. It’s essentially a securitized portfolio of properties enabling individual investors to own fractional shares of commercial, income-generating real estate and related assets.

Such real estate and assets can include...

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