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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In Wyoming?

Successful real estate investors understand the concepts that define the real estate market’s cycles. This knowledge is pivotal in identifying emerging investment opportunities as the market enters each stage of its cycle.

The significant appreciation that the United States’ real estate market has experienced in the recent past is best understood by its entrance into the second stage of the cycle – Expansion - somewhere near the beginning of the 2020 pandemic.

It is noted that the market, at this time, bucked conventional wisdom as most world events (like Covid) that impact the global economy negatively ultimately impacts real estate in the same direction.

real estate investing


The recent measured growth and appreciation characterize the phase of expansion with robust market metrics that include -

  • Low vacancy rates.
  • Rising rental rates.
  • Rising home prices.
  • New construction is visible and prevalent

"Stage 2" is defined as a seller’s market, which essentially means that...

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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In Oregon?

Real estate wholesaling is a strategy that is often a preferred investment strategy – especially for new investors because it provides a viable, legal investment technique that only mandates the provision of an earnest money deposit – which is relatively insignificant for real estate.

In addition to the appealing cash flow requirements of wholesaling, its recent popularity can be attributed to tremendous appreciation realized since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, as real estate wholesaling aligns well with real estate prices heading north.

Wholesaling and flipping are sister-investment strategies as both searches for real property that has been priced below market value. Generally, because motivated sellers are facing a treacherous financial path, like foreclosure.  In each of these investment strategies, the investor is acting as a middleman.

The primary difference between the two is that the wholesaler assigns the property for a profit (often called the ...

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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In Minnesota?

Real estate wholesaling is an investment strategy that has become popular in the current real estate marketplace. For experienced real estate investors, wholesaling real estate deals is certainly not a new investment technique but a strategy that aligns with the current market showing great appreciation. Currently, the national average appreciation rate in the United States is 14.5%, which is in deep contrast from 2019’s national average appreciation rate in the United States of 4%.

Historically, appreciation rates tend to follow significant economic events. The table below indicates a few recent economic events – which generated varying appreciation rates -

Minnesota real estate investing


Note that a recession does not always result in the same rate or even the direction of housing prices.

But if you want to know why real estate wholesaling has become a preferred investment strategy, the answer is the 13.3% appreciation rate generated during the COVID-19 recession!

Localized statistics...

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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In Maine?

The Pine Tree state is renowned for its natural beauty, highlighted by a heavily forested interior, a picturesque coastline, and spectacular waterways that traverse our most northern and eastern New England state.

Although it is sparsely populated with just over 1.3 million people, there is still lots of potentials to do well if you’re considering wholesaling real estate in Maine.


What Do You Need To Know About Wholesaling Houses In Maine?


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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In North Carolina?

Real estate wholesaling has recently received much media attention as an investment vehicle because the nature of the investment strategy has made it one of the most popular investment strategies in the current appreciating real estate market. Ironically, wholesaling real estate is nothing new, with the principles of wholesaling present in every sector of a capitalistic economy.

The real estate wholesaling business resembles the fix and flip strategy. The primary difference is that a wholesaler generally does not rehab or update the property as their objective is to close as quickly as possible. A reduced purchase price (generally below market value) is desired, with financially challenged sellers often looking to move quickly. It is noted that the type of property is not relevant as wholesaling can be done with rental property, an owner-occupied property, or investment property.

A wholesale deal in North Carolina offers real estate investors distinct benefits, as follows -

  • Real...
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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In Vermont?

Real estate wholesaling is an investment technique that has grown in popularity in the recent past. Its current rise in popularity is mainly due to the nature of the current real estate market – a seller’s market characterized by rapid appreciation and high demand.

Wholesaling real estate offers a great starting point for new investors who have little capital with which to work. Vermont real estate wholesalers search for available homes with a purchase price below market value – usually because the seller is facing financial hardship or is in a hurry to move.

Real estate investors locate wholesale opportunities using investment properties, owner-occupied properties, or rental properties, etc.  With sites like Zillow, Redfin, & online foreclosure auctions, the modern digital landscape offers an easily accessible conduit to real estate opportunities in ways never thought possible. The 21st-century real estate market allows new wholesalers to begin to...

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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In Virginia?

Virginia is one of the 13 original colonies and was settled more than 400 years ago when the English established Jamestown in 1607.

It's the home state of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other founding fathers. Northern Virginia is close to Washington, D.C., and that's part of the reason it played an important role in the American Revolution and the Civil War.

Known by many names, including Old Dominion, Mother of States, and the Cavalier State, Virginia is an affluent crossroads that makes it one of the key economic and government centers in the United States.

If you’re thinking about investing in Virginia real estate, you may be asking yourself: Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In Virginia? This article will help navigate the legal landscape of wholesaling in the Mother of States.

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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In New Mexico?

New Mexico is appropriately nicknamed The Land of Enchantment. It's a state filled with rugged and scenic beauty, intertwined in a multi-cultural mosaic through the fusion of Spanish American, Native American, and Anglo-American influences.

Many people are drawn to the state for various reasons, making a compelling case for those who are considering a career in real estate wholesaling in New Mexico.


What Do You Need To Know About Wholesaling Houses In New Mexico?

An Introduction To New Mexico

At more than 121,000 square miles, New Mexico ranks fifth among all states in total land area. ...

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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In West Virginia?

Real estate investing is an investment technique that has exploded onto the real estate scene recently to the surprise of many. Similar to a flipper, flipping houses, wholesaling properties is designed for investors to enter the real estate market with a reduced amount of capital than typically needed for more traditional real estate investments.

With its recent rise in popularity, real estate agents and licensees have voiced their objections to the process of wholesaling real estate – asserting that a wholesaler takes a circuitous route to avoid West Virginia’s license law. And in doing so, the real estate wholesaler’s actions are purported to rise to the level that requires a real estate salesperson or broker’s license in the state.

But vocal opponents fail to recognize that the concept of wholesaling is part & parcel of a healthy economy – implemented in many ways - from the local gas station to supermarkets and beyond. And the assertion that...

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Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal In Illinois?

The real estate market in the United States has seen some significant appreciation in the recent past.

An expanding real estate market (‘Stage 2’ noted in the graphic below) offers investment opportunities not usually viable/profitable when the market is in one of its other cycles. 

can you wholesale real estate in illinois


With rapid appreciation, typically identified as a ‘seller’s market,’ the investment technique known as real estate wholesaling has become an increasingly popular investment technique. Real estate wholesaling in Illinois offers these benefits to investors–

  • An entry into the real estate market with relatively little needed in the way of capital requirements. Real Estate buyers are required to provide an earnest money deposit (typically a percentage of the purchase price, at contract) that is held in escrow by a third-party to show good faith.
  • Several strategies to exit the wholesale deal, including the double close.
  • Wholesaling real estate allows a new...
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