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Tai Lopez Real Estate Program Review - Is It A Scam? [Video]

real estate investing Mar 01, 2018

Hey, guys. What's up? Alex Martinez here, and today is the Tai Lopez Real Estate Program Review. Now, I wanted to do this review to show you what I thought about the program and give you an honest, authentic review. First things first, the program costs 700 bucks.

Who Teaches The Tai Lopez Real Estate Program?

Cole Hatter teaches the program. Cole Hatter's a real estate investor, smart guy, and he teaches you how to find deals, how to fund the deals, and then also how to build a passive income portfolio, so how to buy property and then rent it out for a profit and make money while you sleep. It's not 100% passive. Someone needs to manage the property and give you the checks, but there's a lot of good knowledge in there.

Now, when I bought the Tai Lopez Real Estate Program, I thought it was going to be mainly on wholesaling and flipping property. Flipping's when you renovate a property, you resell it for a profit. Wholesaling is when you get a property under contract and you don't pay any money. You get under contract, and then you sell that contract to someone else who wants to flip it, and you make the surplus in between what you agreed to buy that with the original seller and what the flipper wants to buy it at. Let's say there's a $10,000 markup, you get that profit. It doesn't go as much into it as I wanted it to, but it is what it is. It's a lot on the passive income part of it.

Are There Additional Costs With The Tai Lopez Real Estate Program?

In addition to the $700 you spend on the Tai Lopez Real Estate program, there's going to be other expenses, but just like any business you start, there's other business expenses as well. There's going to be marketing and the actual cost of setting up the business. If you use something like LegalZoom, expect to pay something like a few hundred to 500 bucks to set up your own business. If you're using like an attorney, it can be something like 1,500 bucks. It always depends and ranges, but keep that in mind.

Then also, you will need marketing materials. Cole goes into what you need to do the market, not specific systems, but he does tell you about strategies. One of the strategies are bandit signs, and bandit signs are those things you may have seen on posts when you're driving that say, "We buy houses, all cash," and then a phone number on it. That's a bandit sign. He talks about bandit signs and how to use those and how they work or your business. You have to buy those things. You have to get them made.

Then also, I mean, if you're going to go to networking events and network and be a real estate investor, you need business cards. You need to hand these out to agents, to contractors, to investors. You need to get your name out there. You need business cards.

Also, for credibility these days, you need a website, so starting your website, whether you pay someone to do it for a few hundred bucks or whether you use a solid real estate website company for like 40, 50 bucks a month. I actually know a good company. I included a link below that, I think it was like $49 a month. Pretty solid, recommend it if you need to go to a website A-SAP and you don't want to spend a few hundred bucks off the bat.

Then your time. Your time goes in this program, so whatever that's worth. But you have to be putting out marketing, and then you have to pick up the phone when someone calls, a motivated seller saying, "Hey, I actually do want to sell my house." You have to pick up that phone or have an answering service pick up that phone. Someone's got to pick it up. Your time, of course, as well, just like any business.

Cole Hatter also bring in this hard money lender. Hard money lender is someone who lends you money to flip houses. They have an awesome interview on there that go really in depth. It's one of the best trainings I've seen on hard money lending, so props.

What Is Hard Money Lending In Real Estate?

Just so you know what hard money lending is, essentially, if you're 19 years old or 20 years old, a hard money lender will still give you money if you have a good deal because they do a thing called asset-based lending. If your property's worth $300,000 in its condition, they may lend like 80%, so they may lend $240,000 on that property to you to then flip it. That's how you get money as a 19, 20-year-old or a real estate investor starting out or someone who doesn't really have a lot of experience. That's one way to get money to flip these deal. It's not that complicated. There's a lot of people out there willing to do it, so this course goes really in depth on how to do it, who to reach out to, how to find the right person.

My Personal Experience With Real Estate Investing

Just so you know a little bit about me, I actually got into real estate investing when... I was 20 was when I took it seriously, but when I was 19 is when I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. That's what taught me about real estate being an awesome vehicle to build wealth, to build active income, to build passive income, and since then, I've been addicted.

I'm going to tell you, when I was 19, I was working at a sandwich shop making 10 bucks an hour. When I was 20, that's when I took real estate seriously, and within 45 days of going all-in on real estate, I made my first wholesale check of $22,000. It only took me eight hours to make that check of $22,000, like eight hours total of putting in time and effort. I went from making 10 bucks an hour to, 22,000 divided by eight, $2,750 an hour, so if I could do it, you can do it as well.

From there, just started to grow and then was a part of hundreds of flips and wholesales. In that first year, I generated my first million of profit from flipping and wholesaling real estate. If I can do it as a kid who was making sandwiches making 10 bucks an hour, and then decides to go all-in on real estate, you can do it too. You just got to educate yourself. You got to use the right tools. You got to follow the right systems, and you got to be consistent in every part of your life.

Now, back to the Tai Lopez Real Estate course, there's decent information in this program. However, it is LACKING the tools to use to analyze your deals or to get the repair estimates on what does this property actually need in repairs, like is it 20,000 of repairs or 30,000, so things like that, and then also probably some mindset on-the-phone training.

Actually, what I decided to do is some free resources and put it into a free link right here because any real estate investor needs these tools. You need a real estate contract, and you need on-the-phone mindset training, as well. Before you talk to any seller, before you talk to any agent, you got to believe that you're a solid real estate investor. If you don't believe it, no one else is going to believe you.

I include those things, and then a bonus too. So, throughout the years, I've put this list together of acronyms for real estate. As a professional real estate investor, you got to know these real estate acronyms. You got to know the real estate lingo. If someone says, "Hey, the LTV is 80% on this," and you say, "LT what? LV, Las Vegas? Huh?" they're going to look at you with a funny face and say, "Does this guy actually know what he's doing?" There's REO, there's ARV, there's all these acronyms that I put into a sheet below so that you could use it and help you out and so you're not stuck there looking a little funny.

One last thing. In real estate, there's a lot of transactions that happen, and usually, for real estate, a lot of people want to buy a home, so whether you bought a home already or you're planning on buying a home, that usually happens, and it's usually a person's largest investment in their life, so taking a course like this and, I mean, also real estate courses, if you get one golden nugget out of it, that can save you $1,000 here and there, $10,000 here and there. If you learn to be a better negotiator and you know a little bit more about real estate, really, that can save you $10,000 when you buy a property for yourself or maybe for a daughter or son, something like that.

Tai Lopez Real Estate Program Review Summary

In summary, the Tai Lopez Real Estate Program is okay and extremely elementary. Cole Hatter knows his stuff. It's some ways on how to find deals. It's some ways on how to fund the deals. It's how to build a passive income portfolio. If you're looking for a course that's an introduction to real estate that will teach you those three things I just mentioned, then you might enjoy it.

However, if you want all the tools and resources you need with the proper training then I recommend checking our Pro Wholesaler VIP Membership where multiple people have gone on to do their first real estate deal in 3 weeks time and generate tens of thousands of dollars.

Also, just use the links below if you want to the free tools I put together, and subscribe if you want to see me on my journey. If you want to see others in their journey, I'll start doing some interviews, and I'll start answering questions as well that you have about real estate investing, flipping, and wholesaling.

I hope you enjoyed this Tai Lopez Real Estate Program Review & that it finds you well. Please SUBSCRIBE right down below when you can. Shoot a LIKE if you learned a thing or two or like the review, and take care, guys!

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