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7 House Hacking Strategies Every Investor Should Know

In today’s rising interest rate environment it can be challenging to find, maintain, and profit from a real estate investment. When considering a potential investment the number one aspect any investor should look into is the cost to purchase, finance, and maintain the property.  

Given the recent surge in inflation, the government has taken the stance of constantly raising interest rates to combat the recent surge in home prices and the cost of goods. That action has caused a ripple effect in the marketplace and has made it exponentially more challenging for want-to-be homeowners and investors to purchase and finance properties.

So, what has happened? Well, in early 2022 individuals were purchasing homes with loans carrying a 2.75% interest rate. In 2023, those same loans are costing upwards of 6%. Although that might not seem like such a dramatic increase, when you are borrowing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, that could mean many...

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Alex Martinez Real Estate Review by Angel Cortez - Wholesaling & Flipping Houses

After being unsure on how to progress on a real estate deal, Angel Cortez reached out to Alex Martinez for one-on-one real estate investing consulting.

This is Angel's testimonial:

So I contacted Alex about two months ago via Facebook message because I had an appointment set up to see a home. And it was a short sale. And reading on the internet and talking to other real estate agents, they really tried to push me away from the deal but I saw an opportunity. But I wasn't sure. So I sent Alex a message and he responded very quickly, within the first 30 minutes of me actually sending the Facebook message. And we set up an appointment the next day to talk about the deal and other advice he'd had for me. And one of the things that really stuck with me was how he was able to push me to a new level of confidence that I wouldn't have otherwise had. Because I had no support. And with his experience, I just felt that I could do it. And it's just something that sometimes you just need an...

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