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Pro Wholesaler Annual Membership ($547 Monthly)

Here's What You Get:

  • FULL INSTANT ACCESS to the Entire Pro Wholesaler Course (40+ Video Training Modules in 1080p HD, Tools, Resources, Scripts, & Email Templates).

  • Your One-on-One Acceleration Call with the Real Estate Skills Team to catapult your business forward.

  • 1 FULL YEAR of Live, Closed-Door Q&A Mentor Call sessions w/ Alex & other experts each month!

  • Exclusive Access to the Real Estate Skills Mastermind Community for an ENTIRE YEAR.

  • I'll walk you through the exact system, including private coaching calls with our certified coaches, access to our templates, PDF's, Cheatsheets, & everything else you'll need.

  • An unbeatable 30 Day Action-Based Guarantee.

Through this offer you are required to make at least 12 Monthly Payments of $547 for your annual Pro Wholesaler Membership.

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Your card will automatically be charged each month to stay in the program. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

What People Are Saying:

“I wouldn't have done 12+ deals this year if it wasn't for the guidance and support of the Pro Wholesaler Program & Membership! Thank you for dumbing down wholesaling & actually giving me a system that works! Now let's get back to work!”

Ryan Zomorodi

“Two flips under contract in less than 60 days...YES!! The Pro Wholesaler Program definitely helped me grow my company to over $4 Million within 2 years. Stop wasting your time. Get it & get after it!”

Christian Chasmer

“My business was stalled at around $250k per year before jumping in and using the Pro Wholesaler System. Once joining, I am over $1,100,000 annually. There's so much value in the Pro Wholesaler Membership, I would have gladly paid 10x of the price.”

Troy Foss

“I bought this program to help increase my depth of real estate & wholesaling knowledge. This course helped my team and I complete a million dollar wholesale deal. We now have several more deals in the pipeline.”

Kyle Erthner

“I've been using the Pro Wholesaler System with success for years. 58 flips completed with many more on the way. You need to get this course if you want to be a professional wholesaler & real estate investor.”

Joe Zaniboni

“The Pro Wholesaler Course catapulted my real estate career! Got my first real estate deal within 7 weeks of joining. Highly recommended for those who want to get their first flips or for someone looking to find more deals without spending anymore money on marketing. I enjoy using all the tools & resources in this course. More than happy with the results!”

George C.

“I've gotten several deals from the Pro Wholesaler System. Put simply, it works.”

Matthew Pichardo

“Just joined & got my first deal under contract in my first week! I want to thank the Pro Wholesaler team for helping me learn more about real estate in the past few weeks than I have learned in my whole life combined! Excited for the future!”

Ryan Warden

“I joined the Pro Wholesaler Program because I wanted a predictable and reliable way to get flips. I got just that. My last flip profit was $150,000+ using this system.”

Jesse Jecmen

“I joined the Pro Wholesaler Course and within 45 days of joining I got my first wholesale deal for a profit of $7,000. I spent $0 on marketing to do this deal and made it happen while going to college! Talk about instant ROI. I recommend the Pro Wholesaler Course to anyone looking to get started the right way in real estate investing.”

Austin Dean

“I knew NOTHING about real estate when I joined the Pro Wholesaler Program. Through the course, community, & support I was able to make $12,000 from my first wholesale deal!”

Brandon Burrows

“What you get from your Pro Wholesaler Membership is unparalleled to anything else out there!”

Edgar Espinosa

“Being a part of the Pro Wholesaler Community has really changed my life!”

Abel Thomsen

“It’s important to surround yourself with people that are going in the same direction that you want to go, and Alex is going to take you there.”

Angel Cortez

“I wish I joined earlier! Before joining I spent 18 months of work, over tens of thousands of dollars on my own real estate education, and $12,000+ on marketing without getting a deal. Within 3 weeks of joining the Pro Wholesaler Program, I got my first wholesale deal using while spending $0 in marketing! Learn from my mistakes, get the membership now. You won't regret it.”

Tyler Toubeau

“Within 1 week, I got my first deal under contract from using the Pro Wholesaler System. Within 3 weeks, I closed my first wholesale deal for a quick & easy profit of $5,000. I made my investment back and more within 3 weeks of joining! The Pro Wholesaler System is the best. I used to have to go to every property to get it under contract and wasted so much time. Now, I just follow the system. I'm excited to continue being a member & excited to keep on getting predictable deals.”

Jeff Chacon