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How Lisa Used The MLS Offer System To Buy Her First Fourplex! | Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review


We talk a lot about wholesaling & flipping properties from the MLS...

But not let's forget that the reason WHY we wholesale & flip property from the MLS is so we can reinvest the profits we make back into rental property!

This way, we're always building wealth!

As we speak, we currently have about $3mm worth of rental property under renovation :)

And guess how we acquired these rental properties?

...we acquired them from the MLS! ;)

The MLS Offer System we've been refining & using for the last decade isn't just for wholesaling & flipping - it's also for buying rental property with great returns!

Case in point: Here's Lisa in Houston, Texas. She enrolled in the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program in order to get access to our World-Class Coaching & Training on our proven MLS Offer System.

See, Lisa didn't want to have to reinvent the wheel. She wanted to be able to join a program with proven systems so that she could hit the ground running and become a real estate investor ASAP. 

Now, as I mentioned, the MLS Offer System isn't just for wholesaling & flipping...

Lisa actually used the MLS Offer System to buy her first 4-plex!

And we couldn't be more proud of Lisa!

Hear it from Lisa on how she bought her first fourplex and what she thinks of the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program in her review!

Want to learn more about the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program & see how you can invest in real estate consistently without having to spend $1 on marketing? Check out our free training here which covers the MLS Offer System in detail!

--- Video Transcription of Lisa's Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review ---

Lisa (00:09):

Hey, my name is Lisa, and I am from Houston, Texas. And before I joined Pro Wholesaler, I didn't know anything about wholesaling.

I just got into real estate. And I joined this program because I wanted some process that was already developed, and then learn from that process, and then make it more mine.

From my experience, the program was great because they have a support system with it.

So I'm not just doing this on my own. I have a team that's there twice a week to help address any of my questions, especially a lot of newbie questions. So since I've done the program, I was able to do my own analysis, find my own property. And now I actually own my first fourplex!

So using this process, instead of wholesaling, I actually end up keeping the property for myself. And I would recommend doing this because there's no need to create your own process.

Use something that already exists, that the team has created, and then understand how they've done it and learn from it, and then make it yours. So I do recommend the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program through that. Thank you.

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