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Real Estate Logos: The [Ultimate] Guide For REI Investors

real estate business real estate marketing Mar 12, 2022

Are you looking to crush it in the property game but aren't sure how to design a real estate logo for your new company?

You've seen famous and recognizable logos for large real estate brokerages, Fortune 500 companies, and national franchises, but how in the world are you supposed to create a logo for your own real estate company?

What you should know is that properly creating a logo for your real estate business should be recognized as one of your most fundamental marketing strategies.

In this guide, we'll dive in-depth on:

  • How to design a real estate logo
  • Where to create a free real estate logo
  • Ways you can benefit as a Realtor, investment company, or wholesaler

We hope you enjoy Real Estate Logos: The Ultimate Guide! Use the menu below to easily navigate to the section of your choice:


What Are Real Estate Logos?

A real estate logo is a symbol or other emblem implemented by a real estate agent, real estate organization, or investment company to identify its product or brand.

A company logo is a symbol that represents a brand, and it is usually one of the first thoughts or impressions of someone when thinking of a particular company.


Do You Need A Real Estate Logo If You Are Brand New?

If you are brand new to the real estate business, it is better to have a real estate logo than to not. There are many benefits that you can gain from designing a real estate logo, such as:

  • It helps you establish a sense of a starting point for your business and is a resource to begin promoting yourself
  • They are an easy and affordable form of marketing
  • The logo can appear on Linkedin, your website, emails, campaigns, social media channels, business cards, and presentations. In this sense, it is almost essential to have it for brand value purposes

Benefits of a real estate logo

That said, it's not necessary to have a real estate logo if you're new to the real estate industry. You can close deals and make money without a company logo.

But with the above benefits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t design a real estate logo.


Why Are Real Estate Logos Made?

Real estate logos are designs that represent a real estate company or agent by colors, symbols, trends, and typography that distinguish it from others. Logos are a source of branding a company’s products and services.

Real estate businesses create value and a unique competitive advantage throughout the brand building to create brand equity.

For many, logos can be a display of a real estate company’s personality and what it desires to come across as for a specific audience.


Why Are Real Estate Logos Effective In Real Estate?

Real estate logos are extremely effective in real estate because they create a visual brand identity that is unique to an agent or real estate company’s local culture or architecture.

Obtaining a memorable logo and consistent color scheme will help boost response rates from marketing campaigns and build recognition for your real estate company.

Similarly, when creating something clever, you can capture the attention of others, you obtain their interest to assimilate them into customers, consumers, potential buyers or cash buyers, and business partners. Not only this, but effective real estate branding can assist clients to trust what they are looking for and investing in.

real estate logo capture attention


Who Uses Real Estate Logos?

Real estate logos are used by all sorts of vendors within the industry, inclusive of:


How Do You Design A Real Estate Logo?

Here's Our 5 Step Guide On How To Design A Real Estate Logo:

designing a real estate logo

  1. Select a company name to appear on the logo. If you don't have a business name quite yet, consider using a business name generator. Take your time with this decision, as your name is something you'll use for many years. Your business name should reflect your values and the kind of real estate company you are building.
  2. Determine if you want a slogan in your logo. A real estate slogan is a catchphrase that identifies with the nature or aims of your real estate company. Keep in mind, slogans are optional. Due to the available space on a logo, you want to keep your business slogan short and simple. 
  3. Choose colors that represent your brand. Specifically, within real estate, colors that appear on logos are neutral. Colors such as gold, black, blue, grey, and silver all convey different signals to an audience. Think about these factors: How will these colors make your customers feel? What colors will most likely boost sales? What colors relate to what your real estate business is representing? For example, a company that aims to sell eco-friendly houses might use green, blue, brown, and yellow for its logo colors.
  4. Include a graphic or icon. Popular choices for real estate agencies are designs of a key, house, roof, tree, home, or mountain. Although it is important to highlight that it doesn’t have to be limited to these items, the icon must be relevant to the properties that you sell or the area you are located within.
  5. Spend time looking at fonts. Choose fonts that pertain to your real estate business’s personality and style of the business. These tend to be incredibly impactful within a logo because it shows elegance versus the casualness of a sans serif font.

Check out this easy-to-use business logo maker and a video tutorial on how to use it.


What Are The Best Real Estate Logo Creator Websites?

When designing a real estate logo, you can use various tools and websites that are offered online. Whether you desire to create a design for your luxury real estate agency logo or a commercial real estate logo, Placeit contains all elements of the industry needed when designing and is a website that can design a free real estate logo for your agency or real estate investor company.

  • Step 1: Click on the link above, and scroll down to the purple button: “Make A Real Estate Logo.” Click on it.
  • Step 2: Type in the name of your business/agency within the top bar, and select Real Estate on the dropdown menu to the right of it.
  • Step 3: Once the logo templates load on the screen, browse the selection and choose the template that you prefer best.
  • Step 4: Customize the selected template by alternating the text, fonts, colors, shapes, and more. Similarly, play around with what you find before you select the final template!

Here are a few additional websites and companies to help design your real estate logo:


What Are Some Tips To Help Design A Luxury Real Estate Logo?

If you are designing a luxury real estate logo, you would want to include a font that maximizes simplicity. In the Williams and Williams Estate Group’s real estate logo below, for example, the font is elegant.

Similarly, the colors black, gold and white exemplify glamour within the logo. To illustrate, black is acknowledged to be a powerful and sleek color, and is used to market luxury products.

This specific logo projects the appropriate message to the selected audience. In this case, the audience can depict that the real estate logo encaptures a company that exhibits professionalism, and most likely sells exclusive luxury real estate within a designated area due to the colors, fonts, and graphics selected for it.

williams real estate logo sample

Similarly, luxury real estate is also inclusive of commercial real estate. High-rise buildings, hotels, offices, condos, penthouses are common examples of these kinds of real estate.


What Are Some Tips To Help Design A Modern Real Estate Logo?

If you are selling residential real estate within a property holding company or a real estate agency, the common design featured is a modern real estate logo.

A modern real estate logo contains but is not limited to items such as hexagons, diamonds, and wavy lines. The logo targets a specific audience, for example, a family, or a young persona.

Although, what differs these particular logos from luxury real estate logos is that it is more appropriate to use a brighter color scheme within them. In these specific designs, you want to select a logo that is simple but also maintains a sense of friendly professionalism that frames the agency or realtor as a welcoming person to work with or for.


The Do’s and Don’ts When Designing A Real Estate Logo


  • Do use graphics and patterns that are original - this will help your real estate company distinguish itself from others, and maintain a certain culture to the brand.
  • Do represent the real estate business's mission - Making sure that a client understands the purpose and aims of a real estate business is essential.
  • Do have a firm understanding of your audience - research demographics, and think of designs that are relatable for you to portray your message to.


  • Do not use overused symbols and icons. Items such as buildings and rooftops are great to distinguish that it is real estate, but what more can you add to it? You want your real estate logo to be different! Think about what your investment company truly represents - is it an educational real estate company? Does it have a specific purpose in a specific area? For example, luxury villas in Los Angeles may allude to the usage of a palm tree graphic within the logo. What types of graphics can you add to your real estate logo that differentiate itself from other real estate investors? Apply those techniques when creating your image for your design.
  • Do not place too many colors within the design. It takes away from the main focus of a logo - Keep it to two to three colors maximum.
  • Do not use too many words within the design. You want to have your real estate company’s name or agent’s name present, however, placing too many words within a smaller design is not effective nor necessary. Doing some research on what are the best and worst real estate logos can be a good reference for ideas.


How Do I Ensure That My Real Estate Logo Ideas Are Unique?

An effective, professional logo design not only has the power to communicate what your real estate business represents, but it will also make a first impression on the audience and help you distinguish yourself from any competition.

Determine and identify an idea of what you want your real estate logo to look like and view others within this process. Making sure your real estate logo is memorable is vital when creating it, as it will allow consumers to identify yours quickly.

Understand trademark search - It’s okay to gain inspiration from other logos, but try not to copy a design from someone else. However, if it isn’t original, it will be easy for other people to catch, specifically if they know the business well.

Study various designs and use websites such as Placeit to create a custom logo and try different tools that will represent your realtor company accordingly.


What Are Some Good Real Estate Logo Design Samples?

The two real estate logo templates below establish a sense of place. Not only are they readable and simplified to an audience, but it is easy to tell where these real estate companies are located due to their design, and where it most likely gets successful consumer consumption.

real estate logo design samples

This real estate logo template shows that the designer was simple, sticking to a one-colored theme, and was inclusive of what they needed to get the message across to the audience. To illustrate, they gave a picture of half a house, a tree, and a river. These graphics ultimately were telling the story of the type of homes this real estate investment company was trying to sell.

realtor logo sample

Zillow, one of the biggest real estate agencies within the U.S., captures a simple yet bold look for its logo. It features the name of the brand in blue and a house with a white “Z” through a blue house next to it.

business logo sample

Because of the brand name’s uniqueness and outside the box thinking of placing it as a symbol within the house itself, it is easy to recognize. With this being said, it is important to note that logos don’t need every detail within them for them to be effective.


What Are The Best Real Estate Agent Logo Ideas?

If you are an individual agent that is covering your area, you have more freedom in what you may design in terms of your title. Similarly, it is possible to encompass your personality within the logo.

Although they may turn out busier, due to the number of words on them, there are still ways to create a logo and have them look neat.

For example, one could use this formula:

Your First/Last Name +

  • Real Estate
  • Realty
  • Realtor
  • Broker/Realtor
  • Real Estate Agent

Many attractive logos that look simple, professional, and welcoming at the same time consist of designing real estate logos with keys.

These designs allow you to be more creative! For example, incorporating a city engraved on a key, or even inclusive of the agent’s initials. Similarly, it allows the audience to view that the person they are investing in is welcoming, warm, and aesthetically pleasing.

house logo sample

Similarly, in the Bettina Waltons example provided below, half a house rather than a full one with very little side detail of ivy shows the audience that this Realtor thought outside of the box with their ideas, rather than putting a simple house and a name.

real estate logo designer sample

This person also ensured that the font matched the aesthetic of their message, and the logo is both organized and personalized.


Where Can I Hire A Real Estate Logo Designer?

real estate logo designer hire

Creating your real estate business logo can be a lot of work. From looking up design templates to trying to create a catchy tagline and mixing up all the design elements. Sometimes it is much easier to hire an expert to do all that so that you can put your focus on where it matters the most.

If you wish to hire a designer, there are many affordable options to choose from. There are also websites such as Fiverr and Upwork, that contain many freelance graphic designers that will design a real estate logo for you.

There are many other resources that you can find a real estate logo designer on, such as Craigslist, Monster.com, Indeed, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Final Thoughts On Real Estate Logos

Your real estate logo is your ultimate marketing tool that is vital for conducting your real estate business in a way that clients can easily visualize your company when spotting the logo.

As there are many in the business with a variety of realtor logos, monograms, house logos, and logotypes which can give you the idea that you have the flexibility to create a key logo of your own. 

Therefore, make sure your logo is created uniquely, obtains a readable font, features appropriate color schemes for the type of real estate, and most importantly, contains simplicity, with a professional layout. It’s okay to be bold within the design, but truly think about and acknowledge how it will look on envelopes, job postings, and websites!

Do you have a real estate logo for your business? Get started today! There are many resources available for you to make it happen.

Creating your real estate logo will truly be a motivator to crush it with your real estate business once you have this important milestone established.

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