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Wholesaling Mobile Homes: The (ULTIMATE) Guide

Mobile homes are considered to represent some of the most affordable home purchase options.

They are often located in communities of trailer parks, which are areas specifically designed for mobile homeowners that offer a variety of conveniences. Mobile homeowners usually rent a space for their mobile home so they can hook up to basic amenities, like power and water, etc.

The demand for mobile homes has been historically fickle –

wholesaling mobile homes demand


Mobile home prices were on the rise even before the pandemic gripped the globe –

wholesaling mobile homes prices


Mobile homes are still recognized to be among the least expensive housing options. However, this extraordinary interest in mobile homes is the result of many homebuyers being priced out of the traditional marketplace.

Since the beginning of 2020 and the pandemic, mobile home prices have continued to rise, hitting an average sales price of more than 123K near the end of 2021. The recent real estate demand across sectors has driven prices so high that...

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