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Will You Be The Next Pro Wholesaler Who Takes Action & Starts Flipping Houses?


Tyler Toubeau - CEO of Pacific Home Partners, LLC

Spent 18 months of time, over $30,000 in real estate investing education, & over $12,000 on marketing without flipping a house.

Then, Tyler joined the Pro Wholesaler Program & got his first flip in 3 weeks while spending $0.


Jeff Chacon - Real Estate Investor

Within 21 days of joining the program, Jeff not one, but TWO properties under contract and flipped one!

Jeff went from guessing when he was going to get his next deal to using the predictable Pro Wholesaler system to get deals. 

He completed the deal and made a return on investment immediately.

Ryan Zomorodi - President of RZ Holdings, Inc

Ryan found & flipped his first house within 45 days of joining!

From knowing little about real estate to being a full time investor. Now, Ryan is doing multiple flips per month all over the Nation.

$40k months are now predictable & expected.  Well on track to 7-figures this year.

Troy Foss - CEO of Cove Capital Properties, LLC

Used to be a one man show working himself to the bone. His business was stalled around $250k annually before utilizing this system. Now, he has generated over $1.1M.

Troy is flipping several deals per month and making 7-figures plus.

Austin Dean - Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur

Austin found & flipped his first house within 45 days while going to college.

He used to be an aspiring real estate investor. Now, he is a real estate investor.

He spent $0 to find & flip his first house.

Jesse Jecmen - Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur

Last flip profit was $150,000+ using the Pro Wholesaler System. 

Jesse wanted a predictable & reliable way to get flips. He now has the system he always needed. Jesse spends $0 in marketing.

Joe Zaniboni - Partner of Hometown Property Group

Joe has found & flipped over 58 houses using this System.

Joe has been using this System with success for years. He doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Christian Chasmer - CC Solutions

Christian got two flips under contract within 60 days utilizing the Pro Wholesaler System.

Chrstian grew his companty to over $4 million within 2 years.

George C. - Real Estate Entrepreneur

George found & flipped his first house well within 45 days.

He used this System to catapult his real estate career.

First flip profit was over $30,000.

Kyle Erthner - Vice President & Real Estate Investor

He used the Pro Wholesaler Course to help him complete a million dollar flip.

Kyle has used this program to drastically increase his real estate investment knowledge.

He is a Vice President of an 8-figure real estate business & now has several more deals in the pipeline.

Henny Kim - Real Estate Investor

Within 1 week Henny is getting deals, results, & properties.

Henny had no prior knowledge of real estate before using the Pro Wholesaler System.

She's already submitting offers on potential deals within 1 week - all from using the right system. The Pro Wholesaler System.

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